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Ant Misbehavin'

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Ant Misbehavin'

Sonic Emitter functions like a magnifying glass, pop goes the ant.

QUEST REWARD: 400 EXP, Boomer Fame


1. Restart the 2 array generators, then reset the main power breaker.

2. Kill all ants in the generator room.

(Optional) Loyal may have something to help with the ants.

(Optional) Place Loyal's sonic generator on the ant mount.

(Optional) Activate the sonic emitter. 

3. Return to Raquel and let her know the generators are running again. 

To get this quest you must have first reached Nellis Air Force Base and started the quest Volare! by speaking with Mother Pearl. Track down Raquel either in the Barracks or outside patrolling and ask her about what's been "bugging" her.

She will fork over the [NELLIS GENERATOR KEY]. Now go visit Loyal to the north in the Hangar. Complete a Speech or Science challenge (you need a skill of 50 or higher) to receive the [SONIC EMITTER] from Loyal. Leave the Hangar and go east acrossed the tarmac to reach the Nellis Array Generators (follow this quest's marker).

Remember, don't use any flamer or laser weapons to prevent the ants from blowing up.  In the first room, waste several ants, then loot the dead Boomer.  Look for the [MARKSMAN CARBINE] next to him (which doesn't show up while looting the body).  In the room to your left (northwest) is another dead Boomer, who holds a Grenade Launcher.  You can find an [ASSAULT CARBINE] next to him, which is the assault rifle version compared to the sniper version that the marksman is.

Head into the north chamber and go down the catwalk stairway, flipping the first of three power switches at the stairs' intersection.  The other two switches are on the ground level - east wall straight ahead.  Go northeast and loot the iron cabinets for a load of goodies: [AMMO BOX x2], [MISSILE x2],[MINI NUKE x2], [.308 ROUNDS x24 x4], [5MM ROUNDS x100 x4] and [40MM GRENADE x12 x2].  One of the Mini Nukes is lying on the ground.  The double door on the north side and the adjacent tunnel only lead back to the Mojave Wasteland, so you can ignore them for now.

Instead, explore the south/southeast part of the ground floor to find [40MM GRENADE x12] and [THUMP-THUMP] next to a skeleton.  Thump-Thump is a unique grenade launcher, and quite a decent one at that.  Test it elsewhere - this area is a little too risky with various explosives around, along with the ants.

Restoring Power to the Base

It may be a little difficult to spot, but the large pile of rubbish and sand here (to the south) is the Ant Mound.  Place the Sonic Emitter on top of it and activate it to destroy all ants in the building.  You've now officially owned this place!  Return to Raquel to get your reward: 400 EXP and an increase of fame at the Boomers.

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Jul 2nd 2011 Guest
cheers pal this really helped, after i went outside they all just came at me like zombies on blackops, so i completed it lol cheers
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