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Chapter 6: Five Hours Until Dawn (Ashley and Chris)

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You'll be controlling Ashley this time. Don't follow Chris downstairs yet. From main staircase, turn around and enter the doorway beside the fireplace. Turn to the right and approach the small table near the door to find a business card. (Mystery Man Clue #14)

Once done, go downstairs with Chris. Enter the cinema. You can interact with the broken pieces of the vase if you threw it earlier at the psycho as Sam. Go through the open doorway and it will close behind you. Next, approach the door to the left and it will open automatically. Continue and a scene will trigger. Choose “Insist” when given a chance.

Follow Chris downstairs to the broiler room. There are a lot of jumpscares here so be warned. After getting spooked, head to the left to see another scene. Go to the end of that corridor where the shriek came from and where the painting flew off. Grab the key on the wall.

Go to where the ghost is pointing to find a dollhouse. Interact with it and twist the lock using the key to open the dollhouse. You'll also get Hannah's diary. Flip through the pages and the door across where you got the key will open. Enter it. (Jumpscare warning)

While exploring the corridor, don't follow Chris yet. There's a Light Bulb Catalog on the shelf to the right. Examine it to get another clue. (Mystery Man #19)

Butterfly Effect: Forewarned is Forearmed

Butterfly Effect: Forewarned is Forearmed
Pick up the scissors
Leave the scissors

You'll only trigger this if you examined the Light Bulb Catalog clue (Mystery Man #19) in the newly opened hallway after Chris and Ash opens the dollhouse and reads the diary. A scissor will appear out of nowhere on the shelf where you picked up the catalog. Pick it up and you'll be able to use it later.

After picking up the scissors, go to the right of the shelf towards some boxes. The camera angle will change and you'll be able to interact with the boxes. Shove them over to find another clue. (Mystery Man #17) Now follow Chris and examine the doll head along the way.

Continue until you reach the run-down corridor. Once Chris stops in the middle of the corridor, interact with him to trigger a dialogue. Whatever you choose during this conversation will affect the status update. Continue to the end of the hallway and you'll have to turn left. While in this room, you'll find a package in the corner. Examine it to get another clue. (Mystery Man #18)

Now continue along the main path for another dialogue. After selecting your conversation option, continue forth. Chris will stop and you can talk to him. Their dialogue will depend on the clues you have found so far. Continue along the straightforward corridor and turn to the next hallway. You'll find a smoking battery and timer in the foreground. Examine it to get another clue. (Mystery Man #20)

Continue following the only path and you'll reach what seems to be a slaughterhouse where the door will close behind you. There are several clues here to be found as well. To the left wall is a sink with a giant sawblade and hanging hook. Get near the hook and examine it to get a clue. (Mystery Man #23)

In the same room and across where you found the hooks and chains, go to the right to find a pig carcass. This will trigger a brief scene and will register as a clue. (Mystery Man #21) Backtrack and you'll find another obvious clue. Examine your photos clipped on the wall to register another clue. (Mystery Man #22)

Follow Chris. There's a door ahead where you can play a video using a vintage player. During the scene, you'll have a dialogue branch. Your choices here will affect your traits and relationship levels. This is entirely optional. Once done, follow Chris to the next room.

Butterfly Effect: Stick Together
Follow Chris
Investigate Movement

After finding some blood streaks in front of the heavy, metal door, Ash will get a glimpse of the psycho while Chris is holding the door for her. It's not a good idea to investigate on your own so just follow Chris.

Once inside, you don't need to explore anymore since there are no collectibles or clues here. Just follow the straightforward path until you reach a door. Open it and you'll either find Sam (if she got caught in the previous chapter) or a dummy (if Sam successfully escaped the psycho). Also, if Ashley has the scissor from earlier, there will be prompt where you can stab the psycho. Ashley will still get knocked out.

Butterfly Effect: Point Blank
Shoot yourself
Shoot Ashley

After coming to, You'll be controlling Chris this time and you'll be given a choice whether to shoot Ashley, shoot yourself or do nothing. Shooting Ashley is a sure Death flag for Chris (due to events later on) but will give you the “Fatal Grudge” trophy. The best option of course is to sit back and do nothing.

Whatever your choice is, the chapter will be complete.

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