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The Superhuman Gambit
Fallout 3

The Superhuman Gambit

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Miscellaneous Quests

The Superhuman Gambit

|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Uncle Roe at Canterbury Commons.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Pulse Grenade x6, Ammo Box x3, [] Nikola Tesla and You, [] Sector A |
|          Encryption Key, [] Stealth Boy, [] Lying, Congressional Style,      |
|       [] Antagonizer's Lair Key, [] The Antagonizer Costume,                 |
|       [] The Antagonizer's Helmet, [] The Mechanist's Costume,               |
|       [] The Mechanist's Helmet, [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Nuka Grenade,    |
|       [] Stealth Boy.                                                        |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 200 Caps (400 [can become 600] with Speech).                    |
| (300 EXP)       Depending on your actions, one of these two:                 |
|              1. 'Protectron's Gaze' Laser Pistol.                            |
|              2. 'Ant's Sting' Knife.                                         |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Robot Sentry       o Robobrain    o Protectron    o Mark II Turret |
|         o Giant Soldier Ant  o Mechanist    o Antagonizer                    |
|                                                                              |

Canterbury Commons lies at the far east of the map, a little higher than the Scrapyard (which is a good start to fast travel to and start heading east).

When you finally arrive there you'll find an awkward battle taking place between ant and robots.  Looks like quest material to me, how about you?  Uncle Roe confirms our taste for quests and likes to get this over with.  Succeed at the Speech Challenge to make him throw in an additional 200 caps over the initial 200.  Let's begin right away.

Head into the bar to the left (north) and look for Joe.  He might be at the counter, but he might as well be asleep behind it.  Ask him about the two troublemakers to gather some information for starters.

Check your local map to find Derek, then ask him about the AntAgonizer and the Mechanist.  This will add their locations on your map. 

You will now have to choose between two sides, the Mechanist or the AntAgonizer.  Both can give you a unique weapon: The Protectron's Gaze or the Ant's Sting respectively.  You can get both suits, but only one of these weapons.  The Protectron's Gaze is the better weapon of the two:

• Protectron's Gaze Laser Pistol: 24 Damage, Fires two shots at once; Has a ‘spread' ability which causes damage to spread to nearby enemies.
• Ant's Sting Knife: 4 Damage, poisons enemies (40 DMG per 10 Sec.).

'Siding' with Mechanist:
Check out the southern marker and enter the Robo Repair Center.  Head into the room west of you and waste the defective RoboBrain.  Search the desks and cabinets, and use the terminal in the southwest area of the room.  There's supposed to be a key behind it, as it reads, but I've never found it.  Fortunately, the box with the lock that the key supposedly fits in can be found under the desk in the southwest corner.  Pick the average lock to find [PULSE GRENADE x6], good stuff against robots.
Pick the locked door to the north and curve around the corner. This part can be tricky, and I propose two different approaches:

1. Take a look to your NW and grab out a decent gun.  Blast one of the two Mark II Turrets to smithereens with a few well aimed shots, then hide behind the corner again.  A powerful Sentry Bot will investigate.  Grab your Pulse Grenade and give him a shortwiring.  Deal with the other Turret like you did with the first.

2. Speed for the door to the NW and close the door behind you.  Quickly hack the terminal in this room and disable the turrets.  Take care of the Sentry Bot by using Pulse Grenades, if this is necessary at all.

Find a [FIRST AID BOX] in the room with the terminal, but also look around the main room to find three [AMMO BOXES] and a [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] book.  Search all Protectrons to find Energy Cells.  Also check any metal boxes.

Head upstairs and into the room.  Hack the terminal and disable the security in the B-Sector (which was the other path - that leads to this room as well).  Continue over the higher walkways and walk into the small room SW.  Pick the safe to find the [SECTOR A ENCRYPTION KEY] and a [STEALTH BOY].

Head through the doors south to enter the Mechanist's Forge.  Here, grab the [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] book from the desk and activate the Coffee Brewer, followed by activating the hidden door(s).  After a long wait, you can finally enter his hideout.
The Mechanist will hear you out.  You have many options, really, you do, but to get the most out of this quest, agree to side with him (for now..).  Quickly follow him when you find out that the AntAgonizer has entered the building.

The next battle is tricky because you want to make absolutely sure that the Mechanist lives it through so you can claim your reward later.  Pump some Psycho to boost your damage and quickly take care of the AntAgonist first, then rapidly waste the ants.
When all is done, talk to the Mechanist and claim your [PROTECTRON'S GAZE], a unique Laser Pistol.  Quickly waste the Mechanist too and loot him and his rival for the following goodies:

Head back to his office and grab the [MICROFUSION CELL x20] from his desk and a [NUKA-GRENADE] from under the Workbench.  Another [3x MICROCUSION CELL x20] can be found on the shelves.  The footlocker in this room may hold ammo.

'Siding' with AntAgonizer:
Check your local map closely and head to the northern marker.  You can enter through the door that your marker exactly pinpoints, but you can also take the backroute by going through the sewer grate on top of the rocky hill.  On your local map, this won't be displayed, but it's slightly to the west of the door's marker.

Through the Door:
Head downstairs..disarm the mine, head east and proceed with caution to the rigged shotgun and the cabinet north.  Disarm it and grab the two [FIRST AID BOXES].  Make your way north, head down some stairs, tunnels and more stairs until you get at an intersection.  Check out the SE walkway first and disable the three mines here.  Grab the [STEALTH BOY] from the shelf and check the metal boxes for potentially useful things.

Head west into a generator room, flip the switch to open the hatch and go down.  Cross over the sewer into a cave like area.  There are ants from here on.  Make your way through the straightforward rocky path and take either way around a rotunda shaped room.  There's absolutely nothing of value in this cavern, so make it through, enter the next area and proceed to the throne.

Through the grate:
Simply walk past the bed and into the AntAgonizer's throne room.

There are many, many options here, but many aren't all that interesting or rewarding.  You could have gotten the Mechanist's Suit by now, you could have said to just kill her, etc.  Instead of all that I suggest you tell her you want to team up with her.  The instant you completely agree with this, the Mechanist will bust into the cave with several Protectrons.  Let them have at it and help the AntAgonizer slightly.  Bring her the Mechanist's Suit and play nice. Take the [ANT STING] as reward from the AntAgonizer.  You are free to kill her afterwards.  Now loot the AntAgonizer and Mechanist bodies, which should yield the following goodies:

Grab the [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM] near the throne, then exit the cave by the ladder north from this area, we've seen enough ants for now.

Back in Town:
Speak to Uncle Roe about your reward and he should hand you 600 caps!  400 for the job (with Speech), and 200 as an additional thank-you.  Well, thank you Uncle Roe!  Now feel free to explore the other dungeon of the freak you didn't ‘side' with and get the items.

Note: You can now speak to Uncle Roe about caravan traders and expand their inventories by investing Caps.

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Comments for The Superhuman Gambit

4 comments, latest first.
ID #356406 | Feb 18th 2014 Guest
Can u miss getting the rewards cuz I beat the antagonizer And got her suit was I not supposed to talk to roe yet cuz the mechanist isn't in his lair
ID #102232 | Jan 3rd 2012 Guest
I found Franks key behing the terminal to the right of the terminal that had the note on it.
ID #19619 | Nov 28th 2010 Guest
whta if your lockpicking skill is to low to get through the doors when siding with the mechanist?
ID #2093 | Jun 27th 2010 Guest
good but is there a way to get the protectrons gaze AND the ants sting rewards?
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