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Chapter 9: Two Hours Until Dawn (Mike)

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Mike will be back in the Sanatorium. Backtrack all the way to the chapel and you’ll find it messed up. First, go to the left of the altar and open the gate there. Continue to the last room with the broken wall. Before heading outside, turn to the left to find a Danger Totem #4 on the floor. Next, head outside and examine the graveyard markers outside to register them as clue. (1952 Clue #23)

Return back to the chapel and head to the right this time. From the spot where you got the jacket during your first visit, the stairs to the right should be cleared. Go upstairs and follow the path until you see a hole on the floor. Drop down from it to reach an enclosed alcove with a torch, a sawed-off shotgun, and some shotgun shells. Light up the torch and pick up the gun then leave the room. Now head to the left this time and shoot the lock off the gate in the middle.

Butterfly Effect Update: Man's Best Friend

If you befriended the white wolf from before, he will appear here and will accompany you in the most dangerous part of the sanatorium. The wolf will guide you along the way and keeping him alive will unlock the “Skillful Wolf Man” trophy. In addition for having a faithful furry buddy in your adventure, Wolfie (as Mike names it) will sacrifice itself to save Mike in case you mess up certain crucial QTE moments.

After meeting Wolfie, head to the psychiatric wing and follow the straightforward path. Open getting stuck in a room, pull the lever down and squeeze through the stuck metal gate to get through. Continue downstairs then take and immediate turn to the left to enter a room. Examine the Doctor’s Report (1952 Clue #24) on the small table to register that clue as well.

Continue walking along the path and you’ll eventually find what’s left of the black wolf (poor guy). There are two optional points of interest on the door and the wall of the room beside so examine them as well.

Now continue along the straightforward path until you reach the corridor with the sign “B-Wing” on the arch. Instead of going straight, turn around and head towards the camera. The camera will pan out so keep walking until you see an open room to the right. There’s a vintage video camera here so play it back to register the Old Film Reel clue. You don’t have to watch the entire thing (though it’s really short anyway) so leave the room once you’re done with it.

Continue along the hallway and keep heading right until you find another open doorway to the left. Enter that room and open the drawer on the desk beside the doorway. Pick up the Case Study Dossier (1952 Clue #27) inside and examine it to register the clue.

Now head to the left and break through the secret wall. Shoot the gate open then pick up the Suicide Note from the sitting corpse. Examine it to get the clue. This should be the last 1952 clue in the game and if you haven’t missed any in the previous chapters, you should unlock the trophy “The Fateful Descent”.

Now backtrack along the main path and get past the B-Wing marker until you regroup with Wolfie. Continue walking along the path until you see Wolfie just standing in the opening and growling at something. (QTE and Jumpscare Warning!) Walk to the open and you’ll get the prompt to shoot the tin can. DO NOT SHOOT IT. Shortly after a wendigo will drop to the right. Shoot it when you get the prompt.

After Mike and Wolfie runs past the wendigo, you’ll get a timed decision branch. Select “Go Left”. Just in time, the torch will die out. Barricade the first door and hit the QTE button to hit the wendigo with your machete. Once Mike runs through the second door, lock it behind you when prompted. In the next room, there’ll be a “Don’t Move!” and a single QTE button event when the glass bottle rolls down the table.

Now you’ll be in a corridor with prison cells. There are a lot of QTE and jumpscare moments here so keep your eyes peeled. You don’t have to shoot any of the wendigo inside the cells but you need to choose the wendigo with the chain in the neck and the pursuing ones.

Once you reach the door, attempt to push it open. It won’t budge so get ready to shoot the wendigo. Next, you’ll get the prompt to spill the nearby barrel and kick it towards the wendigo. Shoot the barrel to detonate it then lock the door behind you.

Go to the next doorway and go upstairs. Continue following the straightforward path and another wendigo will show up along the way. Shoot the next door and choose the Barricade it. This will ensure that Wolfie survives as you go down the hallway. The scene will continue with Mike attempting to bust the double doors. When you get the prompt, shoot the nearest wendigo to your left then shoot the closest barrel to the right to cause a large explosion, killing the two wendigos inside.

(Butterfly Effect Update: To the Rescue)

There will be a short scene where Jess survives the fall ( as a positive Butterfly Effect when Mike was able to reach her quick enough) Then the control will switch to Ashley with the others.

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