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My Kind Of Town

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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My Kind Of Town

I shot the Sheriff, but did I shoot the Deputy?



1. Primm's Deputy has been captured by Powder Gangers in Bison Steve and needs to be rescued. 

2a. Beagle has been rescued from the Bison Steve. Talk to him about protecting the town.

2b. Beagle is dead. I should find someone willing to to help me figure out how to help Primm.

3a. Beagle wants a new sheriff for Primm. He suggested an ex-seriff at NCRCF and the NCR as potential candidates.

3b. With Beagle dead, Johnson Nash requested help finding a new sheriff. He suggested the NCR or an ex-sheriff at NCRCF.

(Optional) Reprogram Primm Slimm to be sheriff of Primm.

4a. Hayes and the NCR will protect Primm if they get some additional military personnel.

4b. Major Knight promised additional troops for Primm Speak to Hayes about NCR protection for Primm.

5a. Meyers, a former sheriff from NCRCF, is willing to be Sheriff of Primm if he gets a pardon from the NCR.

5b. Return to Meyers and let him know NCR has pardoned him and he can take over as sheriff.

When you are at Primm during the Main Quest you can save Deputy Beagle from the Powder Gangers inside the Bison Steve Casino. To do so speak with Johnson Nash in the Vikki and Vance Casino then go rescue the Deputy (or not). If you save Beagle then he wants you to find a new Sheriff. If Beagle dies then talk to Nash again to do the same in finding a replacement. There are three worthy candidates nearby, one of them being Primm Slimm, the robot working in the Vikki and Vance. To make him Sheriff simply reprogram him (Science Skill 35 ) and the quest completes.

You could also make Lieutenant Hayes the new Sheriff. On the west side of Primm you can find him in a small camp with other NCR Troops. Tell him you want him to take over but he informs you there isn't enough men to be spared, but with reinforcements he will do the job. Go the Mojave Outpost and talk with Major Knight about sending troops to Primm. A Speech Skill of 50 will allow you to convince Knight to do it. Return to Hayes with the good news and he will let Sergeant McGee take over as Sheriff.

The other choice is a former Sheriff named Meyers. You can find Meyers in the NCR Correctional Facility. He says he'll do the job but needs a pardon from the NCR in order to leave. Talk to Major Knight at the Mojave Outpost and convince him (Speech Skill 45 ) to grant a pardon or purchase a pardon for 200 Caps. Return to Meyers with the good news and he will do the job.

Restoring Law & Order in Primm

All quest paths result in [300 EXPERIENCE POINTS] and three days after the new Sheriff takes over you can come back to Primm to gamble at the Vikki and Vance.

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