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- Point Lookout Side Quests
Fallout 3

- Point Lookout Side Quests

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 - Point Lookout Guide

Point Lookout Side Quests

A Spoonful of Whiskey

|ENEMIES: o Swampfolk                                                          |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 50 EXP, 300 Caps, 6 Moonshine.                                  |
|              100 caps for repairing the still (200 caps with speech).      |
|                                                                              |

Head towards Marguerite’s Shack, location 12 on the map (see the map section).

This is a Moonshiner Shack in the swampy area of Point Lookout.  You can find a Shotgun and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the table next to the entrance.  Inside you can steal a {JET}, {MED-X}, {MENTATS}, and you’ll find a sick lady named Marguerite inside (who would’ve guessed).  She’s faking a sickness (and you can find out that she’s faking by using your medicine and speech skills), but she wants you to look for ingredients for the Moonshine she’s brewing either way.

This starts the quest ‘A Spoonful of Whiskey’, for which you need the following:

• 3 Yeast
• 6 Fission Batteries
• 10 Refined Punga Fruit OR 20 Wild Punga Fruit

You can also offer to repair her Moonshine Still and she’ll pay you either 100 or 200 caps depending on your success with speech.
You can find Punga Fruit all over Point Lookout, so it shouldn’t be any problem finding that.  For the Yeast and Fission Batteries, visit Blackhall Manor and loot the entire place - which should yield you enough of both.  Otherwise, check the Trapper’s Shack for some more, or try the Panic Room of Calvert Mansion (if you’ve progressed far enough into the main quests that you’re able to access it).
Your reward isn’t so great: 50 EXP, 300 caps and six Moonshine.

An Antique Land 

|ENEMIES: o Ghouls    o Swampfolk                                              |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 50 EXP Safe Contents (including 10 Bio-Gas Canisters).        |
|                                                                              |

Explore the USS Ozymandias (location 21 on the map) to find a locked safe that can only be opened if you have three authorisation codes.  These are all found in excavated much holes in the northwestern section of Point Lookout’s Map.  For their specific locations, refer to the map in this guide.

s1. Excavated Muck Hole

s2. Excavated Muck Hole
Holds the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #2].

s3. Excavated Muck Hole
Contains two [BIO-GAS CANISTERS], two [STIMPAKS] and the [SOIL SURVEY TAPE #3].
After collecting all three soil survey tapes, head back to the USS Ozymandias and unlock the safe.  Inside you’ll find two [ADVANCED RADIATION SUITS], rare [BIO-GAS CANISTERS x10], [PRE-WAR MONEY x3], [RAD-X x3], [RADAWAY], a [RADIATION SUIT] and a [STIMPAK].

Plik's Safari 

|ENEMIES: o Ghouls                                                             |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP The Dismemberer                                       |
|                                                                              |

Head towards the Coastal Grotto (Location 9 on the map - see the map section).

Inside this cave, enter the small bedroom and read [PLIK’S JOURNAL] to instantly gain the Ghoul Ecology Perk, which allows you to deal 5 damage to any ghoul.  Also grab the [MINI NUKE] and several bottle caps from this desk.

Talk to Plik, who’s running some sort of a ghoul arena behind the big doors.  If you want to participate (and activate/finish the quest ‘Plik’s Safari’), pay him 1000 caps and enter the arena.

Hit the switch in the middle of the chamber and around thirty ghouls are released.  After wasting all of them, check back with Plik and he’ll hand you [THE DISMEMBERER], a unique axe that belonged to one of his previous customers.  The ‘Plik’s Safari’ quest will now have ended as well.

The Dark Heart of Blackhall

|ENEMIES: o Swampfolk     o Mercenaries                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1000 Caps OR Good Karma.                                        |
|                                                                              |

Travel to Blackhall Manor (see the maps) and this video will explain all the rest. Essentially, collect a book for Obadiah and make your ethical decision later during the quest.

Blackhall Manor
Travel to Blackhall Manor (location 17 on the map). You’ll find old geezer Obadiah Blackhall in the main hall, and he’ll ask you to retrieve a his family book for him.  This triggers the quest ‘The Dark Heart of Blackhall’.  As you head back outside, a woman confronts you with the truth about Obadiah.  You still need to retrieve the book before you can make any choices, so do this first.

The Ritual Site
Now travel to the Ritual Site (which is location 20 on the map). You’ll find several Trackers and Scrappers roaming the area.  Head through the hatch to enter the Burned-Out Basement, which leads to a cave.
Head down the straightforward cave until you get to an intersection, marked by a few mushrooms that emit a green glow.  Explore the right (east) section of the cave first, and you’ll find an opened safe with a [STEALTH BOY] past the muck.
The western path leads to another intersection, but there’s little of interest at the left (southwest) fork.  The western path leads to a ritual chamber in which you can find three [STIMPAKS], [RITUAL KNIFE] and activate the Ceremonial Lectern from which you can take the [KRIVBEKNIH].  This book is closely linked to the quest ‘The Dark Heart of Blackhall’.  Once you take the book, 5 swampfolk will immediately attack you afterwards, which can be a fairly tough fight if you get cornered.  Grab out your best gun, pop some Psycho/Yao Guai Meat/Med-X and dispatch them one by one.

Helping Obadiah:
Travel back to the mansion and hand him the book for a 1000 caps reward.  He’ll head down his basement where he starts praying - which doesn’t seem to work one bit.  Tough luck for him.

Helping Marcella:
With the book in your hands, travel to the Disaster Relief Outpost (location 24 on the map).

If you’ve already found the book she was looking for, Marcella’s dead body can be found in her tent, and she holds [MARCELLA’S SAFE KEY].  Also listen to [MARCELLA’S LAST WORDS] on the Holotape. With the safe key, unlock {MARCELLA’S MEDICAL SUPPLIES} and grab whatever you find useful inside.

In order to destroy the book you must place it against the obelisk in Dunwich Building (back in the actual Wastelands).  Dunwich Building is found in the far southwest section of The Wasteland, and is roaming with Ghouls unless you cleared it out before, so the Ghoul Mask is recommended.  Placing the book against the obelisk destroys it, ending this quest.

The Velvet Curtain 

|ENEMIES: o Swampfolk     o Ghouls      o Sentry Bot      o Turrets            |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 350 EXP Backwater Rifle.                                      |
|                                                                              |

Head inside Room 1D of the Homestead Motel and access the terminal.  Read all entries and this quest will start.  Grab the key from the briefcase on the bed and be on your way.  (Note: Alternatively you can start this quest by reading entries on the terminal in the Turtledove Detention Camp).

At Point Lookout’s Pier, collect the [BOX 1207 - SPY’S AUDIO PASSWORD] from one of the locked lockers and play this tape at the People’s Bank of Point Lookout, located in the boardwalk nearby Pilgrim’s Landing.  Inside the deposit box you will get to listen to a debriefing of a mission.

Now head for the Recruitment Station and activate the DIA Officer’s Terminal.  You’ll find that Yang, the agent you’re looking for, has been captured and is located at Turtledove Detention Camp.

The Morgue
Enter the morgue through the shack doors, located to the south of the larger, stone Administration Building.  Inside you’ll find [MED-X], [BUFFOUT], a [FIRST AID BOX], [BLOOD PACK], [RADAWAY], [STIMPAK x5], [RAD-X x2], [MENTATS] all over the place.  More importantly you’ve found the remains of agent Yang in one of the Remains Lockers.  Retrieve the self-destruct codes for the submarine and exit the place.

You can exit the Morgue by the northern room as well, by going through the manhole under the switch.  This leads to the Septic Tunnel, in which you can find a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] and a [FIRST AID BOX].  The tunnel just leads back to the world map, just outside Turtledove Detention Camp.

Locate the sunken submarine (location 30) and head inside.  You can find a [PERSONAL FOOTLOCKER] near the beds, and a [STEALTH BOY] on the mainframe panel.  Access the Submarine Operations Terminal and grant yourself access to destroying the sub, then flip the switch at the back of the sub and get the hell out of there.

Head back to the Homestead Motel Room 1D and read the new entry.  It gives you more information and directs you to the toilet .. from which you can grab the [CRYTOCHROMATIC SPECTACLES], a special kind of glasses that allows you to see hidden color rings.
Head for the Calvert Mansion’s iron greenhouse and equip the glasses.  You’ll find four vases here, each with a different amount of rings on it.  These rings represent numbers (three rings = 3, for example).  You need to activate the vases in the following order: 1, 3, 2, 3, 4, 4, 2.

A nearby hatch opens to a well-hidden chinese bunker.  Inside is an incredible amount of loot: [16x AMMO BOX], a Work Bench and [BOTTLECAP MINE], and the shelves on the west hold a [MINI NUKE], [STEALTH BOY],[CHINESE OFFICER’S SWORD], [FRAG MINE], [RAD-X x2], [10MM ROUND x4] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS x3], as well as several Chinese Assault Rifles and Chinese Pistols.

Follow the Protectron downstairs, flip the switch, head into the next room and grab the [BACKWATER RIFLE], [10MM AMMO], [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS], [MENTATS], and the contents of the [FOOTLOCKER] before using the terminal. 

The terminal says you’ve done well, and then releases a nasty radio-active gas into the room.  You have a few options: If your repair is 30 you can just shut down the valve, if your repair is 71 you can unlock the door by the panel hidden behind the planks, and if you don’t have either of those, pop some Rad-X and RadAway, then make your way to the upper pipes of the room by the ladder and container to reach a hatch.  In the pipe leading back outside you’ll find a skeleton - presumably a dead chinese agent - along with a [STIMPAK], [10MM ROUNDS] and [RADAWAY x2].  The quest is now over.

Unmarked Point Lookout Quests 

Finding Nadine
You’ll find Nadine in the Ark & Dove Cathedral during the course of the main Point Lookout quests.  She’ll agree to meet you at the pier of Point Lookout when she has an idea on who might’ve cut a piece of your brain out.
At the boat you’ll find out it was Tobar the Ferryman.  Head inside the engine room and waste his sorry ass.  Loot his body for the [DUTCHESS GAMBIT KEY], [GRIFTER’S FIT] and [ROVING TRADER HAT].  Grab your piece of brain back from this room too, even if it’s just a souvenir from Point Lookout.

Nadine will now be the ship’s captain.  Back at the Wasteland, talk to Catherine and she’ll hand you 300 caps and 10 Refined Punga Fruit.

Lighting the Lighthouse
If you head all the way up you’ll find that the light isn’t working. You can find the Lighthouse Bulb at the truck wreckage (location 3).  After retrieving it, activate the Lighthouse Mechanism to place the bulb, then flip the beacon switch and the lighthouse will be working again!

Buoy Treasure
Refer to the map section for this unmarked quest.

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