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You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head
Fallout 3

You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Miscellaneous Quests

You Gotta Shoot 'Em In The Head

|HOW TO UNLOCK: Speak to Mr. Crowley in Underworld at Carol's Place.           |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: []
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |

Head over to the Museum of History, located at The Mall, and go to Underworld.  Head upstairs and find Mr. Crowley at Carol's Place.  This man wants four people dead, and he wants you to do it like a pro: A bullet straight through the head.  You're given the list with people he wants dead, and you're sent off on duty.

Find Mr. Crowley in Underworld, Carol’s Place.

Alternatively, Mr. Crowley may be sitting in The Ninth Circle Bar, so you may also need to look there depending on the time your visit Underworld.  Wherever you contact Mr. Crowley, you're given a [SNIPER RIFLE] and [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS] for your job in advance.

Optional: Does Mr. Crowley really just want to kill these people because he hates them, or is there more than meets the eye?  You can talk to various people around Underworld and find out that it's not all about hatred.  The best way to do so is by talking to Greta who is in the same room as Crowley.  Head back to Crowley, confront him with your findings and he'll throw in an additional 100 Caps to seal the deal.

Getting the Keys:

If you’re lucky, Dukov won’t even notice you pickpocketing him. If you’re unlucky however, he’ll turn against you – usually resulting in a bullet through his brains.

Head over to Dukov's Place, which is nearby Tepid Sewers.  When you enter, a drunk guy with a Russian accent comes up and greets you - meet Dukov.  You have several options to obtain his key:
1. Speech Challenge him by threatening in order to receive the key.
2. You can pickpocket Dukov (use a Stealth Boy to ensure success).
3. Talk to Cherry and Speech Challenge her to steal his key, however she wants you to escort her to Rivet City (which you can just neglect to do).
4. If you're male and have the Lady Killer Perk, Fantasia offers to steal the key for you without asking anything in return.
5. If you're female and have the Black Widow Perk then Dukov will hand over his co.. Key to you.  That's right.
6. Of course, you can also just kill Dukov and grab his key.

If you're a drug lover, check out the restroom to the west and find a crapload of {JET x8} on the floor.
Next, head over to Dave's Republic, which is in the NE corner of the wasteland.  It's a long trek, so come prepared.  The Temple of the Union might quite possibly be the closest, so fasttravel and head from there.
When you finally arrive, make your way into the house by staying polite and friendly.  Find Dave: You now have several options again.
1. If your LCK stat is high enough, Dave can hand over the key without problems.
2. You can Speech Challenge Dave several times to make him hand over the key.
3. You can kill Dave and take the key from his body.
4. Pickpocket the key from Dave (use a Stealth Boy for a sure success).

Now continue your quest to Rivet City.  You've probably been here before, it's the large ‘city-on-a-boat' in the southwest corner of the Wasteland.  Head to the Middeck and enter the Common Room.  Look around for Ted Strayer.
1. With the Toughness Perk, which you most likely have, you can convince Ted to hand over the key immediately.  That means NOW, Ted.
2. You can Speech Challenge Ted into giving you the key with ease.
3. Paying Ted 25 Caps is also a way of obtaining the key.
4. You can pickpocket Ted, but I'd certainly advise using a Stealth Boy.
5. Killing poor Ted is also an option; You can take the key from his carcass afterwards.  Just make sure you don't attract any of the guards, or else.

Optional: Now that you have the three keys, you can optionally go to Tenpenny
Tower in the southwest and meet Tenpenny.  You can then either kill Tenpenny (for a measly 100 Caps), or get a 200 Caps (300 with Speech) from Tenpenny if you kill Crowley instead.  Whatever your choice, I recommend being done with the Tenpenny Tower Quest already before killing Tenpenny (unless he's already dead-which figures for itself).
You can now return to Crowley and give him the keys.  You'll be rewarded with Caps, depending on if you really killed them or not you get 25 or 100 Caps, but it's possible to trick Crowley with a Speech Challenge.  When you've ended the quest you have two options:
1. Sneak after him and steal the three keys back from him.  This is highly recommended, but you should save your game before attempting.
2. Kill him when he's out of Underworld, and grab the keys back.
3. (Leave him be - not recommended)

These keys will be of use in a Freeform Quest: Fort Constantine.  It's worth the trip, not in the least place because you can find the Big Guns Bobblehead and the unique T-51b Power Armor.  Find more info at the Freeform Quests.

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