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Hard Luck Blues

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Hard Luck Blues

QUEST REWARD: 100 EXP (150 possible), NCR Fame


1. Investigate the East Pump Station.

2. Find the source of the Radiation.

3. Shut down Vault 34's Reactor to help the Sharecropper Farms.

(Optional) Save Vault 34's trapped dwellers by leaving its Reactor intact, dooming the Sharecropper Farms.

[video=6637 tite=Interrogation]

Head to the main gate at the Sharecropper Farms to meet Private Ortega. After conversing with her talk to Morgan Blake near the picnic tables and ask her what's going on to start the quest. Head east to the Pump Station and check out the terminal to discover a radiation leak in Vault 34 is causing food to be radiated. Follow the quest marker to Vault 34 and beware the Golden Geckos that lurk nearby. Once you enter you will soon realize that all the vault inhabitants have become Ghouls and the area is highly irradiated.

The best way to navigate through the vault is to follow the signs on the walls to get where you need to go. Begin to descend following the signs to the Over-seers Office until you reach a fork where there are only two signs, each pointing to the right labeled Overseer's Office and Clinic. This should put you at the far west side of the local map. At this juncture go west and into the water until you find a dead Vault Technician. Loot the [VAULT 34 UTILITY TERMINAL PASSWORD] from him then make your way to the far east side of the local map south of a door to the armory. Dive into the water here and perform the same act of retrieving another [VAULT 34 UTILITY TERMINAL PASSWORD].

Emerge from the water and enter the nearby Utility Room. Active the terminal and drain the steps you just swam down. Head down the steps and go through the Security Station to the Armory. Descend until you reach a terminal near the [OVERSEER's JOURNAL FRAGMENT] and disengage the Overseer Office lock. Return to the first floor and follow the signs to the Overseer's Office where you must kill his ghoulish form and loot the [OVERSEER'S PASSWORD] for his terminal.

Unlock the gate and descend to the Reactor. Check the terminals nearby for a warning then make your choice to either seal the ventilation system or reroute control of the Vault. The former ends the quest granting [100 EXPERIENCE POINTS] and NCR Fame whilst the other destroys the NCR Sharecropper Farms, gives [150 EXPERIENCE POINTS], and save the Vault Dwellers.

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Comments for Hard Luck Blues

7 comments, latest first.
Aug 27th 2012 Guest
I'm just in it for the legendary weapon... After all, you cant earn xp at top level
ID #180559
Sep 27th 2011 Guest
Think of the future when doing this, as bad as it is to doom a trapped family, think of the outcome, kill one save a thousand. Shut the reactor down my fellow wastelanders.
ID #76885
May 28th 2011 Guest
if you save the vault dwellers then travel to the aerospace buildings camp and inside one of the suites is the saved family. That's the option I chose bc of my morals. But im still plagued by it. Did I save them only to be left to survive like refugees in a wasteland that can kill you if your not constantly watching you back? Did I just prolong the inevitable and saved them from one death only to possibly die later from say hunger or a slaver looking to make a few caps?
ID #45412
Jan 4th 2011 Guest
I helped the Dwellers and opened the door yet could not find them, I have no idea which door opened or what I gained from doing that, I only gained access to one Armoury in the depths of the Vault on the lower floor and have no clue to what those door markings at the entrance of the Vault are because I can't get to them, the map in the pip boy is no help at all, it is impossible to navigate using it......
ID #23996
Dec 18th 2010 Guest
can anyone please answer, whats the best thing to do? i want to help the vault dwellers, but i dont want tht NCRs food destroyed, it might help that im working for Mr. House. Someone please help
ID #21436
Dec 11th 2010 Guest
me got those too
ID #20779
Nov 30th 2010 Hooraa
following theses direction, have 2 items in misc saying they are each a terminal password, Bonnieville and Thunderbird ? but no way is there a second pool of water and the 2nd armoury is outside somewhere near the tunnel to the Vault Door. It shows me the " Quest name and the place marker...
I spent hours go round and round and round but no way I can near the East and south of the armoury.

ID #19843
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