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- - Adams Air Force Base
Fallout 3

- - Adams Air Force Base

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 - Broken Steel Guide

Who Dares Wins - Adams Air Force Base

|ITEMS: [] Tesla Cannon, [] Microfusion Cell (x50), Electron Charge Pack (x50),|
|       [] Orders, [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Stimpak x2, [] First |
|          Aid Box, [] First Aid Box x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Mini Nuke,       |
|       [] Microfusion Cell (x80), [] Ammo Box x2, [] Enclave Crate, [] First  |
|          Aid Box, [] .308 Caliber Rounds (x24) x2,[] Sector 1 Artillery Note,|
|       [] Enclave Crate x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate, [] First Aid  |
|          Box x2, [] First Aid Box, [] Plasma Grenade x4, [] Mini Nuke,       |
|       [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Sector 2 Artillery Note, [] Enclave Soldier    |
|          Log #1, [] Psycho x2, [] First Aid Box x3, [] Ammo Box, [] Flamer   |
|          Fuel Stash Holotape, [] Fuel Stash Conatiner Key, [] Enclave        |
|          Footlocker x2, [] Enclave Footlocker, [] Bloodpack,[] Enclave Crate,|
|       [] Enclave Footlocker x2, [] Bloodpack x5, [] Enclave Crate x2,        |
|       [] First Aid Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Enclave Crate x2, [] Flamer     |
|          Stash.                                                              |
|                                                                              |

This video guides you through Adams Air Force Base, making efficient use of the Tesla Cannon and Air Strikes – for which the buttons may be tricky to find without video guidance.

This is another separate area from The Wasteland.  Go upstairs and check the Resupply Crate on your left, which was dropped by parachute and contains your omni-powerful [TESLA CANNON], [MICROFUSION CELL (x50)], [ELECTRON CHARGE PACK (x50)] and your [ORDERS].  Loot the [FIRST AID BOX] that looks like an Enclave Crate up the steps and listen to the Orders Holotape.

A [FIRST AID BOX] can be found inside the cabin, and two more [STIMPAKS] are lying on the shelves.  Head NE, and take out any Mark VI Turrets you spot ASAP, as they’re real life drainers.  The Tesla Cannon can take them out from a mile though, so that shouldn’t be any problem.  Waste the Hellfire Trooper and check the cabin to your right (east) which houses a [FIRST AID BOX] and obsolete Turret Control Terminal. 

Head upstairs and destroy the turrets on the other side of the roof.  Check the view to the NE and go crazy with your Tesla Cannon on all Enclave Vertibirds and turrets.  With most of them destroyed continue your regular scavenging by entering the cabin on this roof still and loot the contents of two [FIRST AID BOXES].

Now, when facing east on the roof, check the ledge to your right (southeast) and hop over to a [FIRST AID BOX], [MINI NUKE] and [MICOFUSION CELL (x80)].  Hop down to ground level and backtrack slightly.  The barracks to the west are inaccessible, but you can find two [AMMO BOXES] and a whole lot of destroyed Protectrons and Sentry Bots behind the truck at the NW end of the fence - which does your Tesla Cannon ammunition supply well!

Continue by making your way to the roof of the eastern building.  You’ll find an [ENCLAVE CRATE], [FIRST AID BOX], [.308 CALIBER ROUNDS (x24) x2], [SECTOR 1 ARTILLERY NOTE] and the Artillery Switch.  Flip it and any Enclave survivors in the open area straight ahead will now be toast.

Get back on the ground level and explore the enclave stands for a set of two [ENCLAVE CRATES] and set of a [FIRST AID BOX] and [ENCLAVE CRATE].

Enter the first hangar.  There will be a few Enclave Soldiers here, among Scientists and a caged Deathclaw.  Check the NW corridor to find two [FIRST AID BOXES] at the very end of it, and waste and Enclave Scientists (meat) you come across.  Note that the three caged Deathclaws are not controlled by devices, so you won’t be thanked upon releasing them. Instead consider killing them for experience while they’re locked away.

When you’ve made it out of the hangar, check the small alley on the northeast and head to the end of it to find a [FIRST AID BOX] and four [PLASMA GRENADES] in a bucket.  If you wanna grab a [MINI NUKE], head inside the hangar to your east and check the eastern corridor.  The nuke is at the south end.

Back in the alley, go upstairs and make your way to the northern roof.  Loot the two [ENCLAVE CRATES] here, grab the [SECTOR 2 ARTILLERY NOTE] and press the button to wipe the area clean below.

Head downstairs and check the alley to your left (west).  Turn left once again in the alley and it’ll lead to the dead body of an Enclave Soldier with the [ENCLAVE SOLDIER LOG #1] on him, as well as a neat stock of items:  [PSYCHO x2], [FIRST AID BOX x3], [AMMO BOX] and a Ripper.

Note: Only Log #1 exists, despite it being called the first of a series.

Optionally there is another hangar that we haven’t explored yet.  Return to the exit of the first hangar and head all the way east from here.  The hangar will be to your right.  It is worthwhile to note that two Enclave Scientists are located somewhere in this hangar, always fleeing from you.  One of them holds the [FLAMER FUEL STASH HOLOTAPE] and [FUEL STASH CONATINER KEY] (Yes, that’s a typo in the game right there). 

The western hall houses two [ENCLAVE FOOTLOCKERS], and one more [ENCLAVE FOOTLOCKER] can be found next to this hall’s entrance.  That’s pretty much what this hangar holds for us, so we’ll move on to the next one - up north.

In this northern hangar, check your right (NE) and look around for a [BLOODPACK] on the floor, along with an [ENCLAVE CRATE] and two [ENCLAVE FOOTLOCKERS], plus a bed to heal up.  The empty prison houses [5x BLOODPACKS] on the floor, and two more [ENCLAVE CRATES] can be found on the western side of the hangar.  One last [FIRST AID BOX] is placed in the western hall.  Take note that the caged Deathclaw becomes frenzied when you release it (read: it stays friendly and will fight along with you).
That concludes this hangar.  Continue north to find a [FIRST AID BOX] on a truck and two [ENCLAVE CRATES] at the stand.  Proceed to the NW area and make your way through the ruins of the hangar.  Expect heavy resistance in the form of turrets and Hellfire Troops, so let your Tesla Cannon be the salvation. 

Before you continue, listen to the Flamer Fuel Stash Holotape that you found earlier on one of the Enclave Scientists.  Well, travel to the NW building and find the [FLAMER STASH] behind several barrels and wheels, which contains 400 Flamer Fuel.  Now head upstairs at the Air Traffic Control Tower just east of here and deal with any remaining turrets - then go inside.

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wow thx for you'r help got my own tesla cannon!! :D
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