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Eye For an Eye

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Eye For an Eye

Exodus 21:22-25 cites "Lex talionis" or an eye for an eye.

QUEST REWARD: 500 EXP, 150 Caps, Caesar's Legion Fame / NCR Fame OR 1000 EXP, 200 Caps (250 optional), NCR Fame


1. Find general intel on Legion troop movement.

(Optional) Tell Aurelius of Phoenix about NCR plans.

2. Find intel on Legion raids.

3. Plant the NCR bug.

4. Return to First Sergeant Astor with the intel.

(Optional) Give First Sergeant Astor the old intel. 

5. Kill all the Legionaries in Cottonwood Cove.

(Optional) Find a way to block off Cottonwood Cove.

6. Return to First Sergeant Astor.

To start this quest you must first have ventured to Cottonwood Cove which is generally done during the main quest. Follow the road west of here to reach Camp Searchlight and speak with First Sergeant Astor. He wants you to plant some bugs on the Legions communication systems in Cottonwood and gives you the [NCR BUG]. You can either side with the Legion and face no negative reputation from either side or side with the NCR and ultimately become villified with the Legion.

Ave, true to Caesar

The easy way out of this quest is to head to Cottonwood with the bug in hand and speak to Aurelius of Phoenix who typically resides in his office or the headquarters. You give him the bugs and he gives you the [OLD LEGION RAID PLANS] [OLD LEGION NOTES], and [OLD LEGION PAPERWORK]. You also gain Caesar's Legion Fame for simply informing him. Return to First Sergeant Astor and give him the old intel to gain more Caesar's Legion Fame, [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS], [150 CAPS] and a Negative Karma hit.

We are the NCR

If you have no ties with the Legion then take this dangerous route. Regardless of your current status, be it friendly or not, with Caesar's Legion head to Cottonwood Cove and enter the Headquarters. Plant the bug on the radio and check the filing cabinets nearby for the [LEGION RAID PLANS]. Head out and up the stairs to the Office of Aurelius of Phoenix. Check his desk and grab the [LEGION PATROL NOTES], though it's technically stealing. Return to First Sergeant Astor with the items in hand for [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS], [150 CAPS], and NCR Fame.

You are tasked with an additional mission of eliminating Caesar's Legion forces in the Cottonwood Cove vacinity. Optionally, you can block off the road to the Cove by heading to the Trailer Door on the truck carrying the barrels of radioactive waste and unlock the gate via Lockpick 50. This will kill all the Legionaries in one fell swoop making it an easy task for you. There is also the method of simply entering the camp and lighting it up (or tactfully entering and ridding it of Legionaries). Whichever method you choose be sure to loot the [RECOMPENSE OF THE FALLEN] from Aurelius of Phoenix.

Return to Astor with the news of your successful mission to receive a high amount of Caesar's Legion Infamy, NCR Fame (more for using the barrels), [200 CAPS] (or 250 for using the barrels), and a whopping [1000 EXPERIENCE POINTS].

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Comments for Eye For an Eye

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Dec 17th 2010 Guest
you can side with the NCR and not gain any infamy with the legion, you have to go to the truck at the top of the hill and if you go to the rear of it you can open it up and release barrels of Radioactive stuff.
Then they all die you run in and loot everyone and go back to Sergeant Astor, plus you get the legionaire armor which is nice.
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