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Follow the dark path or use the light

Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Guide

ISS Crash Site


Rank 1 Difficulty

This is probably the largest map in all expeditions in the game. You can ignore the other camps and just head straight towards the flare. However, you can still sweep the camps if you want to loot the containers there; just be careful of the enemies who may be patrolling the roads or the camps.

Once you’re near the package’s location, make sure to deal with the lookouts on the cliffs to avoid getting spotted prematurely. After that, follow the flare again to enter the search zone. At rank 1 difficulty, you may find several low-tier enemies around the search zone, with at least two of them guarding the actual package. If that’s the case, you have to silently and quickly take out the two of them in short intervals. You can deal with the other hostiles nearby if you want, just be careful not to get detected. When ready, pick up the package.

Depending on the distance of the extraction point, you may need to hijack a vehicle parked nearby or just run to while fighting off threats along the way. Once you reach the extraction point, do the usual; find cover and watch out for flanks. Keep your companion near you and if there’s an MG emplacement, order him/her to use that to help keep off the enemies at bay until the chopper arrives.

Rank 2 Difficulty

If the flare is located in the bottom of the valley, your starting point will be probably in the higher ground. You can use your wingsuit to glide to get near the target zone quicker. Find a high ground nearby so you can use your binoculars to scout the area and tag enemies.

There’s a patrolling highwayman on an ATV that makes a u-turn near the area. This is just optional but killing him will allow you to have an easily accessible escape vehicle during the extraction phase.

You don’t need to kill everyone in the area but eliminating most will give you more breathing space to move around while searching for the package. Try to move near the cliff walls instead of pushing directly to the middle. Approach the flare and take out the guards. They’re pretty scattered so you can just pick off the isolated ones easily to clear your path.

After picking up the package, you can return to your escape vehicle if you secured one or just simply run all the way there. Don’t forget to order your companion to follow you in case you ordered them to stay on a spot earlier. Depending on the location of the extraction zone, you’ll have to deal with enforcer snipers and armed vehicle reinforcements.

If you have a hillside extraction zone, place proximity mines along the slopes where vehicles and enemies can go. Order your ally to take position on the mounted MG if there’s any. If not, have him/her stay close to you or stay near cover within the zone.

Rank 3 Difficulty

At the highest difficulty, you should at least carry elite weapons, preferably a grenade launcher, a bow, and another reliable crowd control weapon such as an LMG or assault rifle. Having a bow powerful enough to one-shot enforcers will make this mission a lot manageable. Killing the enforcers in one-shot is very important since they can easily call for reinforcements if they’re injured, blowing your cover before you can even reach the package. This playthrough will feature strategies surrounding this tactic.

As the first step always, find a vantage point where you can scout the target zone with your binoculars to tag enemies. Watch out since there might be a patrolling enforcer on a tricycle. This enemy can’t be tagged so you have to rely on the sound of the motor to know when that particular patrol is coming.

As you approach the target zone, prioritize taking out the lookout(s) while slowly creeping towards the wreckage where the flare is placed. There’s an enforcer among other armored guards so carefully take out the perimeter guards and grab the opportunity to take out the enforcer when available. Like what mentioned earlier, having a bow that can one-shot these enforcers will make thing a lot streamlined and easier. The enforcer in the wreckage (near the flare) is also a sign that the package is near his location.

Before grabbing the package, make sure to look around for possible threats on your way out, as well as vehicles you can hijack. Don’t forget to order your companion to follow you as well so he/she won’t get left behind. When ready, pick up the package and make your way to the escape point.

Upon reaching the extraction point, apply the same strategy discussed in this guide. Expect more and heavier enemy reinforcements to arrive. If you have your LMG equipped, change its ammo to armor-piercing to deal with enforcer reinforcements.

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