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Reilly's Rangers
Fallout 3

Reilly's Rangers

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Miscellaneous Quests

Reilly's Rangers

|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Reilly at the Underworld Hospital Chop Shop.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] Ammo Box, [] .44 Magnum Rounds x16, [] Scoped .44 Magnum,           |
|       [] Rad-X x2, [] RadAway x2, [] .32 Caliber Rounds x15, [] 10mm Rounds, |
|       [] Frag Grenade, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak x2, [] Med-X, [] Ammo    |
|          Box x2, [] Ammo Box x3, [] First Aid Box x2, [] Ammo Box x2,        |
|       [] 3x Microfusion Cell, [] Hidden Stash Note, [] 2x Ammo Boxes,        |
|       [] Mine Box, [] Grenade Box, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First   |
|          Aid Box, [] Buffout, [] Jet, [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Safe, |
|       [] 2x Frag Grenade, [] 3x Ammo Boxes, [] Pre-war Book, [] Stimpak,     |
|       [] Mentats, [] Safe, [] First Aid Box, [] Ammo Box, [] Psycho, [] First|
|          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak, [] 100x 10mm Rounds,         |
|       [] 200x 5.56mm Rounds, 200x 5mm Rounds, [] 4x Frag Grenade, [] First   |
|          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] 2x Mine Box,        |
|       [] 10mm Rounds x10, [] First Aid Box, [] Chinese Army: Spec. Ops.      |
|          Training Manual, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box x2, [] First Aid Box,|
|       [] Nuka-Cola Quantum, [] 2x Ammo Box, [] 2x Frag Grenade, [] Shotgun   |
|          Shells x12, [] Grognak the Barbarian, [] First Aid Box, [] Fission  |
|          Battery, [] First Aid Box, [] Safe, [] Tales of a Junktown Jerky    |
|          Vendor, [] 2x 5.56mm Rounds x24, [] Jet x2, [] Geomapper Module.    |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: Choose one of two rewards:                                      |
| (300 EXP)    1. [] Ranger Battle Armor.                                      |
|              2. [] Eugene Minigun.                                           |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant     o Super Mutant Brute    o Super Mutant Master     |
|         o Talon Comp. Merc                                                   |
|                                                                              |

Locating Reily:
Head to Underworld, which is accessed from the Museum of History.  This in turn can be accessed by traveling somewhere near the Washington Monument.  You'll find the building somewhere on the east.
Once inside, head to the very south of the ground level and enter the Chop Shop, the hospital around here.  Talk to the woman lying on a bed, and it appears she is in a coma.  You have two options here:
1. Wake her up if your Medicine Skill is high enough.
2. Speech Challenge Doctor Barrows and have him wake her up.

You can also meet Reilly at the Statesman Hotel, in the Ranger Compound if you choose to directly go there, but if you perform these options you'll get a lot of markers and quest info right here, right now.
Agree to help her team and hear her out for useful information.  When you've heard all dialog let her rest and set out for the Ranger's Compound first.

Finding the Ranger's Compound:
The fastest way is to go through the Capitol Building up north.  Head through the entrance, immediately head through the door on your remote right that leads to the eastern sections of the room, and go through the hallway on your right until you reach the double doors that lead to the worldmap area called Seward Square.

Needless to say, all of this doesn't go without a fight, and you'll face many Super Mutants and Talon Comp Mercs along the way.

Continue south/southeast and head under a viaduct.  Head all the way SE, past many gore bags, past the broadway cinema, until you see a metro sign.  This is in front of the Cornucopia Fresh Groceries building From here head north and at the end of this street look on your right to see a sign with two crossing swords.  Head east until you get to a square with a statue.  Left from the statue is the entrance of the Ranger Compound - about time, really.

The Ranger's Compound:
The radio room is to the right and you can gather information regarding the rangers from here. Head left and check out the storage room in the back first to find a case with loads of alcohol and an [AMMO BOX].  More of your interest is probably the door to your left that leads to the storage room with loads of goodies:

Check the cabinet shelves for: [.44 ROUNDS x16], [SCOPED .44 MAGNUM], [RAD-X x2], [RADAWAY x2], [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x15], [10mm ROUNDS x12], [FRAG GRENADE].  Find a [FIRST AID BOX], [STIMPAK x2] and [MED-X] on the table.  Also loot the two [AMMO BOXES] next to this table.

Exit the building and head up the nearby stairs outside.  At the second floor you'll find three more [AMMO BOXES] on some shelves, one of them averagely locked.  Explore the area further to find two [FIRST AID BOXES] and two more [AMMO BOXES] of which one of each is also averagely locked.  These are crammed with goods.

Make sure you have Reilly's Rangers set as active quest, and check out the mark on your map.  It is close to the Metro Station and the marker pinpoints the Sewers, one of the ways to get to your next destination: Vernon Square.

Head through the Sewer tubes, kill the Super Mutants you'll soon meet, and switch to the other metro tube.  Enter through the nearby door and go upstairs to find [3x MICROFUSION CELL] and a [HIDDEN STASH NOTE] nearby the skeletons.
Read the note, then walk down the dead-end south-eastern tunnel.  Waste the Super Mutant, then look around for the hidden stash under some debris.. and voila!  You can find [2x AMMO BOXES], a [MINE BOX] and a [GRENADE BOX] here.  It looks like there are five boxes, but I think there's one you can't open.

Backtrack slightly, then go into the other tube and track along the metro.  Head east when you can, waste another mutant, and look around for an [AMMO BOX] next to the couch.  You can also sleep in the makeshift beds here.  Head up the ladder to Pennsylvania Avenue and make your way through the street, heading west for the marker on your map.  Discover Pennsylvania Avenue North's Metro Station, otherwise known as Freedom Street Station, and head inside.

Freedom Street Station:
Proceed but be cautious of three nasty Bear Traps - either disarm or avoid them.  Go through the northern walkway and blast the two Feral Ghouls.  Check the generator room to the east, kill the ghoul and search for a [FIRST AID BOX] on the structure pillar.  Go through the other generator room and you'll find a Scavenger upstairs, willing to trade supplies.

Head back to the previous hallway with the T-junction and head west.  Disarm the three Bear Traps in this room, then proceed through the door and hallway with the radioactive logo next to it.

In the next tube, ignore the nearby door (leading to a small flooded room) and make your way through the tube itself, blasting any ghouls in your way.  At the end, make your way upstairs to the higher levels of the subway, go over some walkways that are above the previously mentioned flooded room, and continue your way upstairs.  Make your way across another walkway and kill any ghouls that reside here.  Cross the crates and rubbish, head up another stairs and exit to Vernon Square at the end of the hall.

Vernon Square:
Make your way past the wrecked buses and head south until you reach the Our Lady of Hope Hospital.  If you're looking for more (medical) supplies, head more to the west.  Find a [FIRST AID BOX] on a little table in the corner of this area, and some [BUFFOUT] and [JET] in little crates on top of the truck.  You'll find one last [FIRST AID BOX] on the truck as well.  Head into the hospital now.

Our Lady of Hope Hospital:
You'll now be at the entrance lobby.  Head through the double doors on the SW, and proceed through this hallway.  Kill the centaur that roams this area, then open the Eat'o'tronic on the structure pillar to find some [MENTATS].

A pack of Super Mutants is blocking your way in the upcoming hall. Although blocking may be saying too much

Before you proceed in the large hall, check out the room directly to your north, which is an other entrance of the hospital.  Unlock the easy [SAFE] here.
The large hall up ahead usually houses a Super Mutant or 4.  Either waste them with grenades or missiles, otherwise lure them to the smaller room you're coming from.  The SE corner in this large hall has a desk with [2x FRAG GRENADE] and [3x AMMO BOXES] on it.  You can find a [PRE-WAR BOOK] on the counter near the skeleton hanging over it.  When you proceed upstairs, be cautious of a mine at the top of the stairs.  Head to the next area.

Our Lady of Hope Hospital 2nd Floor:
Go down the hall and check the two Eat'o'tronics for a [STIMPAK] and [MENTATS].  Also unlock the averagely locked [SAFE] at the end of the hall.  Having done so, go through the double doors on the north and dispose of two mutants.  There is nothing of value in both the dining hall nor the kitchen, so proceed through these areas and kill another two mutants.

Use the adjacent hall and stairs to bring you at the higher levels outside of the hospital.  Once outside, check around the corner to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and an [AMMO BOX].  You can also find a [PSYCHO] in a little wooden crate near the edge of the building. 

Head over to the Statesman Hotel where the Rangers are located.

Cross the walkway, drop down a level and make your way into the Mid-levels of the Statesman Hotel.

Statesman Hotel Mid Level:
Drop down to the floor below and make your way through the hall.  Grab supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] next to the firehose box.  Make your way through more halls and rooms until you reach a central hall.  Find yet another [FIRST AID BOX] near the firehose box in this hall.  The mini cafetaria with Cola Vending Machine and an Eat'o'tronic holds a [STIMPAK] in the latter.  Take the western stairs and find Theo - or what's left of him anyway.

Theo's Ammo Box holds a crapload of goodies: [100x 10MM ROUNDS], [200x 5.55MM ROUNDS], [200x 5MM ROUNDS], and [4x FRAG GRENADES].  It's too bad that Theo was stripped of his Ranger Armor Suit, or we would already have the best armor in the game.  Oh well, let's carry on then, shall we?

Proceed upstairs but beware of a trap.  Enter the next hall and open the door to your right.  Blast another mutant and make your way through the rooms, looting the dead mutants that the Ranger Squat must've already taken care of.
Head through the northern passage and kill another mutant or two.  From this complex, head east to reach a stairwell.  You can't go down, and you can't go up more than one level, so that leaves us the fairly easy choice to go through the one door leading to a hallway with a sneaky Centaur.

You can safely ignore the rooms on the west because the hold absolutely nothing.  Instead, grab the supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] near the firehose box, what else, and find yet another [FIRST AID BOX] at the end of the hall.  How very generous!
The (easy) locked door on the east of this hall holds, you wouldn't have guessed it, another [FIRST AID BOX]!  Fortunately it also holds two [MINE BOX] (of which one is averagely locked) and some [10MM ROUNDS x10] on the shelves.

Continue to the NW area and wipe out the mutants here.  You got two options now:

1. If your repair skill is decent enough you can fix the elevator here and skip the next two paragraphs.
2. Take the longer path, read on.

Grab any supplies from the [FIRST AID BOX] up ahead and walk down the hall.  Waste another mutant, head upstairs, waste another mutant (wait, do I see a pattern here?) and explore the storage room for a [CHINESE ARMY: SPEC. OPS.  TRAINING MANUAL] lying on one of the shelves.  Before you go upstairs take a right first and unlock the easy door.  Inside this room you'll find an [AMMO BOX] and two [FIRST AID BOXES].  Head upstairs but beware of another ‘Falling Grenade Trap'.

Statesman Hotel Restaurant:
Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] on your left and make your way through the halls.  Head east, ignoring the west area.  You'll now be at the elevator. In this room, unlock the averagely locked door through the means of lockpicking.

If you can't, you'll have to go around the other way, but this is preferred. Prepare yourself to kill a mutant or 4 in the area up ahead.  When you have done so, check the inner counters for a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM], [2x AMMO BOX], [2x FRAG GRENADE], [SHOTGUN SHELLS x12], and a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] Skill Book.  Check the western upstairs flank to find a [FIRST AID BOX].

Checking Out:

Once you’ve made it to the roof, team up with the Rangers and help them escape through the .. well, umm .. like … 6 Super Mutants or so downstairs. Err. Yeah.

Be SURE to check out the storage room behind the stairs to find a [FISSION BATTERY] on the broken Maintenance Protectron.  This will come in handy soon, in case you're wondering.  Exit the place by going upstairs and make it to the roof.  Once on the roof, search around for the Rangers.  You can give them some of your ammo if you want their help in the upcoming fight, but it's far from necessary.

Give the Fission Battery to Donovan and follow the Rangers.  In this area, gun down all mutants ASAP so the Rangers can make a run for the elevator.  Once they make it, search the area for goodies.  There's a [FIRST AID BOX] and an averagely locked [SAFE] at the entrance counter.  If you head upstairs and check out the rooms to the east you can find a [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN JERY VENDOR] on one of the desks.  Explore the nearby restroom to find [2x 5.56MM ROUNDS x24] and [JET x2] on some shelves.
Exit the place and fast travel to the Ranger's Compound.  Find Reilly and talk to her about your reward.  I suggest you go for the armor.  It is possible to kill the Rangers, but you can do useful Freeform quests.

Talk to Reilly again and talk about mapping.  For every location you discover on the Pip-Boy you receive 20 Caps.  If you've done some avid exploring so far, you're rewarded with several thousand caps right away!  She'll also hand you the [GEOMAPPER MODULE].  Be careful with it, if you lose it or sell it, there are only two spares she can give you.  Tops.

Equip your new armor.  Why is it so good?  Well it has a reasonably weight compared to Power Armor (27 versus 45), and its DR (at max) is only 6 points under Power Armor (39 versus 45).  It also gives excellent bonuses: 5 AP, LCK 1 and Small Guns 10.
If the Ranger Armor needs tweaking you can repair it by using Talon Mercenaries Combat Armor - there's plenty of those around.

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ID #174989 | Aug 11th 2012 chromagniashannon
I'm stuck in the second level. When I dropped down from the railing that connects the two buildings, I went through the door, and then had to drop down into a room to explore the second level. Now, I can't get back up. I don't know if its a bad glitch, or what. But, I'm stuck. I can't get off the second level. Help?
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