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I Put a Spell on You

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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I Put a Spell on You

And now you're mine! 



1. Talk to Captain Curtis.

2. Ask around about suspicious activity at Camp McCarran.

3. Investigate the late-night break-ins at the Camp McCarran control tower.

4. Eavesdrop on the radio transmission. 

5. Find and defuse the bomb on the McCarran monorail before it leaves the terminal.

6. Report to Colonel Hsu.

You can accept this quest after obtaining and Accepted reputation with the NCR. Alternatively, if you sided with the Legion and finished the quest "The Finger of Suspicion" you will already have this quest. Choose the corresponding route below and follow it to finish the quest.

New California Republic (NCR)

To start this quest head to Camp McCarran and speak with Colonel Hsu. Ask him if you can be of any help and he will send you to Captain Curtis. You can find Curtis on the ground floor, let him know the Colonel asked for him to help you. Take the advice and seek out Lieutenant Carrie Boyd on the second floor. Ask her all the questions you need to but specifically the late-night break-ins that have been occurring. Ask for the access codes to receive the [CONTROL TOWER ACCESS CODE]. Head down to the Concourse area and down into the Supply Shack. Here you will find Sgt. Contreras. Search his wares then exit to ask about more types of items. Give him 50 Caps or perform the Speech or Barter challenges (50 Speech or Barter skill) to have him devulge his stash.

Head out to the tarmac and use the terminal near the Control Tower to find the log of someone entering around 1:05 and leaving at 1:20 every night. Wait around till then to view a person walking across the tarmac and into the Control Tower. Sneak in behind them and listen to the conversation or alternatively rush him and kill him for his treachery. If you kill him report to Col. Hsu if not head straight for the monorail (where Hsu will send you if you killed Curtis). Inside the monorail near the door is a vent at the bottom, with an Explosive skill of 35 or Science skill of 45 you can disarm the bomb. If you don't disarm it then the monorail takes off and explodes.

Report to Colonel Hsu afterwards to receive the reward. You get [250 CAPS] and [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS] if you defused the bomb, if not you receive [150 CAPS]  and [350 EXPERIENCE POINTS]. Either result ends with NCR Fame gained.

Caesar's Legion

Finish the side quest "The Finger of Suspicion" and tell Caesar that Martina sold her information to Curtis. From here head to Camp McCarran and go to the Terminal Building to find Captain Curtis in his office. Inform him that you know who he is and that you are working for the Legion as well. Drill him for more information to gain wind of planting a bomb on the monorail. Speak with Colonel Hsu afterwards and tell him you want to help and he will tell you where to start. You can switch sides at this point but instead continue on Curtis' plan to blow up the monorail.

Head down to the main terminal area on the bottom. Take every item from the trash can in the check-in area so you can frame Private Crenshaw; you receive [ABRAXO CLEANER], [CONDUCTOR], [EXPLOSIVE CHARGE], [FISSION BATTERY], [MONORAIL SABOTAGE PLANS], and [WONDERGLUE]. Head in to the Concourse area up stairs and into the barracks area. Plant the evidence in Private Crenshaw's Footlocker, ie; everything you got from the trash can except the explosive charge. Leave the barracks area and back into the Concourse. Run to the northern end into the Supply Shack, bypass Sgt. Contreras and head outside. Here you will find Private Crenshaw patrolling a low traffic area.

Kill Crenshaw and head back through the Concourse to the Monorail area. Head inside the monorail and plant the explosive charge in the vent. Stop off the monorail and watch as it takes off to an inevitable doom. Return to Colonel Hsu to clear things up. If you tell Hsu that Crenshaw had explosives and plans then he believes you. If you tell him that Crenshaw confessed and used a latin word then that works as well. All other options cause the quest to fail. Talk with Curtis regardless to receive the reward of [250 CAPS], [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS], and Caesar's Legion Fame.

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Comments for I Put a Spell on You

4 comments, latest first.
Jul 26th 2014 Guest
i am stuck when i go in to the tower nobody is there even at night please can you help me i really need it
ID #425381
Feb 5th 2013 Guest
I did the cl way, and when I too him that the dude was playlnning things I got the money and experience, but it let me repeat the conversation endlessly so I got unlimited caps
ID #250740
Apr 2nd 2011 Guest
I killer Curtis reported to hsu defused the bomb and then went back to hsu but I didnt get the option to tell him about the bomb so I can't complete the quest please help asap thanks
ID #35366
Dec 7th 2010 Guest
What are the lasting effects of either saving the monorail, or not?
ID #20486
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