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Bleed Me Dry

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Bleed Me Dry

QUEST REWARD: 1650 EXP, 5200 Caps (6400 if Bartered), Hunting Rifle, Hunting Revolver, Hunting Shotgun: Dinner Bell


You can start this quest by talking to Red Lucy in the Thorn on the Westside of New Vegas. Red Lucy is typically standing on a platform near the center of the Thorn, she desperately needs newborn specimens to fight. Tell her you will help and she will give you her first task of a dozen Giant Mantis' Eggs. Take her advice and go to Vault 22 where you will find plenty of Giant Mantis' waiting for you. If you fix the elevator (Repair Skill 50 ) then you can ride down to the Pest Control level, else you have to make your way down through the various other floors.

Once you reach this level hook a left from the elevator and head up the steps to enter the lab. Head through the nearby door to reach the Food Production section. Go straight at the junction and turn the corner dispatching the Giant Mantis'. Loot the [PILE OF GIANT MANTIS EGGS] and be on your way back to Red Lucy. With a Barter Skill of 50 you can convince Red Lucy to pay you [300 CAPS] instead of 200 and you gain [100 EXPERIENCE POINTS]. Ask if you can still help to be sent on a mission for Radscorpion Eggs. Fast Travel to the Goodspring Cemetery and go from there to find Giant Radscorpions lurking about. Run in and take out what you can then snag the [PILE OF RADSCORPION EGGS] and return to Red Lucy. She hands over a [HUNTING RIFLE] and [300 CAPS] but you can convince her to give you [400 CAPS] with Barter Skill 60 ; you receive [150 EXPERIENCE POINTS].

Next up is Fire Gecko eggs which can found in the Bootjack Cavern near Lucky Jim Mine. Once you get here keep your distance and take out the Fire Geckos. At the end of the cave you will find the [PILE OF FIRE GECKO EGGS], grab them and return to the Thorn once more. You receive [200 EXPERIENCE POINTS] for this mission as well as [500 CAPS], Barter (Skill 70 ) to receive [700 CAPS] instead. The mayhem continues as you are told to acquire a few Night Stalker eggs. The easiest way to enter the cave is from Bitter Springs. A Legendary Night Stalker sits near the nest with approximately seven other Night Stalkers. If you don't have the firepower for this one then use a Stealth Boy to reach the [PILE OF NIGHT STALKER EGGS]. Back at the Thorn Red Lucy yields [300 EXPERIENCE POINTS], a [HUNTING REVOLVER], and [700 CAPS]. A Barter Skill of 80 will net you [1000 CAPS] instead.

Once again you are set out to find eggs, this time from the Cazador. Pick a location nearest this one, maybe something like Jacobstown or Ranger Station Foxtrot, and head on over. Nearly a dozen Cazador and Young Cazador swarm the area, be careful and take them out. The Super Mutant lying dead holds a [FATMAN] so be sure to loot it along with the [PILE OF CAZADOR EGGS]. [400 EXPERIENCE POINTS] and either [1000 CAPS] or [1500 CAPS] (Barter Skill 90 ) later Red Lucy gives up the mother of all hunts. Deathclaw eggs are the finale and you can go to one of two locations, the easier path being the pit near the Quarry Junction. Unless you are completely positive you can defeat the Deathclaw simply use a few Stealth Boys and grab the [PILE OF DEATHCLAW EGGS] and high tail it out of there.

Your reward this time is [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS], [2500 CAPS], and a modded out [HUNTING SHOTGUN]. You can talk to Red Lucy to get a personal invitation into her bedroom for some after hours training once all missions are complete.  

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Comments for Bleed Me Dry

9 comments, latest first.
Jan 30th 2013 Guest
Using the sniper rifle is the easiest way to go when you are doing the final quest for Red Lucy...the only hard part is the Legendary Deathclaw in Dead Wind Cavern ...even with the sniper rifle it takes about two head shots...remember to STAY HIDDEN AT ALL TIMES (crouching works very well)...dont go in guns blazing you wont last past the first not sure which companions are the best to use....i used Rex and Raul...mainly as bait...while they are being pummeled i was taking heads off ;) for the post about doing the quest but not gettin the dinner bell..idk what you did wrong...i got it.
ID #247919
Jan 10th 2013 Guest
Did this quest but didnt get the dinner bell?!
ID #240974
Feb 24th 2012 Guest
this quest is super easy... then again, i have a barter skill of 100, and the tesla-beaton prototype in perfect condition with tons of ammo.
ID #117860
Aug 5th 2011 Guest
Nightstalker eggs are in bloodborn (not spelled correctly i think) cave. This is north-west of bitter springs. There should be a map marker. Go in the cave and take the left that leads out to the ledge overlooking the large circular cavern room. From here you can start sniping at stalkers. I used a hunting rifle which worked well. Make sure you have followers b/c some stalkers will come at you from behind while sniping. When every stalker you know of is dead, jump down from the ledge. Loot the camp, making sure you get the key on the campfire. There should be a stalagmite right beside the camp. Go around to the other side of this and I believe the "Pile of Nightstalker eggs" is right there. Continue searching around the cave for loot. The key is used to open the fence gate. MAKE SURE YOU DISARM THE TRIPWIRE!!! There is LOTS of money in the chest. It is locked average I believe. Not much else in this cave. Hope this helps.
ID #64273
Jan 30th 2011 Guest
the deathclaws at quarry junction are easy kills with a high area they cant get to and a sniper rifle
ID #27449
Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
I need help im right were its telling me to be to find the nightstalker eyes but there no were in sight please get back to me
ID #23819
Dec 15th 2010 Guest
ID #21181
Nov 23rd 2010 Guest
dude thank alot helped out
ID #19080
Nov 8th 2010 Guest
Thanks! Very helpful
ID #17712
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