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Follow the dark path or use the light

Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

Navajo Bridge


Rank 1 Difficulty

The package is located in the brick house across the bridge. For the first part, taking out the guards in the end of the bridge near your starting point will help. You don’t necessarily need to sweep the buildings off enemies but they do have containers that you can loot. The first part of expedition missions are not time-based anyway.

When your end of the bridge has been cleared, move from cover to cover to avoid getting spotted by the watchers in the other side of the bridge. At this point, you’ll probably have limited stealth weapon options so you’ll need to get to get as near as possible as necessary to get a clean shot. It’s safe to pick them off with a stealth weapon without alerting anyone near them.

Climb up the roof of the buildings between the bridge so you’ll have better view of your surroundings. There’s a sniper on the roof of the brick building where the flare is. Wait to get a clean shot then pick him/her off silently. There are two more enemies playing arm wrestling beside the brick building so quickly and silently take them out.

Finally, enter the brick building from the ground then slowly creep inside. The package is located right after the stairs, leading to the balcony. There’s an enemy guarding it so make sure to silently take him/her down.

The extraction point is in the bus station to the south, in the same side of the bridge. After picking the package, run all the way there then zip your way to the roof. This is a very well-protected and easily-defended location so go to the roof and order your companion to mount the machine gun.

Your job is to keep watch on the enemies that will shoot you from the nearby hill and those climbing up the only roof access via ladder inside the shop. Placing proximity mines are perfect there. If you don’t have those, just keep an eye out of enemies climbing up, including from the side of the building. Behind the MG emplacement, there’s a small brick wall that you can use for taking cover.

The chopper will land on the hill to the left of the building so make sure to vault over and run to reach it. After boarding the chopper, keep shooting at the enemies shooting your ride until the extraction is complete. Mission accomplished!

Rank 2 Difficulty

This time, you’ll start off from the bus station on the other side of the bridge. The package is located inside the brick building across the bridge. Like before, you can clear your side of the bridge first before crossing it.

At least take out the RPG user on the roof of the brick building on your side then the two patrolling foot soldiers beside the brick building and along the bridge.

Once those three are down, you can now cross the bridge itself. Cross the bridge nearest to the package location. There are two watchers on each lane of the bridge. You need to deal with the one nearest to you while ignoring the other watcher. Make sure to move behind cover since the farther watcher will still be able to spot you. There’s a patrolling guard inside the brick building as well that will sometimes move to the balcony overlooking the bridge.

After taking out the watcher, carefully move to the doorway of the brick building. Watch out for the patrolling guard mentioned earlier. If you’re close enough, perform a takedown instead. Now carefully move upstairs; watch out since there are at least two more enemies guarding the actual package. Kill them quickly then pick up the package.

The actual extraction point is the hill to the southeast, a short distance away from the package’s location. You can kick the boarded window the jump out. Head to the hill and order your ally to operate the machine gun. Enemies will arrive via vehicles and para drops so watch out. Use explosives before they can get out or they’re near their vehicles to kill them instantly.

The chopper will land on the hill behind you so fall back and board it quickly, preferably after taking out most of the immediate threats. Expedition complete!

Rank 3 Difficulty

You’ll start off from the bus station again but this time, the package is located in the same side of the bridge so there’s no need for you to cross the bridge at all. First, go up a nearby hill so you can scout the area. After tagging all visible enemies, carefully sneak in and take out the nearest enemy patrolling the area.

Next, approach the target building and take out the sniper on the roof and two patrolling guards on the bridge and on the side of the building. One more enemy will peek from the hole in the wall so wait for him there and kill him with your bow. With these five enemies gone, you can now enter the target building through the hole.

From the hole, turn to the right to find the package. Pick it up then get out through the hole once again. Your extraction point is your landing point earlier so rush there.

Similar to the Rank 1 difficulty tactic, you have to get on the roof. Have your companion man the machine gun then leave proximity mines near the road entrances and in the bottom of the ladder leading to the roof.

Pick off enemies with explosives and be careful of the ones coming in from the observation deck behind the building. The chopper will arrive on the same hill beside the bus station so eliminate the threats and board the chopper to complete the mission.

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