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Follow the dark path or use the light

Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

Five Stars Theme Park


Rank 1 Difficulty

At this point, I just learned that the entry and extraction points are somewhat randomized for every attempt so what you see in the video may not exactly apply to your approach. However, the general tactics for each difficulty will be somewhat similar so you can use the videos and strategies as reference.

Head to the package’s location inside the compound. The surrounding swamp has a lot of alligators so watch out before jumping in the water. You can sneak inside the compound through the gaps on the walls. The package should be inside the building. You don’t need to take out the enemies on the roof or the patrolling guard in the front yard since you can slip inside the building through open windows or back doors. However, taking out enemies as much as you can reduces the chance of you getting accidentally seen or detected, and there’s no time limit anyway so it’s up to you if you want to take out all nearby enemies before looking for the package. There’s at least one enemy guarding the package so it’s up to you how to dispose of him/her.

Quickly head to the extraction point. In the example video, the extraction point for me was above the roof. There’s an MG emplacement that can be used by your companion. Since the are two ladders leading to this position, your job will be guarding the ladders and kill anyone trying to climb up to you. Take note that the helicopter will land somewhere nearby so when the timer is about up, look up and around to see where the chopper is descending then make your move their.

Rank 2 Difficulty

For this difficulty, expect to deal with sturdier enemies on top of the soft ones. Depending on your starting point, you should at least find a high ground so you can spot enemies. If you see snipers on their nests and tagged them, always assume that there’s at least 2-3 enemies near his location on the ground. Approach with care and take out the sniper so you can take his nest and scout again.

Always clear your path before moving to avoid accidental detection. The package should be located inside a gift shop. There are watchers on the rooftop walkways and a guard training with a large tire. It will be a good idea to make your way up and take out the watchers and the oblivious enemy in training so you’ll be comfortably safe in sneaking inside the gift shop.

Sneak inside the gift shop. The package is guarded by at least one enemy. Kill him then loot the nearby containers before picking up the package. After getting it, leave the compound and towards your extraction point.

The extraction point will be a lot easier to defend using proximity mines. Make sure to take a position with lots of cover. Enemies will arrive in vehicles, including those with mounted machine guns so make sure to use explosives to get rid of them quickly. Be careful of the snipers as well. Keep an eye of their red laser sights. As long as you keep out of their line of sight, they won’t be able to hit you. Keep this up until your chopper arrives.

Rank 3 Difficulty

At the highest difficulty, you should at least carry elite weapons, preferably a grenade launcher, a bow, and another reliable crowd control weapon such as an LMG or assault rifle. Having a bow powerful enough to one-shot enforcers will make this mission a lot manageable. Killing the enforcers in one-shot is very important since they can easily call for reinforcements if they’re injured, blowing your cover before you can even reach the package. This playthrough will feature strategies surrounding this tactic.

The package will be inside the gift shop once again. However, one of the watchers is an enforcer so sneaking in can be difficult and risky unless you take him out. If you can one-shot that enforcer with your bow, then prioritize doing that first. If not, you have to do your best in avoiding his line of sight or find a way to perform a takedown up close.

There’s also a mortar on top of the gift shop. If you can take out the lookouts on the rooftop and its walkways, placing a trap in this mortar will prevent enemies from using it. Near the gift shop, there’s still an oblivious highwayman training with the tire. Taking him out is optional but will help especially when there’s no one who can spot his body.

Finally, the package itself is guarded by a lone enforcer. You’ll need to perform a takedown to him so you can secure the package. Loot the containers before picking up the package if you want. After picking it up, get out of the compound first and listen to Roger’s instructions to know which direction you should be going.

Head to the extraction point and as usual, order your companion to an MG emplacement if there’s one. Otherwise, have him/her stand near you and behind cover. Explosive weapons like the grenade launcher is preferred while throwables like proximity bombs are superb in keeping your enemies zoned out. Always have 3-4 proximity bombs scattered in the extraction zone, especially where enemies seem to arrive like roads and walkways.

Since this is the highest difficulty, expect suicide bomber dogs to arrive as reinforcements. You’ll hear their ominous beeping if they’re near. Having access to the double jump perk will make it easier to jump out of harm’s way and climb the high ground faster. More enemies will keep coming in so you have to kill them fast, especially when you’re running towards the chopper. Do not let them follow you and shoot the helicopter or it will get destroyed fast.

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