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Come Fly With Me

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Come Fly With Me

So there's this bunch of ghouls bothering you, Manny?  Shouldn't be much of a problem, right?



1. Head to the REPCONN facility west of Novac to investigate rumors of ghoul activity there.

2. (Outline yet to come)  

Select the 'Come Fly With Me' quest from the Quest Menu in your Pip Boy and
follow the quest marker to the west of Novac.  Follow the road and travel past
the viaduct.  When you reach the REPCONN facility, clear the area of Feral
Ghouls.  They're decently fast, but their amounts are nothing you can't handle.

        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
A. First Aid Box x2  . . . . []  Go upstairs and enter the double doors of the
B. Hunting Revolver  . . . . []  large building.  A ghoul tells you to hurry to
B. Safe (Easy) . . . . . . . []  a big room with a metal staircase on east side
B. Microfusion Cells x3  . . []  of the building. Since he sounds so
B. .308 Rounds x24 . . . . . []  trustworthy, let's do it.
C. First Aid Box . . . . . . []
D. First Aid Box . . . . . . []  First, explore the ground floor.  Take a look
E. REPCONN Basement Key  . . []  at the corpse of a new type of enemy: The
F. RadAway x3  . . . . . . . {}  Nightkin.  Actually, they just re-skinned a
F. Rad-X x7  . . . . . . . . {}  Super Mutant from Fallout 3, but it doesn't
G. First Aid Box . . . . . . {}  matter.  It's a NIGHTKIN!  Wow!
H. 12 Gauge Rounds x3  . . . []
I. 12 Gauge Rounds . . . . . []  In any case, explore the restrooms west and
J. Jail Key  . . . . . . . . []  east behind the counter to find [FIRST AID BOX
K. .308 Rounds x3  . . . . . []  x2], one in each restroom.  You can now
L. Space Suit  . . . . . . . []  explore ther building by taking one of many
L. Space Helmet  . . . . . . []  paths.  From the entrance, head west and go
M. Med-X . . . . . . . . . . []  upstairs. Be sure to loot the Dead Brotherhood
M. Stimpak . . . . . . . . . []  Ghoul corpses you come across; most have a
M. Mentats . . . . . . . . . []  Stimpak on them.  What could have happened
N. Isotope 239 Igniting Agent[]  here?  Did the Feral Ghouls kill the others?
O. Mr. RADical's Journal . . []
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Turn west around the corner.  The door with
the very easy lock doesn't reveal much when opened, so try the second door on
the west for better luck;  this room contains several beds. If you clean the
nearby area of ghouls, you can rest here to recover your health.
Back in the previous hall, turn around the corner east and open the easy door
to reveal a storage room.  There's a [HUNTING REVOLVER] lying on the ground
next to the [EASY SAFE], and on top of the safe are [MICROFUSION CELLS x20 x3]
and [.308 ROUNDS x24].  The other easy door simply leads to one of the main
corridors, and the stairs on your south lead to the main entrance.  Instead,
explore the room east from here and loot the [FIRST AID BOX] on the desk.  The
cafetaria to the far east only contains two vending machines, so travel through
the northern doorway instead.
These halls house several ghouls, so tread with caution.  The offices to the
north don't contain much of interest, and the active employee terminals all
have the same entries.  The only thing of interest is the small storage room
to the far west/northwest of the offices, secured by an easily picked door.
Inside you can find various tool items and a [FIRST AID BOX].
Going east leads to the large room with the metal staircase the intercom was
talking about.  Go to the top and activate the intercom to unlock the door,
then enter the REPCONN Research Labs.
A strange fellow names Chris Haversam 'welcomes' you.  There's nothing of
interest on this floor (except perhaps the bedroom to the far west), so follow
Chris upstairs and look for Jason Bright (a 'Glowing One' ghoul, follow the
quest marker).  He'll tell you his side of the story and gives you the [REPCONN
BASEMENT KEY] to the basement to deal with the demons (make ONE guess what
they're going to be!)
There's not much to do around here.  You can steal {RADAWAY x3} and {RAD-X x7}
from a cabinet in the room east from the room with stairs, or even snatch the
contents of a {FIRST AID BOX} next to the southwest doorway (but fat chance
you get caught).  Exit the way you came, head down the metal staircase and go
south.  The quest marker points down the south stairs, leading you to the
REPCONN Basement..
Head down the stairs and go through the door.  This room doesn't contain any
items (it does contain makeshift beds, which can proce *quite useful*), so
proceed to the hallways southwest.  You're going to get ambushed any second now,
because - as expected - there are Nightkins roaming around here, which have an
annoying stealth invisibility, and as such do not show up on your compass as
red blips.  They're also incredibly quick and their Rebar Clubs tear you apart
with amounts of punches you can count on one hand.  Nice!
First, head all the way south and pick the easy door.  A Ghoul named Harland has
put up a defensive spot here against the Nightkins.  Stay friendly with him and
an optional part of the quest starts - you need to rescue someone for him.
Before you move into this room, be WARNED that there are various tripwires
linked to shotguns, and various bear traps spread all over the place.  To
make matters worse, there are also countless CONCEALED MINES spread over the
place, which can only be disarmed when you have an Explosives skill of 28 .
An other way to 'disarm' concealed mines is to shoot them from a distance.  They
are difficult to spot, but these are their locations in this room:  1. Right
after the piece of catwalk in the middle of the room. 2. To the east/southeast
nearby the boxes (there are also various bear traps here, as well as a rigged
shotgun).  You can also find [12 GAUGE ROUNDS x12 x3] on or around the desk
with the rigged shotgun.  3. Between the southwest door and the generator-like
machine (next to another beat trap).  4. Right in front of the [FIRST AID BOX]
in the southwest corner.   5. There's a trip wire in front of the terminal
with two rigged shotguns (but the terminal itself is also rigged, so no need
to activate it anyway - although there *is* a [12 GAUGE ROUNDS x12] there).
6. Between the generator device and the boxes.  In any case, don't bother going
up or Harland turns hostile.  (Actually, you (*can* bother and just kill him, or
you can choose to do this optional part of the quest). Head back to the room
with the makeshift beds.
Go around the northwest corner and carefully look around to see if you can spot
the Nightkin here (he might ambush you).  Dispatch it, then continue downstairs
and go around the corner to the north.  The door at the far end leads you into a
room with a Nightkin Jailer with an Incinerator.  He's tough, but defeating him
grants you the [JAIL KEY]. Go through the middle door on the east, go downstairs
and unlock the door with the key.  Unlock the door on the south as well and
inspect the dead prisoner in the east room.  You can now go back to Harald to
let him know the bad news. He'll make a run for it, and you're free to explore
the upper level.
Look for [.308 ROUNDS x24 x3] near the burning barrel, and read the third entry
on the terminal in the southeast corner regarding five missing Stealth Boys.
After having done so, go back to the hallways you came from and immediately
turn left (west) when you go up the small stairs.  Inside you'll find a strange
Nightkin with his Antler who asks you all sorts of questions regarding the
Stealth Boy shipment (they sure do like those, huh!?).  Explain to him that the
Stealth Boys are no longer here and all Nightkin will leave.  Enter the room
to the west, press the electronical switch to reveal stairs and head down.
This leads to a sewage tunnel (for some reason, tunnels like these remind me of
the first part of Metal Gear Solid's soundtrack, which in turn reminds me of the
Depeche Mode song The Things You Said). Anyway, you'll come across a room with a
nuclear icon next to it soon, which contains a Reloading Bench.  You can
experiment with this to break down guns, ammo and scrap metal among other
things.  To the far south is a room with a Workbench and a [SPACE SUIT] and
[SPACE HELMET] in the iron cabinet.  The Space Suit and Helmet are not only rare
and valuable, the Suit even grants you 40 Rad. Resistance!
There's also a [MED-X], [STIMPAK] and [MENTATS] on the desk here. Have a look at
the rockets and activate the intercom .. Hmm, something wierd's going on here.
In any case, return to Jason with the good news (you can exit by ladder here to
the Mojave Wasteland and then make your way through the building, or you can
backtrack - whatever you'd like).  Report back to Jason and follow him to the
basement.  Head back into the sewage tunnel and make your way to the rocket
overview room to speak with Jason.  After everything becomes clear, Chris comes
walking in the room.  Speak with him to get your next objective.
Note: As a female, if you have the Black Widow Perk you'll get the option to
      convince Chris to sabotage the rockets.  You'll then need to find three
      Sugar Bombs and some other components for Chris.  You can buy Sugar Bombs
      at the Dino Bite Gift Shop (for example).
First we're going to look for atomic fuel for Chris.  Head back to the Mojave
Wasteland by the nearby ladder, then fast travel to Novac.  From here, travel
west/southwest to find a scavenger in a radiation suit.  He holds the [ISOTOPE-
239 IGNITING AGENT] and the [MR. RADICAL's JOURNAL].  Fast travel back to the
REPCONN Test Site and report back to Chris (use the manhole ladder as shortcut).
After handing over the component, fast travel to Novac once again and head
north/northeast this time.  When you reach the Gibson Scrap Yard, enter the
Gibson Garage.  Old Lady Gibson asks a whopping 500 caps for the thruster
control modules, and only a 50 in Barter or Speech will lower this amount.
You can trade some of your items with her to make some cash to pay the caps.
Fast travel back to REPCONN and hand Chris the control module.  After a short
scene, go back to the Research Labs and follow the quest marker to the door
leading to the Test Site viewing platform.
If you have a Science Skill of 55  you can fiddle with the Navigation Console.
Otherwise, activate the Launch Button to complete this quest, granting you
800 EXP.  If this makes you level up, and it most likely will, there are a few
perks not recommended.  It's probably better to leave the following perks alone:
1. Rapid Reload (cute, but not much more).
2. Retention (sounds good, but remember that you'll usually only need the
   duration for a short while anyway).
3. Swift Learner (Level 30 is the maximum, and you'll get there anyway, so this
   only takes up a precious perk spot).
4. Cannibal (hardly useful at all).
5. Lead Belly (cute, but how often are you really irradiated too much?).
Remember, it's *your* choice, but here are some favorites:
1. Intense Training: An extra SPECIAL stat never hurts, right?
2. Comprehension: Take this before you start reading skill books, and you'll
   gain a lot of additional skill points, making it easy to reach a nearly
   maxed character.
3. Bloody Mess: You deal 5% extra damage with *ALL* weapons.  That's a
   no-brainer (get it?), really.
4. Toughness: In Fallout 3 this gave a whopping of 10 Damage Resistance.
   Now it only gives 3, although there are now two ranks to it.  *MUCH* less
   useful than in Fallout 3, unfortunately, and almost semi-lame.
5. Gunslinger: Decent to have an accuracy boost, but it's only for one-handed
   guns, so that limits its usefulness somewhat.
Note: As you backtrack through the research lab, you can now - safely - 'steal'
      the aforementioned RadAway x3, Rad-X x7, and contents of the First Aid
      Box.  You do still lose Karma for doing so.
Fast travel to Novac and speak with Manny, who gladly tells you where the Khans
went.  You're off to Boulder City!


Clearing out the Ghosts

Launching the Rockets

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Comments for Come Fly With Me

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Jan 6th 2014 Guest
There are a lot of good guns worth a lot of caps to pick up off the dead gouls bodies in that building. Other than that, this mission is a waste of time.
ID #340330
Dec 23rd 2013 Guest
Mrs. Gibson gave them to me for free.. I had to barter with her though 30/30..
ID #333224
Sep 4th 2012 Guest
i cant find my way around the damn mountain... been runnin circles for a week
ID #183267
Jul 27th 2012 Guest
when you meet manny at the dinosaur you dont have to do this mission, just kill manny and then you can head off to boulder city
ID #168928
May 11th 2012 Guest
with the 'Lady killer' perk lady gibson gives the thrust control modules to you for free.
ID #141115
Sep 11th 2011 Guest
what do u do when u come back with the modules and chris is no where to b found?
ID #74095
Sep 10th 2011 Guest
The thrust control modules are in lady gibsons garage in aMetal box on one of the shelves I just stole them instead of paying 500 caps for them
ID #73684
Jul 31st 2011 Guest
I see the glitch, and it's retarded that you can easily do it. Now I wonder what to do if I killed Davison with Dynamite. The Bumper Sword is nice though.
ID #63006
May 9th 2011 Guest
anyone know the difference in experience gain between doing this quest and just killing them (the ghouls)? I have a laser weapon user, and I'd rather kill em for the loot Smile
ID #42213
Apr 26th 2011 Guest
so. i didnt get any glitches :D
ID #39897
Mar 4th 2011 Guest
iv done the mission? no glitches! , was very easy ! and if you thought this was creepy play dead space its like this but a whole lot worse and this just one mission try a whole game like it haha
ID #31371
Jan 29th 2011 Guest
I don't know how to launch the rockets :(
ID #27249
Dec 27th 2010 Guest
sorry thats 3 resons and there

ID #22749
Dec 27th 2010 Guest
ok 2 resons im not doing it 1 GLITCH 2 CREEPY AS HELL
ID #22748
Dec 8th 2010 Guest
[size=12][/size] What if you killed ms gibson before getting the thruster control modules
ID #20554
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