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Ain't That a Kick in the Head

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Ain't That a Kick in the Head

You've just been shot in the head - twice! - and left for dead. Except that you're not dead, so you swear for revenge.



1. Walk to the Vit-o-matic tester.

2. Use the Vit-o-matic tester.

3. Sit down on the couch in Doc Mitchell's living room

4. Follow Doc Mitchell to the exit.

Area Item List

A. Today's Physicial . . . . []
B. Blood Pack  . . . . . . . []
B. Med-X . . . . . . . . . . [] 
C. Sunset Sarsaparilla Crate []
C. Broken 9mm Submachine Gun [] 
D. Stimpak x3  . . . . . . . [] 
D. Rad-X . . . . . . . . . . [] 
D. Antivenom . . . . . . . . [] 
E. Bottle Cap x8 . . . . . . [] 
F. Pip-Boy 3000  . . . . . . [] 
F. Mojave Express Delivery Order x6  . . . . . . . . [] 
F. Bobby Pin x12 . . . . . . [] 
F. Stimpak x4  . . . . . . . [] 
F. Bottle Cap x18  . . . . . [] 
F. Laser Pistol  . . . . . . [] 
F. Energy Cell x20 . . . . . []
F. Vault 21 Jumpsuit . . . . []
G. Ammo Box  . . . . . . . . []
G. Buffalo Gourd Seed x3 . . [] 
G. First Aid Box x2  . . . . [] 


After the introduction scenes you'll be given the option to customize your character. Select your gender (Note: Female characters no longer have a benefit over men, since male charactershave an equivalent to Black Widow, which gives you an advantage over men, and gives extra dialogue options.  There are many men in Fallout New Vegas...) and change your head the way you see fit, then take control of your character. Before walking to the Vigor Tester, do a little exploring of the room first: Grab the [TODAY'S PHYSICIAN] from the desk behind the chirurgic table; it's next to the type writer.  To your right you can find a [BLOOD PACK] and a [MED-X] from the medical cabinet, and inspect the Chemistry Set on the desk with the computer: You'll need 25 Science to fiddle with this, so just take note of this for now.  Inspect the [SUNSET SARSAPARILLA CRATE] next to the desk and ignore the [BROKEN 9MM SUBMACHINE GUN] lying on top of it for now.  The destroyed cabinet to the Doc's left contains [STIMPAK x3], [RAD- X] and [ANTIVENOM].  The [GUN CASE] on the bottom shelf is also worth a look, and contains some ammo and a Laser Pistol.  In general, most boxes like these contain semi- random contents, so this guide will give you the general description and locations of these boxes.


Your SPECIAL stats (which stand for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck respectively) can now be adjusted.  Each stat starts at a base of 5 points, and you receive 5 spare points to spread over the your stats.  It's entirely up to you how you want to play the game, but overall Strength and Intelligence are quite important, so it is recommended to spend extra points on them.  Charisma is required for very few perks and has very little value - you can greatly compensate a low Charisma by putting extra points in Speech.

If you want to customize your own build, feel free to do so. If you're a player who likes to snatch the best from everything, creating a very balanced all-round character build, try the following starting stats (and adjust to your liking). It can also be a good idea to look at the stats and perk sections [STA-1] and [STA-3] respectively to see which perks require certain SPECIAL tresholds.

 STR: 8, PER: 5, END: 8, CHR: 1, INT: 9, AGL: 6, LCK: 3

Tip: Never go over 9 in your initial build.  You will be able to permanently boost all your SPECIAL stats by 1 much later in the game.

Perky Awesomeness: With the above all-round build, the only notable perks you miss out on are the ones that have CHR or LCK requirements. Arguably, of these perks the only one of which it's a shame you must skip it, is the Better Criticals perk, requiring the high amount of 6 Luck.  With the above build, useful Perks are maximized, and it serves as the basis for making a superb all-round character.

When you're done with the SPECIAL stats, move to the other side of the wall and loot the cabinet for [BOTTLE CAPS x8].  In any case, sit down on the bench before Doc Mitchell to finalize your character build.


The Doc will ask you various questions.  Depending on how you answer them, your character build changes. You can still adjust the three skills you want to boost in a menu after the dialogue options, and the same applies to traits. Regarding skills, and this is only a personal recommendation, Lockpick, Science and either Guns or Energy Weapon is a decent start.  Regarding traits, it's completely up to you, but I'd highly recommend Kamikaze since this boosts your VATS AP by 10 points, and only reduces your Damage Resistance by -2.

Follow the Doc to the exit and he'll give you a bunch of goodies, the most important being the [PIP-BOY 3000].  He'll also hand you [MOJAVE EXPRESS DELIVERY ORDER x6], [BOBBY PIN x12], [STIMPAK x4], [BOTTLE CAP x18], [LASER PISTOL], [20 ENERGY CELLS], and a [VAULT 21 JUMPSUIT].

You can now explore the rooms to the south of the Doc's House for some more items.  Remember that you can use the 'compass bar' on the lower left to see which direction you're facing.

The cabinet in the southern hall contains an [AMMO BOX],[BUFFALO GOURD SEED x3], and [FIRST AID BOX x2].  While the bedroom to the east doesn't contain much, you can check the dresser, and there are also packs of cigs in the small cabinet next to the bed, which you can sell back to Doc Mitchell for a small sum of money.  Just tell him you need medical supplies to open up the shop window. The last thing to loot is the refrigerator.  Exit to the worldmap.


Ain't that a kick in the head - Recovery



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It was useful in the beggining of the game and it all counts up to in the end thanks
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Also 20 gauge round in footlocker on shelves against the wall whims the couch.
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