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Take it Back!
Fallout 3

Take it Back!

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Walkthrough

Take it Back!

|ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier    o Colonel Autumn                                |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 1200 EXP (but the game sadly ends).                             |
|                                                                              |

Hell yeah. Prime is on *your* side, baby!

This is one of the best parts.. Simply follow Prime and the Brotherhood while you pick up the loot from the deceased.  Help a hand if you're getting bored. :P Seriously, just go to the Jefferson Memorial and head inside.

Prime is my new favourite robot. Sorry, Optimus Prime!

Inside the Gift Shop it's roaming with Enclave Soldiers, but you're assisted by Sentinel Lyons and possibly also Fawkes if you recruited him.  Head for the Rotunda and get ready for the final showdown.  If you're being helped, and you most likely are, then this won't be all that difficult - just fire at will.

You can grab the Colonel's Coat from his goo pile and toy around with it for a little while. Well, maybe even for a longer while if the DLC allows for it. *Fingers crossed*

Speak to Lyons afterwards and hop into the cabin - agree to do what must be done.  Enter the password .. which you should remember from before.  Your mother's bible passage is the password: 216.  You've officially beaten the game!  Congratulations, and don't forget that this is only one of the many endings available.  Now load one of your previous saves - or start over - and go do everything that can be done.

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Comments for Take it Back!

4 comments, latest first.
ID #297087 | Jul 13th 2013 Guest
The game does not end with Project Purity, yes the credits role no matter what your choice of action was but the game goes on. After the credits the screen will go dark and then a haze appears and you wake up in the Citadel infirmary. The game goes on to several more quests.
ID #9630 | Aug 20th 2010 Guest
i hav a question. so if u finish ta purity quest tan the game is done and u have to play from one of ur previously saved games, or can u play broken steel?
ID #8672 | Aug 13th 2010 Guest
If you did what i did, which was play through the main quest only ( with sometime side quests like the atom bomb in megaton ) its actually pretty short. i was a little dissapointed in how if you let the lady go in, you cant just keep playing, i mean, YOUR ALIVE! i love the game but it had me dissapointed...
ID #4174 | Jul 12th 2010 Guest
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