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Boulder City Showdown

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Boulder City Showdown

Not quite the O.K. Corral but it'll do.

QUEST REWARD: 300 EXP, Positive Karma, Great Khan Fame and NCR Infamy OR Great Khan Infamy and NCR Fame


The Main Quest will send you to Boulder City where you will meet up with a Lieutenant Monroe. You can resolve the hostage situation a number of ways to include negotiation, sneaking in and rescuing the hostages, or murder the NCR and free the captors. If you go the negotiation route then head inside and speak with Jessup. Here you can either pass a Speech check (skill 45 ) or pay 500 Caps for the freeing of the hostages. The Speech check results in a NCR and Great Khan Fame while simply cooperating only nets Great Khan Fame.

If you sneak in try going at night so you are less visible. Sneak around the backside of the building and pick the locked door. Quickly free the hostages and make a dash for the entrance using the NCR as supporting fire if needed. If you locate them but can't reach them then you can tell Monroe where they are and go from there. All routes lead to NCR Fame during this path.

A Successful Hostage Negotiation

Lastly, if you decide to help the Great Khans then kill all the NCR to include Lieutenant Monroe and tell Jessup you cleared a path for them. This results in NCR Infamy, Great Khan Fame, and positive Karma. All quest outcomes result in [300 EXPERIENCE POINTS].

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Comments for Boulder City Showdown

2 comments, latest first.
Dec 16th 2011 Guest
If you choose to negotiate with the khans and both release the prisoners and have NCR escort the khans out of bolder city, when completing the message you can talk Monroe into making the right decision and escorting the Khans out of town. You will get both rep for Khans and NCR, and all will be good
ID #95444
Dec 2nd 2010 Guest
i got to the khans leader and i cant nagotiate. no text cum up jst goodbye
ID #19997
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