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They Went That-a-Way

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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They Went That-a-Way

Okay, so who the hell was that son of a gun that shot you in the head?  Let's find out as soon as possible. 



1. (OPTIONAL) Talk to Victor in Goodsprings about your rescue.

2. Inquire about your delivery assignment with the administrator of the Mojave Express in Primm.

3. Find Primm's lawman to get information on where your attackers went.

4. Head to Novac through Nipton. Ask around Novac about your attackers.

(to be continued) 

Select They Went That-a-Way in your Quest Menu to activate the quest markers and be headed to Primm, located to the far south.  As you traverse the wasteland further, you're given the option to rebuild your character.  If it's fine the way it was, great, otherwise apply some changes and be done with it.


If you were expecting Primm to be a friendly place, I have to disappoint you. Escaped convicts have taken over the town.  Follow the large road straight through the city, (help the NCR troops out in a firefight if you wish), go under the viaduct and enter the city to your left (east).  Dispatch more convicts on your way and follow the quest marker into the Vikki and Vance Casino.  Inside, a man named Johnson Nash will tell you a great deal of valuable information, and also gives you the opportunity to do another side quest called 'My Kind Of Town'.  While there's plenty to steal in Vikki and Vance, this guide now proceeds with the quest(s).


A. Bison Steve Maintenance Key  [] 
B. Med-X x3  . . . . . . . . [] 
C. 9mm Pistol  . . . . . . . [] 
D. Rad-X . . . . . . . . . . [] 
E. Bottle Caps . . . . . . . [] 
F. Blood Pack  . . . . . . . [] 
G. Mentats . . . . . . . . . [] 
H. First Aid Box . . . . . . [] 
I. Safe (Average)  . . . . . [] 
J. Bottle Cap x7 . . . . . . [] 
K. Floor Safe (Hard) . . . . [] 
L. Purified Water x3 . . . . [] 
M. Purified Water x3 . . . . []


First, we're absolutely going to go to the Bison Steve hotel across the street. Waste the convict (possibly two) in the first room, then check the counter on your right (south). While the door has a hard lock, the terminal has an easy difficulty and also unlocks the door.  In the room behind this door you can find the [BISON STEVE MAINTENANCE KEY] on the table, plus [MED-X x3], [9MM PISTOL], [RAD-X], and [BOTTLE CAPS] from the open locker, and a [BLOOD PACK], [MENTATS] and a [FIRST AID BOX] from the iron cabinet.  The [AVERAGE SAFE] also contains some decent stuff, but you might need to read a skill magazine for this.

Tip: Dynamite works especially well to take out convicts in this area.  Better yet, most convicts have a stick or two on them, refreshing your supply as you move onward.

Head east and go into the first room labeled 'Gift Shop'.  Take note of the various teddy bears and toy cars, then grab [BOTTLE CAP x7] from the counter. Also take note of the [HARD FLOOR SAFE] behind the counter, which you'll most likely need to leave alone for the moment.  Go down the hall and enter through the Maintenance Door on the southeast (with the Bison Steve Maintenance Key you found just now).

These halls lead you right to the trapped Deputy Beagle, but you'll need to take out several convicts too.  After defeating all of them, including their leader (who comes equipped with an Incinerator, so be careful), rest up in the bed and loot the falled fridge for [PURIFIED WATER x3].  There are [PURIFIED WATER x3] in the cabinet, but that's about it for the kitchen.


Tracking the man in the Daisy Suit



It requires a 40 Speech Skill to make the deputy talk, so set him free if you
don't fill the requirement.

Note: While the Bison Hotel also has a 1st floor, you may choose to return to explore this at a later time.

Go back outside and talk to the deputy.  Now that he's calmed down he'll give you some more information on where to go next.  You can either continue with the 'My Kind Of Town' quest, or proceed with the main quest.  Reprogramming Primm Slim (the Protectron Robot in the Vikki and Vance Casino) can be done with a 30 Science Skill, or with 3 Fission Batteries and 4 Conductors.

Tip: If you have enough Science Skill (or 20 a skill magazine) it's definitely worth the effort to reprogram Primm Slim.  It'll net you an easy 430 EXP! Should this make you reach Level 4, it is advisable to take the Educated Perk, which grants you two additional skill points every time you level up. That's 52 additional skill points all the way to level 30!


Your next location, Nipton, is quite a walk to the south.  Follow your quest marker and traverse a small desert until you reach Nipton.  If you run into Powder Gangers during your trip, be sure to introduce them to your dynamite sticks.

You're just travelling through Nipton this time to reach your next destination, Novac.  If you meet any shady or wierd figures during your trip - no worries. Either ignore them or play the game as you'd like.  More details will not be given during the main course of the game, but can be found in the subsections.

Follow through the canyon until you eventually reach train tracks to the north. You'll likely discover the Ranger Station Charlie along the way.  When you finally reach Novac, look for the building west of the giant dinosaur.


Enter the Dino Dee-lite Front Desk (center of town, nearby the giant dino). Check the Mojave Express Dropbox to your left:  These can be used to store things in, but for now you'll need to wait until you've discoved a second one. Speak with Jeannie May Crawford behind the counter and inquire about the man in the checkered suit.  After getting this information, there's not much to do in this room besides snatching the contents from the [FIRST AID BOX] on the south wall.

Go back outside and go through the iron gate to the north/northeast.  Manny Vargas, your next source for information, can be found inside the giant dino - the Dino Bite Gift Shop.  Head upstairs to find Manny.  Sure, he'll help you, but he first he asks you to do a little favor for him in turn.

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Where can you get the 4 conductors and 3 fission batteries in Primm?
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