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Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

But we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.

QUEST REWARD: Tabitha's Trunk Items, Follower: Raul 


1. Head to the summit of Black Mountain and end Tabitha's reign of terror.

(Optional) Meet Neil in the village near the summit of Black Mountain.

During your travels across the wasteland you can tune into the Black Mountain Radio to hear Tabitha and her terrifying broadcasts. Make your way northeast from Sloan (by far the safest route of approach) along the road and take the road right as it splits. This leads you to Neil's Shack where Neil, a Super Mutant, approaches you. Put your gun down and listen to his words about what awaits on Black Mountain. A Speech 50 challenge lets you gain more incite and has Neil meet you in the village near the peak. There are essentially two ways to reach the peak now, one is to follow the road where Nightkin and Super Mutants have blockades set up and will ambush you from all around. The other route is to head left from Neil's Shack and peel off into the gravel path past the second blockade. You will encounter a Lockpick 75 gate on this path so be sure you can open it.

If you followed the road you will arrive at the village Neil told you about. If Neil is here use him to draw out the Nightkin leaving you with only a sniper to take care of. This method is preferred because the Nightkin become visible and are increasingly easier to take down now. Head over to the satelite dish that is flipped over and check the locked trunks for roughly [400 CAPS] and a [MINIGUN]. Nearby is a transceiver that you can use to contact Tabitha, a Speech 75 challenge gets you experience points but either option causes Nightkin to scramble down un-stealthed toward your location, much preferred.

Repairing Rhonda the Robot

As you approach Tabitha's camp beward the Nightkin with a Missle Launcher that will snipe you down. Once you have cleared out all the Nightkin you are ready to end Tabitha's lunatic broadcasts. There are three ways to settle this now, one way is to enter the middle building and fix Rhonda, a Mister Handy-style robot, with a Repair 50 challenge. Take Rhonda to Tabitha just outside to end the quest and receive [TABITHA's EQUIPMENT KEY]. You can also enter the Broadcast Building, 1st Floor and exit out the other end to find [TABITHA's ROOM KEY]. Ascend the steps to the second floor and kill Tabitha to get her equipment key this way and end the quest. The final option is to enter the Prison Building and search the terminals for the six logs to get [NOTE: BLACK MOUNTAIN PASSWORD] for the other terminal. Disengage the lock and speak with Raul Alfonso Tejada, a Ghoul from Mexico City. As you exit the building Tabitha meets you, kill her and return to Raul.

However you go about finishing the quest be sure to empty out the five trunks that Tabitha has locked away since you have the key. You can always have Raul become a follower simply by asking him regardless if you freed him to do the quest or not.

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Comments for Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

3 comments, latest first.
May 17th 2014 Guest
Hi. I'm locked inside Black Mountain Storage Building. I've killed Tabitha and met Rhonda.
Have the treasure note and got all ammo but I can't get back outside!! Any clues please?
ID #384838
Oct 15th 2016 Guest
Have you got out of the room...if so how?
ID #687537
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
For the Rhonda part. My game says that the challenge is science 60!
ID #69241
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