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Bye Bye Love

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Bye Bye Love

QUEST REWARD: 200 EXP, 200 Caps (400 with Barter)


1. Talk to Joana, on Carlito's behalf, at Gomorrah.

2. Joana has decided to escape Gomorrah. Talk to Carlitos about her decision.

3. Carlitos wants to meet Joana in Freeside, between midnight and dawn. Explain the plan to Joana. (Optional) Carlitos suggests getting backup before attempting the escape. Find the two guns-for-hire that owe him a favor. 

4. Joana agreed to Carlitos' plan. Talk to her once you're ready to escort her during the escape.

5. Joana will wait, in disguise, at Gomorrah's lobby. Go there and lead the girls to Freeside.

6. Help Joana, and the girls, in their escape to Freeside.

7. Joana is safely delivered to Carlitos. The Omertas who set up the ambush are gone.

8. Joana is free and reunited with Carlitos. She spoke about rumors of a sinister Omertas' operation.

[video=6636 tite=Sleeping]

Start this quest by heading to The Strip and finding Carlitos, in Vault 21 near the Diner, or Joana, in the Courtyard of the Gomorrah. To start with Carlitos you'll need Speech 50 or Strength 7 to get the information out of him, for Joana it will take Medicine 50 or Speech 75 to find out what her deal is. Speaking with Joana first will lead you back to Carlitos who ultimately comes up with a plan to sneak Joana out of the Gomorrah and meet him in Freeside. To convince Joana to leave you need a Speech 40, once she agrees you have the option of getting some backup before getting her out.

The quest starts with a sob-story about true love

If you chose to get the additional help head to Freeside and enter the Atomic Wrangler where you will find Big Beard and Little Beard. Tell them to be in Freeside waiting for you and return to Joana. Once you are ready let Joana know and she will begin moving the Gomorrah Lobby. Head on down there and wait near the Disguised Hookers and speak with Joana once she arrives to get out of the building. Follow the crew until they dash to Freeside, then continue on down the street where you run into Carlitos. Unfortunately, some Omerta Thugs are also there waiting and you have to kill them if you can't pass the harsh Speech 85, Barter 85 (plus 500 Caps), or Strength 9 challenges. If you recruit additional help they should go down without much of a fight. You receive thanks in addition to [200 EXPERIENCE POINTS] and [200 CAPS] (or [400 CAPS] with a Barter skill 65 or higher).

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Comments for Bye Bye Love

3 comments, latest first.
Dec 22nd 2011 Guest
can anyone tell me how to get out of vault 3?
ID #97429
Sep 5th 2011 Guest
Actually my fiance had the same problem but if you retalk to carlitos it will fix it, or you can try to reset it. Hope this helps sorry if it doesn't but also try fallout wiki, maby you stumbled upon the many bugs!
ID #72732
Dec 25th 2010 Guest
after carlitos told me what to do joan doesnt have any speech options to follow through with the plan... its really annoying
ID #22432
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