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Fallout 3 Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Fallout 3

Fallout 3 Guide
Fallout 3 Guide
Massive guide to Fallout 3. Includes a complete walkthrough with videos, and tons of in-game data like collectable locations and maps. Updated to..
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A huge collection of cheats for this great game including getting secret items, finding bobbleheads and getting the alien blaster.

More Fallout 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 94 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Fallout 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our Fallout 3 Questions & Answers page.

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Custom-Built Weapons

Check out the videos below for the custom-built weapons in the game.
Bottlecap Mine
This is a craftable landmine that does five times the damage of a standard frag mine.
Watch the video
Dart Gun
This weapon is a silenced constructable small gun.
Watch the video

Deathclaw Gauntlet
This is a crafted unarmed weapon.
Watch the video

This weapon is a makeshift 'flaming sword' that..

Finding Bobbleheads

Look in the following places for the hidden Vault-Tec Bobbleheads, when you collect a Bobblehead you will gain either +10 to a skill or +1 to a stat.
Repair - Aerefu:
In Evan King's house.
Energy Weapons - Ravenhold.
Medicine - Vault 101:
Found on your dad's desk when leaving.
Speech - Paradise Falls:
Found at Euology's (Slave Master) house on a table.
Big Guns - Fort Constantine:
Found inside a safe in the wall in the basement of the CO Quarters.
Barter - Evergreen Mills:
At the back of the Market Bazaar on a shelf in the upper-right side behind the Raider Trader that does not attack.

Explosives - WKML Broadcast Station:
Found by turning on your local map an..

Project Purity Code

The code to activate Project Purity after you have killed Colonel Autumn at the end of the game is '216' (Revelations 21:6).

Super Mutant Behemoth Locations

When the Super Mutant Behemoth's have been found and killed they will not spawn. They can be found at the following locations.
Evergreen Mills:
Behind an electric enclosure beside the train tracks at the bandit camp near Vault 112. When the generator powering the enclosure is destroyed the Behemoth will escape.
Takoma Industrial:
Located east of the GNR Building at the end of the map. The Behemoth is just north of the factory, standing in the middle of some wrecked cars.
Jury Station:
Go west until you find a group of crumpled up train cars. Search this area until the Behemoth appears. You will know if you are in the correct area if you see a teddy bear in a shopping cart.
The Capitol Building:

Infinite XP

If you have the unpatched version of the game then this cheat will work. What you have to do is get your Speech skill up tp about 30 and go to 'Big Town' which is located north of Vault 101. Talk to the girl called Bittercup who will tell you about her dating exploits and then go to the house which is marked 'Common House' and talk to the man named Pappy. There will then be a speech skill dialogue option that says 'You came here with Bittercup, right?' and every time that you click it you get XP. Keep repeating this to get as much XP as you want.

Broken Steel Secret Weapon - Tesla Conon (Prototype)

You’re actually not supposed to get it since it was a developers tool, but this video breaks you from the Matrix and sends you “flying” straight to all the awesomeness.

Broken Steel - Secret Weapon, Tesla Canon (Prototype)

There’s a hidden weapon to be found in the area of the Sattelite Relay Station. After Liberty Prime has smashed a hole in the building, walk past this hole without entering the actual hole, and walk past a few pipes. Check the rocky ledges to your right, just around the corner. Well, we’re going t..

Hidden Sniper Rifle

If you want to know the location of this weapon then check out the video below.
Watch the video


This character is recruited when you talk to him about going back into the wastes and give him 1,000 Caps for supply money.

Finding Dogmeat

You can find Dogmeat at Scrapyard which is North East of Megaton across the river (On the world map, Scrapyard is in the top right corner of the square that is two squares directly below Minefield). When you locate Dogmeat in Scrapyard save him from the raider and then ask him to join you.

Alien Blaster

Check out the following video to see how you get the alien blaster from the spaceship. This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game because a critical hit is guaranteed.
Watch the video


To recruit Jaeriko talk to him about going back into the wastes. Then give him 1,000 Caps for supply money and he will join you.

Infinite Money + 10mm rounds + Sidney's "Ultra" SMG (And hints f

For this, you need to first get to the Statesman Hotel. Since the first floor is blocked off, the only way through is to go through Our Lady of Hope Hospital first. While you're here, why not complete Riley's Rangers quest? To start it, go to Underworld and fin Riley in the Chop Shop. She will be unconscious. To revive her, either convince the doctor with a high enough speech, or revive Riley yourself with high enough medicine. Once she's up, talk to her for the quest. (Don't forget to talk to her about Theo, he had the main ammo of the team and was killed between the second and third floor of the Hotel to get the password for the ammo crate. Also, get the location of the Ranger Compound. It has plenty of weapons and ammo for you there.)
With all this info, proceed to Our Lad..

Ultimate operation anchorage cheat!!!

Note: this cheat is diff. Than the other ones, you get infinite in real game, not simulation, along with unbreakable weapons. Ok, first get the DLC operation anchorage, and go to the base. When there, get ready for the simul., but before entering, kill everyone. Save, and take a body and put it infront of chair in pod. Make sure you're able to raid it when in chair. Then enter. When in, get to the camp part, and get you're weapon tag. Get the weapon, get the infinite ammo thing (try not over 40,000 it may freeze) and save occasionally. Then drop those weapons, in the armory and get another eapon tag. Get those weapons, do the infinite ammo thing, then drop. Your game will glitch out if you don't have your weapons with you, and youll be able to get maximum weapon tags. When you get lots o..

Getting secret items

Did you know that there are some weapons and gear that you're not supposed to get? All of which can be obtained on the PC with a console command, but what about the people on the 360? Fear not, for I will tell you how to break the game and get Dad's Wasteland Outfit, Col. Autumn's Uniform, Col. Autumn's 10mm pitol, and Col. Autumn's Laser Pistol.
There are two ways to get Col. Autumn's suit. The first is right after your Dad dies. If you put your cursor on him while in first person and then hold left bumper and rotate the camera, you can loot his body while he's still inside of the chamber. You can take his unique outfit, Col. Autumn's Uniform, and his unique pistol, Col. Autumn's 10mm pistol, and you can also loot your Dad's unique outfit, Dad's Wasteland Outfit, in this way...

The Alien Blaster

The Alien Blaster is one of the most useful guns in all of fallout. It weighs only 2 pounds, and does 88 damage at about only 75 DR. This gun is extremely easy to get, if you know where to go.
First, head to the MDPL-13 Power Station(if you havent discovered that location yet, it is north, and a little bit east of the Minefield). Then, follow the power lines untill you come to where one of the towers is bent in a wierd way. Head East a little bit, and you should pick up a radio signal called: Recon Craft Theta Beacon. Then head north again, untill you start to recieve radiation. Once you start getting radiation, look around untill you find a crashed U.F.O. Head to the western side of the ufo, and there should be a dead alien with glowing ammo, and a pistol looking weapon, the alien ..

infinite xp in dlc operation anchorage

After clearing both paths during the second part of the dlc, request a mister gutsy,and nothing else,from your commander and tell it to follow you to a secure area, then kill it and request another one keep doing this until the desire xp..
Ps:make sure the guy following you doesn't see you.

Infinite Caps From Slavers

In the quest "Strictly Business," one of the people you must enslave is Susan Lancaster. After putting a slave collar on her, get your payment from Grouse back at Paradise Falls. After receiving your payment, go to the slave quarters in Paradise Falls and talk to Susan (you'll need a key to open the gate to the slave pen, so pickpocket one). Talk to Susan and when she asks for help, choose the option "You're a slave. Deal with it.", then return to Grouse to collect the reward again. Grouse will think that you captured her again. You can repeat this as many times as desired to get 250 Caps and a slave collar each time.
Note: There is a downside to this trick. Each time you talk to Grouse to receive payment, you also receive a slave collar. These collars each have a weight of 1 ..

strength bobblehead

To find this bobblehead go to lucas simms house in Megaton. Its on a desk upstairs.

How to get out of Vault 101

Hello Fellow gamer's, whats going down um in the beginning of the game Fallout 3 you are stuck in Vault 101. To get out you have to (well this is what I did) kill the overseer take his key go to where this guy name jonas I think it is his name he will be dead go into the overseer's office and exit Vault 101.

Another infinite xp glitch

If you go to little lamplight, look for a little girl named knock knock and she will want to tell you a story, when she tells you the story at some point there will be a speech challenge, you will almost always succeed but even if you fail it, it will still be there, so you can just keep doing it.

Easy Exp. and hidden Supplies!

Easy Exp: This one is fairly simple, but megaton must be standing for it to work. First, go to your house or the store and get a couple frag mines. Second, go to The Craterside Supply store. (the shop in Megaton). Third, walk behind the wall that the mercenary is leaning on and stand directly behind him behind the wall,(just walk until you can't anymore) and drop the mine on the floor. Then, as quick as you can, disarm and pick up the mine. If you did it right you should get some experience every time. (It can explode so be quick!)
Hidden Supplies:This one also helps if megaton is still standing. First, go out the main megaton entrance and take a left. Keep walk using back using the wall (megaton)as your guide. This place usually has a couple mole rats around it. Keep walking ..

The Reservist's Rifle

Near the Deathclaw Sanctuary to the west, there is a chapel. Go here and when you walk towards the front, a guy will start shooting you with a sniper rifle, kill him and search his body to get the Reservist's Rifle. The Reservist's Rifle is a special Sniper Rifle, that has only 3 bullets in a clip, and I think it has a faster shooting rate.
NOTE: If you kill the guy, and his body doesn't fall down, you may have to stand on the Preacher's stand or podium in the corner, and jump and search his body in the air, because there is no other way to get to his sniping spot. ALSO there is some ammo and other things inside the chapel.

The Victory Rifle

West of Rockbreaker's Last Gas, there is a giant hill. And if you look, there is a shack on top of that hill. If you make it up and go inside, you will find a cage in the corner with like 4 Radroaches inside, each with weird names. Ignore them or kill them, but you will find a cabinet (or something... I don't really remember) that is a Very Hard-Lockpick (FYI: 100 LP needed to get in) inside is the Victory Rifle, a special Sniper Rifle.
NOTE: In here there is also one of the Keller Transcripts (a holotape) which you need to get the MIRV Fatman. (There are 5 total)

falling to safety

If you happen to fall off a tall bridge or something in which case you will almoat certainly die. Just before you hit the ground quickly save your game and then continue falling to your death then your game will load to the last save point which was about a metre off the ground and you fall from there and land perfectly safe

Some bobble head locations

Endurance bobblehead-Head down into the slope in the Deathclaw sanctuarary. It should be near the Brahim Corpse.
Science bobblehead-In Vault 106, head to the living quaters and go through the southeast door. Follow the path and it should be in the back.
Speech Bobblehead-In Eugloys pad in paradise falls. It should be on a desk.
I hope these help you all out cause I know how hard it is to find them.

want to be a vampire?

After you do the quest blood ties you can talk to vance and get him to teach you to get 20 hp from drinking bloodpacks

T-51b Winterized power armor from new DLC cant be damaged

I beat the New DLC a couple hours after I bought it on Xbox 360
And one of the many things in the locked store room are the T-51b winterized armor( also there is a gauss rifle with somewhere around 60-70 rounds,and a bunch of other powerful weapons)
I didnt even have power armor training and I was able to wear it(and I was also able to wear outcast power armor too)
I havent stopped wearing it since and it's condition never goes down( I've been shot, fire ants have shot flame at me, and countless frag mines have been activated and it still has 100% CND
Ps. The gause rifle is one of the most powerfull weapons in the game( it's got a scope on it) also ther is a sword in there I suggest picking it up it is also powerfull( it's electrified )

Free weapon repairs

When you come across a Scavenger ask them to repair your equiptment. Repair what is needed then kill the scavenger and get your caps back. You can spend as much as you like and always get all of your caps back, you loose karma but who cares

infinite ammo in dlc operation anchorage

First find a ammo dispenser,
Then fill your ammo,
Activate your pip-boy and go to the ammunition screen and drop your ammo
Then activate the ammo dispenser,(your ammo should be full again)
Then pick up the dropped ammo.
This will work with all the weapons except the glauss rifle.

How to get the firelance at the beginging of the game.

First off for all the people that don't know what the firelance is,it's an alien balster but stonger and can set enemies on fire.
To get the firelance early in the game you must walk all the way to whilhem's warf (if you don't know how to get there just follow the link) and save.Now swim east to the anchorage memorial where the random events begin.If you do not know how the event of the firelance looks like,you have to look up in the air and you will see a trail of black smoke and you will hear an explosion.
It will take a few ties before actually getting the firelance,but thats why we saved before discovering the memorial (it took me about 12 tries).Now once you get the event start searching because the explosion scatters the ammo and the firelance,the firelance wi..

Dogmeat Spawn

If you have the wasteland explorer theme in your Megaton House if you have Dogmeat as a follower when you walk in he will spawn on the table

Get good gear and lots of caps at level 1&Easy power leveling

First off after you leave the vault head STRAIGHT towards the "Super Duper Mart" once you reach the old blown up farm house a random event should be taking place on the road it can be anything from just a mad brahmin to a full unit of brotherhood, outcast or enclave soldiers one time I got close to 2000 caps worth of loot from one event. "PS" don't save until you get a really good event because you can just reload your auto save and appear outside the vault and try again. And after you finish that you can walk out to the edge of the water you should see a ruined car and trash lying around as well as DOZENS of mirelurk eggs "Sometimes guarded by mirelurks" on the ground and on a tall pointed rock, You will always get a few hundred caps worth of regular and softshell meat no matter what so..

New Player Easy money+cheat

Okay I would like to thank the other person for telling me this cheat. First go to a seller (like Moria's shop in Megaton)See if she has two items(sometimes it will work I think if you have both high Barter and Repair This might work)Buy the one with the most needed Weapon repair then sell it. SOMETIMES Buying will be cheaper than buying that's the trick.
Second of all there's way to give boost your money a little. Go to the Super Duper mart Go to all the Cashier registers and take the pre-war money, and get the Nuka Colas Sell them. They're light and worth a little bit if bottle caps though they add up. Go to Walter and Walter's water valve repair mission Afetr the mission he will ask you to sell him some scrap metal and While doing Moira's mission's She'll tell you to Go into this..

Alot of useful items

To do this you need access to Paradise falls.
Walk around near this bar and there will be this guy and skip his dialouge and he will give you a bunch of useful items they can be some useful junk, weapons, ammo, or health. So if you need items for free go to this guy.

Simple Money Maker

To get alot of caps in this game you need to do the Nuka Cola Challenge. And inside the girls house and when she isn't looking rob her blind. You will get alot of bad Karma but it could be really worth it.

Medical Vault Bobblehead

This is a bobblehead that you can find in Vault 101 and it raises your medicine skill to 10.

FINALLY FOUND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I finally found out where all of the fat men in Fallout 3 are. There are only nine in the game! They are on a dead man near the scrapyard, at fort constantine, sewer olney, fort bannister, germantown police HQ basement, evergreen mills, galaxy news radio station on the dead brotherhood soldier that gets killed by the super mutant behemoth, white house utility tunnel on concrete island, capitol building (west entrance). I will be posting where all the mini nukes are soon!
I S O M 9 7

Watch your karma level. If it becomes too evil a..

Watch your karma level. If it becomes too evil a group of mercs called the regulators will come and try to kill you. I am being dead serious.

free outcast power armor

As you walk around the wasteland you will come across outcast brother hood as they make patrols. Follow them [ it's a little slow but worth it ] they will come under attack and kill what is attacking them and you can go collect items from thier kills. Use the vats system on the outcasts and notice thier life bars are going down.
Keep following them untill one or all of them die and take thier armor and weapons. Thier armor can be used to repair brotherhood of steel armor also.
You can also use this tactic with the caravans and get thier items also.

Protectron's Gaze

This is fairly easy to get. If you side with the Mechanist during the Super Human Gambit Quest, and help him protect his facility from the ANTagonizer, and kill her and take the Mechanist her clothes, he will give you a special Laser Pistol called Protectron's Gaze.

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