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The Replicated Man
Fallout 3

The Replicated Man

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Miscellaneous Quests

The Replicated Man

|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Dr. Zimmer in the Science Lab at Rivet City.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Internal Component, [] Frag Mine, [] Ammo Box, [] Scoped .44 Magnum,|
|       [] First Aid Box, [] Combat Shotgun x2, [] Frag Mine, [] Purified      |
|          Water x3, [] Stimpak, [] Mine Box, {} Stealth Boy x2, {} Cherry     |
|          Bomb x2, {} Dean's Electronics, {} Big Book of Science, {} Blood    |
|          Pack x3, {} Bottlecap x13, {} Blood Pack, [] Bottlecap Mine.        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: [] A3-21's Plasma Rifle (Side with Harkness)                    |
|  (300 EXP)   [] Wired Reflexes Perk  (Side with Dr. Zimmer)                  |
|              [] 50 Caps (only if you trick Dr. Zimmer with Android Component)|
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Mirelurk    o Mirelurk Hunter                                      |
|                                                                              |

Talk to Doctor Zimmer in the Science Lab at Rivet City, and ask all questions you can ask to get as much information as possible out of him.  Now a long search begins, and you're looking for clues as to where the android went.

These clues come in the form of Holotapes and/or hints from people all over the wasteland. Below is a list of where you can find these Holotapes and people.  You need to find 4 clues to continue this quest.  You can get the clues from various sources.  Once you've gotten to clue from one source you no longer have to look for that clue and you no longer have to visit the other people from that group.  It's possible to stay in Rivet City and look for Doctor Preston, Seagrave Holmes, Father Clifford and Sister, for a quick example.

|Name:          |Location:       |Holotape Location:                           |
|Cutter         |Paradise Falls  |Lying on a cabinet in the corner of a room   |
|Doc Church     |Megaton         |Clinic; On the desk, near terminal           |
|Doctor Banfield|Tenpenny Tower  |On the ground; Examination corner            |
|Doctor Barrows |Underworld      |Nurse Graves' Desk; Near the terminal        |
|Doctor Preston |Rivet City      |[NO HOLOTAPE]: Talk to him; Clinic or Hotel  |
|Lucy           |Little Lamplight|Essentials Clinic; On her desk               |
|Red            |Big Town        |Desk in the Clinic                           |
|Name:          |Location:       |Holotape Location:                           |
|Knick Knack    |Little Lamplight|Miner Mole Store; On the desk, nearby phone  |
|Moira Brown    |Megaton         |On the round table behind her counter        |
|Seagrave Holmes|Rivet City      |On the floor, nearby the bed                 |
|Scribe Bowditch|Citadel         |Nearby Bowditch's terminal                   |
|Wintop         |Underworld      |Wintop's Room; On his desk                   |
|Name:           |Location:       |Holotape Location:                          |
|Manya           |Megaton         |Manya's Home; On the table                  |
|Father Clifford |Rivet City      |On the ground in the pulpit                 |
|Herbert Dashwood|Tenpenny Tower  |On the lowest shelf of his bookcase         |
|Tulip           |Underworld      |At her shop; On the workbench               |
|Name:           |Location:       |Holotape Location:                          |
|Eulogy Jones    |Paradise Falls  |On the desk in his bedroom                  |
|Grouse          |Paradise Falls  |On the ground near the sandbags             |
|Sister          |Rivet City      |On the desk in his Rivet City Room          |

After collecting several clues you'll bump into a woman named Victoria Watts.  Keep it nice and she'll eventually give you the [INTERNAL COMPONENT] to trick Zimmer into the android's death.  I highly recommend against this, because you can get much better rewards from this quest.

When you've gotten the clues, head to the worldmap.  If you're facing the boat, you'll notice that the ship is broken in two when you look to the right.  This is exactly where you're headed.  When you're there, head underwater and look for a doorway on the western side, nearby the corner of where you start.

This video shows you how to explore the Broken Bow efficiently. Beware of Mirelurks and irradiated water.

Enter an underwater area called Broken Bow.  Get some air in the room up ahead, the swim underwater to the southwest, open the door, go through a room, swim up some stairs and take another breather.  Open the door to your left, go through another room and prepare for two MireLurks (or Mirelurk Hunters if you're a higher level).  In the next room the water will only be knee to foot deep, which is a good thing.

Head upstairs (NW) and climb the dry deck.  Head straight into the room in front of you and disarm the [FRAG MINE] on top of the [AMMO BOX].  Also grab the [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM] and the items from the [FIRST AID BOX].  Turn around and go through the passageway on the southeast.  Be sure to - carefully - check out the room on your right (west) and avoid the two rigged [COMBAT SHOTGUNS].  Disarm another [FRAG MINE] near the items, then grab [PURIFIED WATER x3], [STIMPAK] and items in the [MINE BOX] from this room.

Back in the hallway, be careful due to the gaseous substance hanging in the air.  You may want to throw a grenade from a distance to remove it.  Continue SE and make your way through the rooms.  Just for fun, try to activate the terminal and back away to see it blow up.  A switch on the other side of the room, across the door, opens the way to your destination.

In the room up ahead you'll find the infamous Pinkerton.  Have him reveal everything regarding the android, then start exploring the room.  It is worth noting that if you choose to perform plastic surgery, you may want to stay away from the preset faces, because they completely reset your current face.  Save yourself the time and trouble (but remember to return here whenever you want to shrink your nose).

You can steal a {STEALTH BOY x2}, {CHERRY BOMB x2}, {DEAN'S ELECTRONICS}, {BOTTLECAP x13}, {BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE}, {BLOOD PACK x3} from the desks and shelves in this room.  There's another {BLOOD PACK} near the surgery table.  Be sure that Pinkerton doesn't see you or he'll take it all back from you.  Also check out the terminal to find out more about the android, and check the City Founders Log if you're also doing the Survival Guide quest for Moira.  If you go upstairs you can grab a [BOTTLECAP MINE] from the workbench.

Head back to the long hall and go all the way north.  Flip the switch to unlock the Very Hard door from the inside out - you can now access this area more easily from here.  Now is a good time to save your progress.  You can side with Harkness or with Dr. Zimmer, but both hand out really good rewards.  What to do.. what to do..?

Here's a possible solution: First head over to Harkness and tell him all about his true identity, and that his secret is safe with you.  He'll hand you his weapon, the unique and in perfect shape [A3-21'S PLASMA RIFLE].  Quickly locate Dr. Zimmer in or nearby the Science Lab and tell him about Harkness.  He will reward you with the [WIRED REFLEXES PERK], which increases your overall accuracy in VATS by 10%, an excellent perk!

Poor Harkness, what’s to become of him? His fate lies in your hands.

Head over to Harkness.  Once you convince him that he's the android, ask him what he's going to do.  He'll say that he's going to kill Zimmer and you'll have the option to say you were hoping to take out Zimmer yourself.  He'll grant permission and gives you his unique and in perfect shape [A3-21'S PLASMA RIFLE].  Head over to Zimmer, tell him about Harkness and he'll give you his reward, the [WIRED REFLEXES PERK] which increases your overall accuracy in VATS by 10%, an excellent perk!

You can now choose to have Zimmer take in Harkness as his slave, or you can quickly waste Zimmer and his android bodyguard Armitage when they're still in the Science Lab.  Makes you feel slightly better, doesn't it?

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Comments for The Replicated Man

2 comments, latest first.
ID #268533 | Mar 29th 2013 Guest
um you can't waste Dr. Zimmer or his android bodyguard. They are a quest character.
ID #557510 | May 17th 2015 Guest
yes you can. It's as the guide says. " He'll say that he's going to kill Zimmer and you'll have the option to say you were hoping to take out Zimmer yourself. He'll grant permission and gives you his unique and in perfect shape [A3-21'S PLASMA RIFLE]. Head over to Zimmer, tell him about Harkness and he'll give you his reward, the [WIRED REFLEXES PERK] which increases your overall accuracy in VATS by 10%, an excellent perk!" After you get the perk just open fire! Only time you can blast away in Rivet City and not get in trouble. :-)
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