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Birds of a Feather

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Birds of a Feather

Is one bird in the hand worth two in the bush?

QUEST REWARD: Van Graff Combat Armor, 1000 Caps, NCR Fame, Freeside Fame


1. Go outside and talk to Simon.

2. Take up position on the other side of the Silver Rush entrance.

3. Guard the Silver Rush entrance.

4. Report back to Gloria.

5. Deliver the package to a man at the designated location.

6. Report back to Gloria that the package has been delivered.

7. Talk to Jean-Baptiste to receive your next assignment.

(Optional) Visit Alice McLafferty, who might know where Rose of Sharon Cassidy is currently located.

8. Find Rose of Sharon Cassidy and get her to follow you. 

9. Bring the Cassidy girl to Jean-Baptiste.

10. Report to Gloria Van Graff for your next assignment. 

11. Kill the remaining Legion troops.

12. Report to Gloria Van Graff that all of the Legion troops are dead.

Working for the Silver Rush

Have Cass executed to finish the quest and receive [350 CAPS]. Speak with Gloria for the final mission, an escort. You arrive in a warehouse with some Legion members when Gloria gives you the lowdown, you are setting a trap. To avoid taking any Legion Infamy simply don't attack but be sure to loot the bodies afterwards. Talk to Gloria to receive the [VAN GRAFF COMBAT ARMOR], [1000 CAPS], [600 EXPERIENCE POINTS], NCR Fame, and Freeside Fame.

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Comments for Birds of a Feather

2 comments, latest first.
Dec 9th 2010 mrdavidjones2011
To finish the quest does Cass have to be executed?
ID #20604
Nov 4th 2010 Seven_P_87
I'm stuck on the Birds of a Feather quest. Do you have to loot the guy before Pacer comes? I didn't and now it's not letting me do anything. If I try to leave to deliver the package the guards attack. Did my game mess up or am I doing something wrong?
ID #17234
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