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Follow the dark path or use the light

Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

Government Plane Wreck


Rank 1 Difficulty

Similar to the Theme Park expedition, the surrounding swamps in this mission have alligators. Make sure to keep an eye for them especially when trying to cross deeper bodies of water.

The packages are always inside the fuselage of one of the plane wreckages. Locate the one with the flare and carefully scout the surrounding area for guards. All wreckages in the area can be climbed so you can start from above and find a hatch or doorway that you can enter in the high ground. This will usually give you a chance to sneak behind lookouts like the one below:

After securing the position, you can stay put for a few seconds to watch for patrols before going down to the lower deck to look for the package. Since this is the easiest difficulty, you shouldn’t have problems dispatching the small number of guards in the search area. Locate the package which should be somewhere inside the cargo bay.

Next, after getting the package, try sticking to ground paths since attempting to cross the water will just slow you down and may endanger you from possible gator attacks. If the extraction zone is across the river, look for the nearest path with the shallow path or banks to make your transition faster.

Once you reach the EZ, the enemies will attempt to take the same path to approach you so it’s a bit easier to dig in. The only annoyance will be the snipers who can land potshots at you from across the river. Keep away from their line of sight while you deal with the reinforcements. If they arrive in vehicles, make sure to lob explosives at the vehicle to cause a large explosion that will take out nearby enemies. Keep doing this until your chopper arrives.

Rank 2 Difficulty

When you arrive at the marked wreckage, beware of the enemy patrolling via sidecar motorcycle. If you can kill him silently, the better. Next, you can climb the top of the fuselage to check if there are snipers or lookouts there. Take out any and don’t forget to trap the mounted MGs there.

After securing the surrounding area, look around to find a way in the wreckage. You can enter from the ground or drop from the top. Either way, this package should be located deep inside the wreckage. Silently take out any nearby enemies along the way until the package’s tracker’s beeps get louder. Once you enter the search zone, expect at least two enemies guarding it at the same times. If you find two of them patrolling a particular room or part, the package is most likely inside that room. Take out the guards silently then pick up the package.

Your extraction point might be a long way off so using a vehicle lying around will be helpful. Otherwise, you’ll have no choice but to fight your way through until you reach it. Even if it’s a Rank 2 difficulty mission, you’ll encounter some enforcers as part of the reinforcements. Don’t bother engaging them with normal rounds; use armor-piercing or explosive to kill them quickly.

Like before, your main annoyances will be the snipers so watch for cover while also trying to deal with more enemy reinforcements. Like before, deal with the vehicles by detonating them, then scatter proximity mines around the EZ if you have access to them already. Otherwise, lob dynamites at vehicles or heavily-armored enemies attempting to push.

Rank 3 Difficulty

At the highest difficulty, you should at least carry elite weapons, preferably a grenade launcher, a bow, and another reliable crowd control weapon such as an LMG or assault rifle. Having a bow powerful enough to one-shot enforcers will make this mission a lot manageable. Killing the enforcers in one-shot is very important since they can easily call for reinforcements if they’re injured, blowing your cover before you can even reach the package. This playthrough will feature strategies surrounding this tactic.

In this difficulty, the package will be in the same wreckage. To start, take out the patrolling highwayman on an ATV outside the wreckage. From there, go to the top of the fuselage and find an opening with a ladder which will take you inside the cabin.

This will land you inside a balcony that connects to the cabin where the Rank 2 difficulty package is located. The actual package for this mission is located directly in the lower cabin. However, there are two patrolling enforcers here and two high-rank enemies. The good news is that the two enforcers can be caught alone.

You have to take things slowly to ensure that you don’t get detected. For example, wait for one of the enforcers to enter the weapons storage as shown below and take him out. You can perform a takedown or better yet, an arrow if your bow is powerful enough to one-shot them.

Listen to enemies especially while they're moving around to at least keep track of their relative position. You can wait in your position to ambush them without raising suspicion. Be careful when dealing with those flamethrower enemies; avoid shooting their gas tanks since the explosion will alert nearby enemies. Target his/her other body part or perform a takedown.

You can now return to the balcony and snipe one more enemy. This leaves the last enforcer. From there, you can plan ahead how to finish off this enemy. Once all enemies have been dealt with, pick up the package, then get out of the wreckage and run to the extraction zone.

Once you reach the extraction zone, on top of the normal annoyance of snipers who will all around the area, you have to be prepared to deal with machinegun-mounted vehicles and enforcers. Proximity mines and the grenade launcher are the easiest way to deal with them. Watch out for enemies who will attempt to use the MG near your extraction point. Keep moving and surround the EZ with proximity mines.

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