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The Nuka-Cola Challenge
Fallout 3

The Nuka-Cola Challenge

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Miscellaneous Quests

The Nuka-Cola Challenge

|HOW TO UNLOCK: Talk to Sierra Petrovita at Girdershade.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ITEMS: [] 3x Energy Cell x20, [] Ammo Box, [] First Aid Box, [] Laser Pistol, |
|       [] Welcome to the Nuka-Cola Family, [] First Aid Box, [] Lying,        |
|          Congressial Style, [] Safe, [] Finding the Formula, [] Big Book     |
|       [] of Science, [] Research Dept. Safe Key, [] Tumblers Today, [] Safe, |
|       [] Nuka-Cola Quantum x3, [] First Aid Box, [] Nuka-Cola Clear Formula, |
|       [] Ledoux's Hockey Mask.                                               |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 40 or 80 Caps per bottle.                                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Nuka-Cola Security      o NukaLurk       o Radroach                |
|                                                                              |

Travel to Girdershade, southwest of Smith Casey's Garage.  This is an extremely small village consisting of two shacks and two villagers.  Make your way to Sierra's shack and talk to her all about Nuka-Cola Quantum.  Agree to find these for her and she'll tell you she has a special something for you at 30 bottles.  (Psst, it's the Nuka-Grenade Schematic).

When you exit the shack, a man called Ronald Laren bumps into you.  He offers the same price for the Quantum Bottles, but negotiate a little and this price is raised from 40 to the double of 80 caps per bottle!  Everything to shag Sierra, eh Ronald?

You can also sell him the Naughty Nightwear you might have previously obtained from Grady's Storage (where Lug-Nut wanted to rob it from you).  He'll initially offer 200 caps, Speech Challenge him for 300 Caps.  You can always pickpocket this back from him later, as well as the Kneecapper(a unique sawed-off-shotgun).

Note: If you're playing as a female and you have the Black Widow perk, you get some interesting additional dialog options with Ronald.  Beans anyone?

Quantum Bottles are found all over the wasteland, but there's a good place to start regardless.  This quest keeps reminding me of the newest James Bond movie.

Nuka-Cola Plant:
Locate the Nuka-Cola Plant, far south at the edge of the worldmap.  Travel straight south from Megaton to reach it.  Enter through it's only entrance.

The room to your right (east) holds nothing of interest, well, a Nuka-Cola Security Protectron is busy ‘guarding' a room.  The doors up north are locked, so head into the room on your left (west) and blast another bot.  Check any non-empty desks and take note of the Safe.  Continue through a larger hall, destroy two more security bots and continue through the door at the north side of this area.  Waste the NukaLurk and bot before you proceed to the next area.

Storage And Mixing Vats:
Note: It goes without saying, but the face is a Mire/NukaLurk's true weak point.

Kill another NukaLurk (or two), then head over to the nearby counter and grab all goodies: Three [ENERGY CELL x20], an [AMMO BOX], [FIRST AID BOX] and a [LASER PISTOL].  A note called [WELCOME TO THE NUKA-COLA FAMILY] also rests on this counter.  The terminal activates the nearby Protectron, nothing we haven't seen before.

Continue and you'll get to a flooded passage.  Equip some Rad. Resistant equip if you have any on you, and use some Rad-X.  You can always desert to RadAway when you need to, so don't let it bother you too much.  The stairs can give you a short break from the pool, but deal with the NukaLurk(s) first.

When you continue, handle the upcoming TWO NukaLurks with extreme care, because they can really devastate you.  When taken care of, head upstairs and try to jump over the gap;  It doesn't matter if you fall down, you're pretty much supposed to anyway.  Head through the eastern tunnel that leads to the Offices.

Head upstairs and deal with the Radroaches.  The room to the SE has several sinks which you may want/need to drink from, since the NukaLurks pack quite a punch.  Continue down the hall and don't let the numerous red enemy indicators freak you out; They are mostly Radroaches.  Mostly ..

The rooms to your right have a few desks and cabinets you might want to check for ammunition, but there's nothing in particular.  Make it to the end of the hall and waste another NukaLurk.

When you reach the second floor, don't immediately storm the third but do some exploring first.  Enter the room on your right (north) and check out the adjacent room to the right.  It holds a [FIRST AID BOX], [LYING, CONGRESSIONAL STYLE] Skill Book and a [SAFE] with many useful things.  The southwestern room of this area is the resting place of a dead Raider named Winger Mercier, of whom you can loot the [FINDING THE FORMULA] note from. A [BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE] can be found in the room to the north from here - access is granted by a hole in the wall.  Exit the floor and proceed to the third.

Walk all the way downstairs and a robot called Milo will start to chat with you.  He does demand that you identify yourself (which gives a few hilarious options, such as ‘My Name is Ass Kicker and my ID is 5.56 mm!').  The correct answer can be given if you grabbed and read the ‘Welcome' note earlier, or you can use the Speech Challenge to convince the bot you're the owner of the place.  In both cases, get the [RESEARCH DEPT. SAFE KEY] from him, as well as the Shipping Computer Login Code.

The room Milo came from holds a [FIRST AID BOX], but it also holds a cabinet hidden behind a door from where you can grab a [TUMBLERS TODAY] and open up an Easy [SAFE] (an other one than the one you've been given the key to).  Check any desks and cabinets for ammo.  Most importantly, check the Shipping Terminal.  You can hack it or you can use the inlog code that Milo just gave you.  In the terminal you'll find the three main shipping locations.

Head back upstairs and make your way through the hallway.  Milo's friendliness is not shared by his security compatriots, so you'll have to blast your way through them.  Go down at the first possibility and kill another bot.  In this room, check the terminal and activate the packing line.  Grab the three [NUKA-COLA QUANTUMS] from the conveyor belts and head back upstairs.

At the end of the tunnel, another bot awaits you.  You can find a [FIRST AID BOX] on your right hand.  Head downstairs, go through another hall and reach a new fabric hall with two bots.  Blast them and go through the double doors on the left.  The other double doors lead back to the very entrance of the area and can now be opened by the push of a button (or pick them if you want the challenge and/or EXP).

The last thing to do is unlock the safe with the Research Dept. Safe Key, and you should remember where it was (check the start of this section).  It always holds the [NUKA-COLA CLEAR FORMULA] and some chems.

Goalie Ledoux:
If you search for the Red Racer Factory, located close to the city perimeter, northeast from the Nuka Factory, you can come across three mercenaries.  Their leader, Goalie Ledoux, offers 250 Caps for your freshly found formula.  Try to increase this to 400 Caps and sell it to him.

As the other two mercenaries take off, kill Ledoux in cold blood.  This does not lead to any Karma loss, but it does allow you to loot the [LEDOUX'S HOCKEY MASK] from his body, which is quite possibly one of the best masks in the game due to its unique and awesome 25 AP giving ability.  You can also grab your formula back from him.

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Comments for The Nuka-Cola Challenge

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ID #182549 | Sep 2nd 2012 Guest
where's that village?
ID #89762 | Nov 24th 2011 Guest
That was a great help, nice 1 ! .,, you don't know where the other 26 are that I need per chance ? ?
ID #69969 | Aug 25th 2011 Guest
in old olney theres a sealed dorr. How do u get in it ?
ID #68053 | Aug 17th 2011 Guest
Thanks for the help it was hard for me to find this factory but not any more thanks.
ID #44391 | May 22nd 2011 Guest
This guide is very helpful. Thankyou ;)
ID #39344 | Apr 24th 2011 Guest
Did the factory, went to locations to find Nuka-Cola shipments, can't find Old Olney Grocery anywhere in Old Olney. Just a whole load of Death-Claws. Any help?
ID #17374 | Nov 5th 2010 Guest
This was the best guide I've read in regards to FO3. Good job!
ID #13916 | Sep 29th 2010 Guest
more of a question than comment, if you turn the nuka-colas into iced cold ones, and get the quantum chemist perk, is there a way to get the iced cold ones to turn back to normal?
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