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Run Goodspring Run

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Run Goodspring Run

QUEST REWARD: 50 EXP, Powder Gangers Fame, Goodsprings Infamy


1. Kill Ringo.

2. Tell Joe Cobb that Ringo is dead. 

(Optional) Shake down Chet for supplies.

(Optional) Obtain Doc Mitchell's spare medical supplies for the Powder Gangers.

3. Let Joe Cobb know once "you're ready to take over" Goodsprings.

4. Hand the spare medical supplies over to Joe Cobb.

5. Defeat the Goodspring militia.

This quest starts out much like the Goodsprings Ghost Town quest, [SDQ-27], except instead of aiding Goodsprings you aid the Powder Gangers. To do this listen to Trudy and Cobb fighting then speak with Cobb and follow him to a building in the southeast area of the town. You can ask about how he got in jail for a skill level 20 Speech challenge and ask about taking over the town. With an Intelligence of 6 you can get a speech challenge, otherwise tell him you'll kill Ringo. In the north west corner of town you will find Ringo in the Goodsprings Gas Station.

Ringo will inform you about the game of Caravan and hand you his spare [CARAVAN DECK]. In the end simply kill Ringo and loot his body. Open the crates nearby for [SUNSET SARSAPARILLA x5] then check the duffle bag behind the counter for [.357 MAGNUM ROUND x9], [CASE, .357 MAGNUM x4], [FIXIN' THINGS], and a [STIMPAK]. Open the floor safe under the mattress for [146 CAPS], a [NUKA-COLA], and a [SUNSET SARSAPARILLA x2]. In the back on the shelf is a [BOXIN' TIMES] and on the floor is a [DOCTOR'S BAG]. Return to Joe Cobb to tell him the news. He gives you the option of shaking down the townsman for extra supplies before the battle begins.

Head to the General Store and talk with Chet. A Speech or Barter of 25 will allow you to shake him down for [9MM ROUNDS x30] and a [LEATHER ARMOR], you also gain Powder Gangers Fame. Head to Doc Mitchell's house and lie to him about an injured man, a Medicine of 25 will net you the [SPARE MEDICAL SUPPLIES]. Give the supplies to Joe for Powder Gangers Fame then tell him you're ready to take over the town. Joe gives you [STIMPAK x5] and a [SUPER STIMPAK] if you gave him the medical supplies. Once the battle starts head to the Prospector Saloon and take out the named NPCs. After everyone is dead you complete the quest and are rewarded with [50 EXPERIENCE POINTS], Powder Gangers Fame, and Goodsprings Infamy.

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Comments for Run Goodspring Run

4 comments, latest first.
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
If you do the 'kill joe cobb and get infinite speech xp' thing, try taking your gargantuan pile of leather armor and putting it into one of the chests outside of the store, then pick up the chest and carry it along with you, selling as many leather armors as you can to whatever merchants you run across. Of course, you will have to keep track of where you left the box, but I have found that dragging one of those along with me can be very useful.
ID #135374
Mar 3rd 2012 Guest
put all the leather Armour in a box out side and take out what you can carry then travel to the strip, sell and repeat for a large amount of cash Smile
ID #120086
Apr 30th 2011 Guest
drop it if you can. Other than that, nothing.
ID #40594
Jan 23rd 2011 Guest
i killed joe cobb and still have leftover med supplies wat i do with the deadwait plz halp
ID #26585
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