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Follow the dark path or use the light


Bobblehead Locations

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Bobblehead Locations

SPECIAL Bobbleheads

|Name:       |Area Location:                      |Additional Information:     |
|Strength    |Megaton [Lat -01|Lon -06]           |Lucas Simms' House, in the  |
|            |                                    |bedroom on a table          |
|Perception  |The Republic of Dave [Lat 19|Lon 27]|In a bookcase at the Museum |
|            |                                    |of Dave                     |
|Endurance   |Deathclaw Sanctuary [Lat -22|Lon 26]|First room near corpse heap |
|Charisma    |Vault 108 [Lat 18|Lon 06]           |On a table in Cloning Lab   |
|Intelligence|Rivet City [Lat 18|Lon -17]         |On a table in Science Lab   |
|Agility     |Greener Pastures Disposure Facility |Inside the small building,  |
|            |[Lat 07|Lon 21]                     |lying on a table            |
|Luck        |Arlington National Cemetary         |Arlington House, lying on a |
|            |[Lat 07 |Lon -09]                   |shelf in the cellar         |

Skill Points Bobbleheads

|Name:       |Area Location:                      |Additional Information:     |
|Barter      |Evergreen Mills [LAT -26|LON -07]   |Bazaar; John's Alcove, check|
|            |                                    |the shelf behind Work Bench |
|Big Guns    |Fort Constantine [LAT -17|LON 26]   |Open Safe at CO Quarters    |
|Energy Guns |Raven Rock [LAT -28|LON 28]         |Colonel Autumn's Room(table)|
|Explosives  |WKML Broadcast Station              |Nearby the radio            |
|            |[LAT -17|LON 18]                    |                            |
|Lockpick    |Bethesda Ruins [LAT 05|LON 03]      |Office East; Desk Upstairs  |
|Medicine    |Vault 101 [LAT -04|LON -04]         |Table in the Clinic         |
|Melee       |Dunwich Building [LAT -26|LON -18]  |Virulent Underchamber;      |
|Weapons     |                                    |Middle of Maintenance Room  |
|Repair      |Arefu [LAT -11|LON 06]              |Table in Evan King's House  |
|Science     |Vault 106 [LAT -09|LON 06]          |Living Quarters; Inside the |
|            |                                    |Medical Bay, eastern shelves|
|Small Guns  |National Guard Depot[LAT 18|LON -03]|Armory; Equipment Storage   |
|Sneak       |Yao Guai Tunnels [LAT -28|LON -04]  |Den; east of central cave   |
|Speech      |Paradise Falls [LAT -09|LON 16]     |Table in Eulogy's Pad       |
|Unarmed     |Rockopolis [LAT -26|LON -07]        |Near Argyle's body          |