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Aba Daba Honeymoon

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Aba Daba Honeymoon

Two American kids growin' up in the Wasteland

QUEST REWARD: 250 Caps or Turbo Recipe, 150 Caps,goes on?


1. Find Jack and Diane's missing drug runner. 

2. Return to Diane and tell her about Anders.

3. Deliver drugs to Don Hostetler at the Crimson Caravan.

4. Return to Diane for your payment.

5. Deliver drugs to Motor Runner.

6. Return to Diane for your payment.

7. Teach Jack new chem recipes.

If you go north of the Red Rock Canyon you're sure to find the Red Rock Drug Lab. In this area you will find some trailers and Great Khans' by the names of Jack and Diane. Diane needs help tracking down her delivery boy Anders, accept her quest and if your Barter skill is at 50 or higher you can convince Diane to sell to the citizens of Mojave and gain some Karma.

Moving Product for the Khans

Fast Travel to the Cottonwood Cove or Sniper's Nest, if you have either, at the southern part of the map. From here follow the quest marker to find Anders on a crucifix. You can either cut him down and he'll head back to Red Rock Canyon or you can leave him up there for the Legion. If you return after you cut down Anders then Diane will offer you [250 BOTTLE CAPS] or the [TURBO RECIPE], either choice nets you Great Khan Fame. Remind Diane of the work she previously promised to continue the quest and receive the [MILDLY SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE].

Now that you are Anders replacement head over to the Hostetler's house located south of the New Vegas Medical Clinic. Check the end table between the sofas for a [SUNSET SARSAPARILLA STAR BOTTLE CAP] and then the kitchen if you need any random assortment of foods or drinks. Mr. Hostetler can be found in his room, simply drop off the package and rendezvous back with Diane for the reward of [150 CAPS]. Ask for more work to be given a task of delivering drugs to Vault 3 nearby.

As you make your way closer to the vault door you will notice more and more Fiends, be wary as they will attack on sight. Upon entering Vault 3 you will questioned as to your intentions, with Speech 64 or higher you can pass a check or else you have to fight your way through. Head through the middle door and to the right to spot a Very Easy door to pick. In this closet area you can find a few [STIMPAKS], leave the closet and enter the dining area across from it. On a table in the southern end you can find a [JET] and [PSYCHO x2]. Pick the Easy door nearby and check the [FIRST AID BOX] for a [RAD-X] and [STIMPAK x5]. In the next room over you can find numerous [PURIFIED WATER] and a few [NUKA-COLA].

Return to vault entrance and go left at the split this time. You'll find a door with an Easy lockpick, pick it and enter. Check the [FIRST AID BOX] on the table to find [PURIFIED WATER] and [STIMPAK x5]. On the shelf opposite this is a [FIXIN' THINGS] magazine. Leave and continue around to a Hard lockpick door and enter this room. The [FIRST AID BOX] on the computer desk has a [RAD-X] and [STIMPAK x4], you can also snag the [TODAY'S PHYSICIAN] sitting on the same desk. Opposite the desk you can find [RADAWAY x3], [FIXER x2], and a [DOCTOR'S BAG]. Visit the bathroom across the hall and open the [FIRST AID BOX] (Very Easy lockpick) to find more [RAD-X], [RADAWAY], [STIMPAK x4], and [DOCTOR'S BAG x2]. Leave this room and continue north to the game room, head upstairs to find an ammunition box containing [ENERGY CELL x30].

  Hop down and check the vending machines for [SUNSET SARSAPARILLA x3] and [NUKA-COLA x3]. Head up the other set of stairs to find [MENTATS], [JET], and [MED-X] on the pool table. Drop back down and open a nearby Very Easy lockpick door to find a [NUKA-COLA VICTORY] and [NUKA-COLA QUARTZ] in a carton on the back shelf. In the western teaching classroom you can find a [DOCTOR'S BAG] and three ammunition cases with [MISSILE x4] and a nearby [10MM PISTOL]; there is a [JET] on the projector stand. Leave the game room and head north to reach the Maintenance section.

The door to the right is an Average lockpick door, open it and check the cabinets for [VAULT 3 UTILITY JUMPSUIT x2] which add 5 skill points to Repair and Lockpick. Make your way around to Motor-Runner via the north door. Talk with him and pass a Speech 25 challenge to gain [25 EXPERIENCE POINTS]. Give him the delivery and check the lockers for a [REVERSE PULSE CLEANER] and a [5.56MM ROUNDS x22]. As you leave don't head out, instead continue straight to find an Average lockpick door. The Filing Cabinet inside holds [20 GAUGE ROUND x3] and [9MM ROUND x14]. Grab the [FIXIN' THINGS] on the shelf next to the Tool Cabinets then be on your way back to Diane. You'll receive [300 CAPS] and Great Khans Fame as your reward; to finish this quest you need to teach Jack a few things.

With a Science skill of 50 and Survival skill of 75 you can teach Jack all the stuff he can learn. Each time you teach him a new skill you will earn [50 EXPERIENCE POINTS] and have the option of being rewarded with [50 CAPS] or some random chems. After teaching him three skills you will finish the quest and be rewarded [300 EXPERIENCE POINTS] as well as the [KHAN TRICK] perk.

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Comments for Aba Daba Honeymoon

2 comments, latest first.
Oct 17th 2011 Guest
I cant give motor runner the drugs
ID #81084
Dec 22nd 2010 Guest
found anders and talked to him, didnt give any usable options. Then every time i try to cut him down, with a knife or machete or chainsaw, even without touching him he falls off and dies and it says papa khan mission failed. what can i do?
ID #21980
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