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Anywhere I Wander

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Anywhere I Wander



1. Rescue the NCR hostages from the Techatticup Mine.

2. Report back to Private Renolds.

Make your way south of Nelson toward Techatticup Mine. Between these two areas you can find Private Renolds who tells you he was ambushed by the Legion. Question if the men are still alive to open up a Barter challenge (45 skill) for [100 CAPS]. Head to the Techatticup Mine nearby along the road. Make your way down the path and turn south when you get the chance along the loop. At the southern tip of the loop is a locked gate (Average). Inside the cubby are some ammunition boxes with [5MM ROUND x71] and [5.56MM ROUND x13]. On the shelf you can find [SUPER STIMPAK x2], [DOCTOR's BAG], and [BOXING TIMES] magazine. If you continue north you will spot another locked gate (Average).

In this cubby are four ammunition boxes holding [5.56MM ROUND x17], [5.56MM ROUND x18], [10MM ROUND x12], and [12 GAUGE ROUND x4]. On the boxes you can find [FRAG GRENADE x4], [FRAG MINE x2], and a [BRASS KNUCKLES]. In the back on the shelves you can grab an [EXPLORER HOOD] and [LEGION RECRUIT ARMOR]. North from here you can find Alexus, the leader of this little gang. You can pickpocket or kill Alexus to obtain the Techatticup Storage Key (based on your reputation with the Legion). Head back around the loop and go north to find the two cages where the NCR members are being held.

Rescuing the NCR Soldiers

Battle is inevitable if you want to complete this quest. Freeing one of the soldiers will cause the Legion to pummel him to death so you need to clear apath. Behind the cage on the left you can loot [DIRTY WATER x3], [LEGION EXPLORER ARMOR], a [MACHETE], [LAD'S LIFE], and [PATRIOT'S COOKBOOK]. Untie the NCR Trooper and set him free so long as you can cleared a path for him. In the other cell you can find [SCRAP METAL x2], a [DOCTOR'S BAG], two ammunition boxes holding [.306 ROUND x6] and [5.56MM ROUND x16], and a [STIMPAK]. Release this NCR Trooper as well and return to Private Renolds to complete the quest and receive [100 EXPERIENCE POINTS].

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