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G.I. Blues (Side Quest)

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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G.I. Blues (Side Quest)

Elvis Presley starred in the 1960's movie G.I. Blues as Tulsa McLean

QUEST REWARD: 1200 EXP, Freeside Fame, NCR Infamy OR 1500 EXP, Freeside Fame 


1. Hire a guard named Orris near the northern gate of Freeside. 

2. Follow Orris to the south gate and watch for any suspicious behavior.

3a. Return to the King and report what you've learned about Orris.

3b. Return to the King and report that Orris is dead.

4. Go to the Old Mormon Fort and question some injured Locals about their assailants.

5. Return to the King with your findings. 

6. Head to one of the Squatter camps in Freeside and learn why NCR soldiers have been entering the area

(Optional) Talk to Julie Farkas and see if the Followers know anything about the situation.

(Optional) Talk to Major Elizabeth Kieran and mention Julie Farkas if she's reluctant to help.

7. Ask around the Squatter camp to find a lead regarding why NCR soldiers are in Freeside.

8. Investigate rumors of free food and water being handed out nightly in the northwest part of  Freeside.

9. Return to the King and inform him of the NCR supply drops.

(Optional) Inform the King that the NCR previously sent an envoy to discuss distributin supplies to Freeside.|

10a. Head to the train station in northwest Freeside and try to negotiate with the NCR.

10b. Kill all of the NCR troops holed up by the train station in northwest Freeside.

10c. Head to the supply drop building and see if Pacer needs any help.

11a. Return to the King and let him know the NCR troops in Freeside are taken care of.

11b. Return to the King and let him know the situation with the NCR has been defused.

Head to Freeside and speak with the King at the King's School of Impersonation where you will find many Elvis look-a-likes. Ask him if he has any work for you to receive [200 CAPS] and the mission to hire Orris for the same amount of caps.

Head to the Freeside gate and hire Orris for safety then follow him through the town. Towards the end of the trip your bodyguard will take off and fire some shots. With four men lying on the pavement Orris boasts of his accomplishments, but you can chime in (with Intelligence 6 ) that he fired three shots and four men lie "dead" on the ground. From here you can use a Barter 50 challenge to receive [348 CAPS] and send him packing or play along but observe the men on the ground with Medicine 30 to reveal they aren't dead.

If you fail either of the challenges or simply want to kill Orris then do so. Afterwards return to the King with either news and he sends you to check out the Old Mormon Fort nearby.

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