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Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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The Boomers have several problems they need help with.  YOUR help. Something involving giant ants and a sunken B-29?  You're in, right?



1. Help the Boomers around Nellis.

2. Help Agryll with his patients.

3. Do the Sunshine Boogie quest.

4. Listen to all of Pete's stories.

5. (OPTIONAL) Do the Ants Misbehavin' quest.

6. Return to Pearl.

7. Speak to Loyal about the Boomer's plan to raise the bomber from the bottom of Lake Mead.

8. Attach the ballast from Loyal to the B-29 at the bottom of Lake Mead.

9. (OPTIONAL) Talk to Jack about getting a rebreather to swim to the bottom of Lake Mead.

10. Return to the shore near the tow winch and use Loyal's detonator to float the B29 to the surface

11. Let Pearl know your job is done.


Select this as your active quest and head to the northwest marker, leading you to the Nellis Medical Station.  Here, speak with Argyll and ask him what you can mean for him.  If you have 40 Medicine or 35 Speech you can convince him to help treat the patients.  These require 40, 50 and 60 Medicine respectively. If you have a Today's Physician magazine (along with the Comprehension Perk) you can boost your Medicine up to 20 points, possibly recovering all three patients. You get 40, 50 and 60 experience points for helping the patients.


Continue to the Nellis Boomer Museum, marked by the northwest quest marker. Enter the building and look to your right (north): Is that a [SNOW GLOBE - NELLIS AFB] lying on the table?  Yes it is!  There's also an {iLA FANTOMA} magazine on the bed - it's best to grab this while Hidden/Crouched when Pete's asleep.  Speaking of Pete, talk to the kid and listen to the story (this will increase your fame with the Boomers).  Go over all options, sometimes using Science and Repair to impress - and it'll all increase your fame.  You're done here now.


Find the Boomer named Loyal, usually found inside the Hangar, but also found wandering around the Hangar outside.  He'll give you an additional quest, namely, repairing the broken solar array panels.  The Nellis Array Panels are easily found, located to the northeast/east of the base.  You require either a 65 Repair skill, or some array parts to fix the panels.  If you have the required skill, consider yourself lucky; you get to choose if you'd like to do the next part.  Otherwise, let's get down to business.

The parts you're looking for can be found in the Helios One Power Plant, located nearby Gibson Scrap Yard.  Fast travel there and approach the place.  Lt. Haggerty halts you; talk your way in with 30 Speech or Science.

25 Speech to make him hand over 100 caps.  He'll also give you the 'That Lucky Old Sun' quest.  Also speak with Ignacio Rivas to learn several things about the Brotherhood's and NCR's interests in this location.  Exit through the door.

Here, look around for five broken solar array panels.  This requires 20 Repair, but I have faith you have at least that amount.  Otherwise, well, either boost it some by levelling up or use a skill magazine. There's an array panel to the west, behind a tent that contains [AMMO BOX x2].  The tent to the right contains a [FIRST AID BOX].  There's a second broken array panel nearby, just southeast from the tents, next to the fence.  While you're here, inspect Terminal 1 inside the fence, BUT be warned that there are several traps set up - save your game and disarm these first.  Resetting the mainframe will complete one of your goals for the 'That Lucky Old Sun' quest.

There's a third broken array panel to the north of the area, a fourth to the northeast, and a final fifth nearby the tents on the east side.  One of these tents contains an Easy [AMMO BOX].  The fenced area to the southeast is guarded by several violent dogs, but it also houses Terminal 2 on which you need to reset the mainframe on.  Waste the doggies and do so.

Ignore the 'That Lucky Old Sun' quest for now, because it's a little hard to get past the security in the Solar Collection Tower.  Instead, fast travel back to the Nellis AFB and head over to the Nellis Array to the northeast.  Fix the five arrays and report back to Loyal in the Nellis Hangars.  This concludes the 'Sunshine Boogie' quest, netting you fame at the Boomers, plus 300 EXP.


Raquel can often be found on the little outpost south from the hangar, otherwise try the Nellis Woman's Barracks.  Ask what's.. bugging her and she'll explain the situation and hand you the [NELLIS GENERATOR KEY].  Go back to Loyal in the hangar first.  If you have 50 Speech or Science he'll give you the [SONIC EMITTER].  Travel to the Nellis Array Generators and go inside the door - follow this quest's marker.

Remember, don't use any flamer or laser weapons to prevent the ants from blowing up.  In the first room, waste several ants, then loot the dead Boomer.  Look for the [MARKSMAN CARBINE] next to him (which doesn't show up while looting the body).  In the room to your left (northwest) is another dead Boomer, who holds a Grenade Launcher.  You can find an [ASSAULT CARBINE] next to him, which is the assault rifle version compared to the sniper version that the marksman is.

Head into the north chamber and go down the catwalk stairway, flipping the first of three power switches at the stairs' intersection.  The other two switches are on the ground level - east wall straight ahead.  Go northeast and loot the iron cabinets for a load of goodies: [AMMO BOX x2], [MISSILE x2],[MINI NUKE x2], [.308 ROUNDS x24 x4], [5MM ROUNDS x100 x4] and [40MM GRENADE x12 x2].  One of the Mini Nukes is lying on the ground.  The double door on the north side and the adjacent tunnel only lead back to the Mojave Wasteland, so you can ignore them for now.

Instead, explore the south/southeast part of the ground floor to find [40MM GRENADE x12] and [THUMP-THUMP] next to a skeleton.  Thump-Thump is a unique grenade launcher, and quite a decent one at that.  Test it elsewhere - this area is a little too risky with various explosives around, along with the ants.

It may be a little difficult to spot, but the large pile of rubbish and sand here (to the south) is the Ant Mound.  Place the Sonic Emitter on top of it and activate it to destroy all ants in the building.  You've now officially owned this place!  Return to Raquel to get your reward: 400 EXP and an increase of fame at the Boomers.


Back at the 'Volare!' quest, return to Pearl who'll send you running back to Loyal.

Jack requires a pressure cooker in order to create the rebreather, or you can tell him how to make one from various ingredients with 45 Science.  Jack will now give you the [REBREATHER], which has the Breathe Underwater ability!  You can find a pressure cooker in Field's Shack, which is located to the southwest of Nellis Air Force Base, near the "entrance" of where the bombing continually used to take place.  Return to Jack when you've got one.

With the rebreather in your posession, travel to the Crashed B-29 airplane to the southwest.  Equip your Rebreather (which can be equipped under a hat) and dive into the water, which isn't irradiated.  After finding the B-29, attach the ballast under both wings and swim to the northwest shore.  Equip Loyal's Detonator and bring the plane back up.  Return to Loyal at the Nellis Hangars, and lastly speak with Pearl to end the quest.  The Boomers are now loyal to you, giving you the option to have them help at a potential battle at Hoover Dam. You also receive a [BOOMER FLIGHTSUIT] and a [BOOMERS FLIGHTSUIT].

Now that you've won the Boomer's support, go back to Mr. House to tell him so, as part of the quest 'The House Always Wins, III'.  You can now continue with part IV of this quest series'.  By now, you'll also get the quest notices 'Beware the Wrath of Caesar' and 'Don't Tread on the Bear!', respectively showing how annoyed Caesar and the NCR are at your involvement with Mr. House.

The long journey to Boomer Love

The next few sections involve the quest 'How Little We Know'.


Enter Gomorrah across the street, and speak with the Secretary to learn more about this place.  Ask around about Cachino and people will tell you to get out of there face.  Asking around several times makes Cachino show up.  He's a dick, so don't expect a high-level conversation.

You can get the key to his place by buying it from the Secretary (or you can threaten her if you have 8 STR, or use Barter if you have 55 ).  It costs 300 caps.  Ride one of the elevators on the northwest part of the hall and go to the suites.  Cachino's room is located to the northeast; make sure the guard is walking in the other direction to sneak in unseen.

Go upstairs and explore the bedroom.  You can find a {MILSURP REVIEW} next to the closet on the southeast.  Check the desk in the east corner of the room to find {CACHINO'S JOURNAL} inside.  Alternatively you can attempt to pickpocket Chachino himself for this journal, but I wouldn't recommend doing this.  Read the journal in your Pip-Boy's Misc section, then return to Cachino and confront him with what you know.  He's often sitting in the back (northwest) of the brimstone section of the casino.  Roughly speaking, you now have two options:

1. Give Cachino back the journal (60 Barter nets you 200 caps, otherwise you get 100 caps) and then follow his instructions.

2. Don't give Cachino his journal.  Instead, take this thing to his bosses.

Let's try the latter first.  Speak with the Omerta Thug in the NE corner of the room and tell him you've got business with his bosses - show him the proof. You'll get the [ZOARA CLUB KEY] from him, so enter through the door.  Head upstairs and head into the hall southeast from the pool tables.  Find Big Sal (often) sitting on the left, just the guy you wanted to talk to.  Otherwise look around for Nero.  In any case, show them the journal for either 100 caps or (55 Barter) 200 caps.  Follow Big Sal/Nero in their office and watch the event. Now get down to business.  Ask him what the big thing is they have going on, and be on your way.

Head through the south halls, going downstairs on the right.  In the Gomorrah Lower Lobby, find Troike, one of this quest's main figures.  He asks you to retrieve a stolen shipment of weapon parts from a group of Fiends.  These can be found southwest of the strip - follow the quest marker.  There are three of them, so dispatch them and retrieve the Disassembled Weapon Shipment (which has a value of nearly 5000 caps!).  Give it back to Troike, then go look for Clanden who can be found by riding the express elevator to the suites.  Find Clanden and ask him what he needs.

To give him the chlorine, head to outer freeside and head over to Mick and Ralph.  You can buy the chlorine from Ralph, or even get it for free if you have 60 Speech.  Alternatively you can get some from the Ultra-Luxe Casino's. Unlock the door to the storage room stealthly and fetch the chlorine.  In either case, return to Clanden to wrap things up.

When you've done so, return to the big boss, Big Sal or Nero, and tell them you've finished your work.  You're then rewarded with 400 caps, 300 experience, but your infamy on The Strip also rises.

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