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Back in Your Own Backyard

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Back in Your Own Backyard



1. Kill the NCR Hostages

2. Return to Milo at the NCR Checkpoint

West of Nelson along the road to I95 you will find an NCR Ranger Checkpoint. Milo will come out and ask who are, a Speech of 25 will suffice for some bonus experience but it doesn't ring a bell. Tell Milo you will help with hostages and check the footlocker for [C-4 PLASTIC EXPLOSIVE x2] and a [DETONATOR]. You can storm in and kill everyone as one option, Dead Sea will drop a Unique Weapon, the [LIBERATOR]. It's highly unlikely that you can storm in and kill everyone not to mention this will tank any reputation you have with the Legion.

Freeing the NCR Troops

You can always simply sneak in and use the C-4 like you were told or optionally with an accurate Sniper Rifle pick off the hostages at range. If you have Boone and a bad reputation with the Legion you might consider clearing the town of Nelson out and rescuing the hostages for bonus reputation with Boone. Regardless of how you do it you will receive [150 EXPERIENCE POINTS] and NCR Fame pending you succeed.

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Comments for Back in Your Own Backyard

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Oct 2nd 2011 Guest
supposedly there is a way to do it WITHOUT killing legion and gaining infamy. Get some Legion armor 9conventnly available on some dead legionaries at toxic waste dump) Sneak into town, kill the generator lights and then free the hostages. You must change into and out of the armor without the NCR seeing you.
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