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WSG The Super-Duper Mart
Fallout 3

WSG The Super-Duper Mart

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Miscellaneous Quests

The Wasteland Survival Guide: The Super-Duper Mart

|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Moira in Megaton, located in the Craterside Supply.    |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] John's Key, [] Wastelander Note, [] Mentats, [] Nuka Cola, [] Laser |
|       Pistol x2, [] 3x Energy Cell x20, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] Energy Cell x60|
|       [] Energy Cell x29, [] 2x Stimpak, [] Carton of Cigarettes, [] Food,   |
|       [] Pre-War Money, [] Bobby Pin, [] Nuka Cola, [] Bottle Caps, [] Jet,  |
|       [] Med-X, [] Buffout, [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] 10mm Rounds x20, 4x Frag  |
|       Mine, [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] 4x 5.56mm Rounds x24, [] Super Duper      |
|       Pharmacy Key, [] Bottlecap Mine x2, [] Frag Grenades x3, [] 10mm       |
|       Rounds x16, [] Darts x20, [] Blood Pack, [] Jet x2, [] Med-X, [] Rad-X,|
|       [] Stimpak, [] Mini Nuke, [] 4x Frag Grenades, [] 5.56mm Rounds,       |
|       [] 2x RadAway, [] Jet, [] Mentats, [] Psycho, [] Nuka Cola x9, [] Nuka |
|       Cola Quantum x3, [] Office Employee ID.                                |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] Iguana Bits x(Lvl), [] Food Sanitizer.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Raider                                                             |
|                                                                              |

Look for the Super-Duper Mart on your map, which is located slightly NE from Megaton.  Be on the lookout for any enemies outside the building, then go over to the eastern side of the building.  Check the dead wastelander nearby for some loot: [JOHN'S KEY], [WASTELANDER NOTE], [MENTATS].  Also grab any [NUKA COLA] from the vending machines, then enter through the doors most to the north.

two [LASER PISTOL], three [ENERGY CELL x20], and a [BOTTLECAP MINE].  In the locked Ammunition Box you can find [ENERGY CELL x60], and in the unlocked you'll find [ENERGY CELL x29].  [2x STIMPAK] can also be found at the end of the counter.  To the north you should be able to find a [CARTON OF CIGARETTES] in one of the Metal Boxes on the shelves - which sells decently.  The refrigerator is the goal of the quest, and it holds some random [FOOD] such as Blanco Mac and Cheese x2, Junk Food, Nuka-Cola and Salisbury Steak x2.  Grab it and leave this room to explore the rest of the Mart.

To the south, where you came from, you can find five cash registers with [PRE WAR MONEY] in it, and a [BOBBY PIN].  The southeast room has a vending machine with [NUKA COLA], but the doors just lead to the worldmap.  Explore the women's restroom south of the main room to find three [BOTTLE CAPS], [JET], [MED-X], and [BUFFOUT], along with some beds you can use to heal - unless there are still Raiders closeby.

[10MM ROUNDS x10] and [10MM ROUNDS x20] can be found in the Ammo Boxes on top of the counter in the southwest corner of the mainroom.  Hop over it, and you'll be close to the second (optional) objective of this quest: Another supply room.  You can also find [4x FRAG MINE] in the Mine Box and [10MM ROUNDS x10] in the Ammo Box on the ground, near the counter just outside this supply room. Four [5.56MM ROUNDS x24] can also be found on the counter nearby these boxes.  Also check the cabinets of the counter; You may find a Toy Car (used to create a Dart Gun later on).

To open the door you'll need a key, which we're going to grab just now.  Of course you may also want to use your Science Skill to hack the terminal, or use your Lockpick Skill to lockpick the door.  After all, this gives you experience, and that's a good thing.
There are Raiders around here, but head to the room north from here anyway.  Many goodies can be grabbed here: The [SUPER-DUPER PHARMACY KEY] is in one of the metal boxes, [BOTTLECAP MINE x2] are just lying around, the Grenade Box holds [FRAG GRENADES x3], the Ammo Box on the floor holds [10MM ROUND x9], and the locked Ammo Box in the cabinet holds more [10MM ROUND x16].  Head back to the door leading to the storage room.  Inside are many things ripe for the taking, so let's go over them:

[DARTS x20], Pharmacy Supplies Box holds [BLOOD PACK], [JET x2], [MED-X], [RAD-X], [STIMPAK]. A [MINI NUKE] can be found on the desk, along with [4x FRAG GRENADES] next to the terminal.  The Ammo Boxes hold [5.56MM ROUNDS].  On the shelves behind your right (northeast) you can find [2x RADAWAY], [JET], and [MENTATS].  You can also find a [PSYCHO] on the lower shelf further down, along with a bunch of crates holding a [NUKA COLA x9] and [NUKA COLA QUANTUM x3] or so.  Do NOT drink the Quantum Cola's, as they're rare (90 exist in the game) and they're part of a quest.

Grab the [OFFICE EMPLOYEE ID] from above the terminal which will prove useful in a second, then hack the terminal and release the Protectron robot.  It'll start scanning you, but the ID saves you from being identified as a hostile.  Feel free to let the Protectron out of the room, and team up with it to gun down some Raiders.  When you've looted everything, head back to Megaton because you're officially done with this place.

Head back to Moira and tell her an intelligent answer.  She'll give you the [IGUANA BITS] of which the amount depends on your level, plus, if you did the optional requirement of getting medicine as well, she'll hand you the [FOOD SANITIZER] that increases the restoration effects of food by 20%.  Nice!

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ID #282944 | May 15th 2013 Guest
in the pharmcy after you unlock the robot and he is wondering open the door and let him kill the raiders
ID #199773 | Oct 22nd 2012 Guest
same they are every where if you go in the office there will be some stuff
ID #64474 | Aug 6th 2011 jmshep10
wheni went inside the mart there was raiders was there for u
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