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Ghost Town Gunfight

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Ghost Town Gunfight

Looks like a lad named Ringo is in big trouble.  It also appears you can earn some reputation around Goodsprings.  What will you do?

QUEST REWARD: 50 Bottle Caps.


1. Offer to help Ringo deal with the Powder Rangers

2. Talk to Sunny Smiles about fighting the Powder Gangers.

3. (OPTIONAL) Enlist the help of Trudy.

4. (OPTIONAL) Acquire additional medical supplies from Doc Mitchell.

5. (OPTIONAL) Acquire Easy Pete's Dynamite.

6. (OPTIONAL) Convince Chet to open his store's stock to the town.


A. Boxing Times  . . . . . . [] 
B. Duffle Bag  . . . . . . . [] 
C. Floor Safe (Very Easy)  . [] 
D. 9mm Rounds x20 x2 . . . . {} 
E. Stimpak x3  . . . . . . . [] 


Ringo can be found at the Poseidon's Energy gas station, part of Goodsprings and located to the east.  Ringo tells you his situation the second you enter, and proposes to get more people to help.

Explore this room first as there are quite a few handy items lying around here. For starters, collect the [BOXING TIMES] from the shelves in front of you. There are also various sacks and crates on top of and around the counter that may hold various goodies.  The cash register holds several bottle caps.  More important is the [DUFFLE BAG] in the corner behind the counter, which containsquite a lot of ammunition, among other things.  The [VERY EASY FLOOR SAFE] also holds useful ammo.  Lastly, you can steal {9MM ROUNDS x20 x2} from underneath the counter, but Ringo is very likely to catch you.

Return to Sunny (who might be located in one of the houses, just follow the quest marker on your compass) and tell her about your situation.  Also converse about all other subjects and she'll give you some useful location details and [BOBBY PIN x3] (even though we just cracked that lock open).  Several optional parts of this quest can now be done.  Depending on how good your skills are, you can (try to) convince some of the people below to help you:
1. Trudy: Found in the house to the south. Requires 25  Speech Skill or 25  Sneak Skill.  The Meeting People skill magazine may help to improve your skill enough.  Interestingly, a Stealth Boy will instantly raise your Sneak skill to 100, so that does the trick too.
2. Easy Pete: Found in the southeast house. Requires 25  Explosives Skill.
3. Chet: Found in the general store. Requires 25  Barter Skill. Note that you can boost your Barter skill by  10 by using the Salesman Weekly that you found earlier.  Alternatively it's possible to buy a Salesman Weekly from Chet himself.  Note however that these magazines do NOT stack on top of each other, so you'll need a Barter skill of at least 15 (since  10 is all you'll get from the skill magazine(s).
4. Doc Mitchell: He'll hand you [STIMPAK x3].

Giving Ringo a hand

Return to Ringo at the gas station and tell him you're ready.  Follow Sunny and Ringo and help them to defeat the Powder Ganger.  Pull out your best weapons and defeat all gang members. Do this successfully (protecting Ringo in the process) and your reputation will change: Better in Goodsprings, worse for Powder Gangers.  Be sure to loot the gangers from their armor (equipping this will disguise you as a Powder Ganger, so don't go walking around with it just like that).
In any case, that's enough snooping around Goodsprings for now!  Let's move on to bigger things.

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May 16th 2013 Guest
once i screwed this mission up and found that i could get free ammo and leather armor unlimitedly from chet by asking him again and again for his help now im trying to figure out how i managed that glitch does anyone know?
ID #283042
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