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Collectible Items
Fallout 3

Collectible Items

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide

Collectible Items

Blood Packs
When you've completed the Blood Ties Misc. Quest and have gotten the Hematophagy Perk, these Blood Packs will give you 20 Health instead of 1.  This makes them a decent way of healing yourself when the need is high.  You can also sell Blood Packs to Vance for 15 Caps a piece.

Bobbleheads: (20)
There are 20 Bobbleheads in the wasteland: They either increase one of your SPECIAL stats by 1 permanently, or one of your Skills by 10 permanently.

Custom Weapon Schematics: (23)
You can create 7 different types of Custom Weapons.  In order to do so, you'll need the schematics for each of them.  The more schematics you have, the better the quality of your weapon.

Fat Men: (9)
These Mini-Nuke Launchers are semi-rare items, as there are only 9 of them to be found in the entire wasteland.

Mini Nukes: (71)
The Fat Man's ammo is scarce as well, and there are only 71 Mini Nukes scattered over the wasteland.

Scribe Jameson at the Brotherhood Capitol will give you 100 Caps for each Holotag you find.  Dead members of the Brotherhood will hold these Holotags.

Nuka-Cola Quantum: (94 )
These blue fluorescent bottles of Nuka-Cola are part of the aptly named Misc. Quest: The Nuka-Cola Challenge.  There are 94 of them in fixed locations, but you should always check Nuka-Cola Vending machines because there is a 10% chance you'll find an extra Nuka-Cola Quantum in them.

Pre-War Books: (98)
At the Arlington Public Library you'll find Scribe Yearling.  She is trying to save what's left of our intelligent culture by treasuring books that date from before the war.  Collect these Pre-War Books and she'll give you 100 Caps per book.

Skill Books: (324)
13 Skills, 25 Skill Books for all skills (24 for Barter).  Reading these books will increase the corresponding skill by 1, and even by 2 with Comprehension. That makes these Skill Books quite worth the effort.

Sugar Bombs:
A Ghoul Scientist called Murphy can be found in Northwest Seneca Station.  He needs Sugar Bombs to complete an experiment he's doing on the Jet chem.  Give him some and he'll turn it into an Ultrajet!

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Comments for Collectible Items

8 comments, latest first.
ID #247750 | Jan 30th 2013 Guest
Mini-Nukes and Fat Mans can be purchased from Flak and Shrapnel of "Flak 'N Shrapnel's" in Rivet City's Market district later on in the game.
ID #210600 | Nov 20th 2012 Guest
The plural of the gun fat man would be fat mans as fat men would be the plural of an actual fat man so on this you are saying that there are 9 men that are fat PS there are actually 50 fat mans in the game 90 if you have all D.L.C. (downloadable content)
ID #26717 | Jan 24th 2011 Guest
sorry for being a smarta$$ but the plural of fat man would actually be fat mans if you think about it.....
ID #15000 | Oct 11th 2010 Guest
i found 135 skill books so look hard
ID #11476 | Sep 5th 2010 Guest
dude no need to get your panties in a wad it's just a game and some dumb mini nuke launcher... not a really easy test guestion that someone got wrong
ID #7317 | Aug 3rd 2010 Guest
hi and there is 50 fat men stupid
ID #6657 | Jul 30th 2010 moshi fan 2011
theres 111 pre war books .-.
ID #5714 | Jul 23rd 2010 Guest
there are more then 71 mini nukes i know for sure
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