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Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 45 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Fallout: New Vegas please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3

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Mojave Wastelands Map

This map should prove incredibly useful in your journey thorugh the Mojave Wastelands.

Please click the image for the full size version.


Use 'Sneak' to make sure that you are hidden from view when you want to steal something and it's in the owners line of sight. Then use the 'Grab' function to drag the item around a corner stealing it without fear of retaliation. You will still lose karma but they will not try to kill you.

Unlimited Caps Glitch

When you are in Guardian Peak you will find an NCR soldier in a cave who is wounded. If you escort him to the cave entrance and continually ask for his rifle he will eventually give it to you along with some ammunition. This is best done after earning the perk that allows for over encumbered fast travel.

Hollow Rock Locations

All over the Mojave Wasteland there is stashed ammo and equipment in a number of hollowed-out rocks. The following list tells you their locations.

Hollow Rock 1 - Northern Passage:

On the eastern rock wall, near the grave and the 'The Sun is Killing Me' graffiti.

Hollow Rock 2 - Ruby Hill Mine:

Part of the rock wall, just to the right of the door.

Hollow Rock 3 - Charleston Cave:

Part of the rock wall to the right of the door, by the heart graffiti.

Hollow Rock 4 - Silver Peak Mine:

Part of the wall, just to the right of the shack through which you enter.

Hollow Rock 5 - Vault 22:

On the north bank, across from the 'Keep Out' sign, by the entrance.

Hollow Rock 6 - Jacobstown:

Just outside the ..

Infinite Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Bottle Caps

Fast travel into Scorpion Gulch and find the wastelander who is either already dead or about to get attacked by Bark Scorpions. If he is alive wait until the scorpions have killed him and then search the body for a 'Sunset Sarsaprilla Star Bottle Cap'. Fast travel to Novac and wait three days, then fast travel back to Scorpion Gulch and repeat the process. The wastelander will always have a star cap on him whether he is alive or dead and you can keep repeating the process until you have gained the required 50 caps for the 'The Legend of the Star' side quest.

Unlimited Experience

The following trick can be performed when you have at least a 35 Medicine skill. When your character gains access to the main strip go to the Lucky 38 casino and search for Victor who will tell you that Mr House wants to meet you. Follow Victor inside the Lucky 38 casino and go up the elevator and speak to Mr House (giant television face that resembles Howard Hughes). Select the dialogue choice pertaining to ask him a few questions and ask 'Who exactly are you, Mr. House?' followed by 'You appear to be a computer, not a man'. Then select the Medicine Skill check response, 'The lifespan you're claiming is impossible, except for ghouls and super mutants'. You will then be awarded 35 Experience Points (or 39 Experience Points if you have the Swift Learner perk). This process can be repeated..

Thump-Thump Location

To find this grenade launcher which has the extended range of a barrel extension mod and enhanced AOE radius go to the Nellis Array Generators just south/south-east of the two array generator switches when you help the Boomers during or after the quest Ant Misbehavin'.

Set Fire/Kill Enemies without using Ammo

This can be done by equipping the Anti-Materiel Rifle and loading it with Incendiary rounds. If you now enter V.A.T.S. on any target and then exit V.A.T.S. without shooting them whatever you aimed at will now be on fire and you will have used no ammo.

Euclid's C-Finder Location

To find this deadly weapon which has the ability to strike down at the speed of light and reduce foes to ashes you must enter the Freeside's East Gate. When you have entered locate the two children chasing each other (not chasing the mutated rat) during daylight and speak to the one possessing what appears to be a toy gun. You can purchase the gun for 1,000 caps or 20 caps with Barter at level 45 or greater. The weapon can be used when you supply the power to ARCHIMEDES II during the 'That Lucky Old Sun' mission. The weapon can only be used once each day because of the recharge time of the lasers.

Infinite Caps (Pre-Patch)

Complete the 'My Kind Of Town' quest at the town of Primm by getting the town a sheriff or the NCR's troops. When you complete the quest the 'Vikki and Vance Casino' will become open after 3-7 game days. Exchange some Caps for some of the casino's chips and play Blackjack there and 'Save' (don't use auto-save) before every hand so you can just load the game if you lose. You can trade in your chips for caps at the cash register and the NPC will give you the equivalent in caps but will not take away your chips. This trick can be done as many times as you desire.

Hidden Snow Globe Locations

The following video will help you find ALL 7 snow globes that are hidden in the Mojave Wasteland.

Watch the video

Mormon Fort:

In Old Mormon Fort, inside the same tower as Julie Farkas' office, on top of a wooden bookcase.

Test Site:

In Lucky 38 Casino, in the cocktail lounge, on the curved sideboard across from the entrance, behind the till.


In Goodsprings Cemetery, at the foot of the small rectangular gravestone, near where the earth has been dug up, close to the water tower.

Mt. Charleston:

In Jacobstown, on the large curved desk in the reception area of the lodge, near the terminals.

Caravan Card Locations

Find the following Caravan cards and people to play the game against by searching in the indicated locations.

Ambassador Dennis Crocker:

In NCR Embassy, play or take.


In Goodsprings, purchase cards from Chet.

No-bark Noonan:

In Novac, in his shack, or around town. Play or take.


In Crimson Caravan Company, purchase cards from Blake.

Dale Barton:

In The Fort, near the Legate’s Gate. Play or take.

Johnson Nash:

In Primm, inside the Vikki and Vance Casino. Play or take.


In North Vegas Square, near the Squatters. Play or take.


In Aerotech Office Park, inside Suite 200. Play or take.


In Mojave Outpost, propping up th..

Missing Explosive Skill Book

All the Skills have a designated skill book and it appears that one is missing. There should be four Explosive Skill books but there are only three. The last Explosive Skill book can be found on the desk in the office of the 'Ranger Station Foxtrot'. The other three are found in 'Nellis Air Force Base', 'Mojave Outpost' and Sloan'.

Gain Higher Quality Item

To get a higher quality item than what you paid for make sure the vendor has two of the same items but different quality and buy the cheaper quality item of the two. When you do this you will gain the higher quality item instead.


First things first, discover the Vault 11.Then go inside and look for the overseer's office (look at signs).Then once you get to the office,look out the window to your left when you go in it.The overseer's password will be on a speech podium in the room you see downstairs, but the thing is I'm not able to tell you exact directions in where to go;but exit the overseer's office and turn to the left in a hall closest to the office and then take the stairs down and go through the room with radiated water and go through the special looking door and then the other.When you do that you may have to look for other doors around to find the room you seen through the overseer's office.When you get the password head back to the office and then press A on the computer. Now I just realized that you nee..

Infinite XP Glitch

With a Speech skill at 50 or higher,you can persuade Old Ben to offer his escort services to the local bar and gain 61 XP if you succeed in the speech challenge.Then follow him back to the bar and wait until he sits down, speak to him again, and redo the speech challenge for as much XP as you like! Old Ben is usually sitting by a fire close to the King's headquarters in Freeside.

Unlimited XP In Vault 11(doesn't work with patched game)

Go to Vault 11 and you will get a small quest to find out what happened there. Once you get the overseer's passcode and enter it into her computer you will be led to the "sacrifical chamber." Use a stealthboy to get past everyone and when the walls on the left open (as you walk in) go into the door and access the computer mainframe. You will be given 3 options, "Override" and "Download" for 2 conversations. Click on the second download and you get 500 XP. DO NOT EXIT THE MAINFRAME! You can keep re-clicking "Download" until you reach the max level.

Easy Experience points

When you gamble in a casino and play roulette it will not matter if you win or lose as you will still gain 100 Experience Points.

Infinite caps

after completing the quest"my kind of town" (in prim) wait 3 to 7 game days for the viki and vance cisino to open and buy chips then keep saying "i'd like to turn in my chips" over and over you will still keep your chips and keep getting caps

More hidden weapons.

So people may have these guns already but here are ways to get two more guns and a machette.

Ok so I found this plasma type gun the Q-35 Matter Modulater in the Repconn HQ. To get it you need to go the 2nd floor of the HQ and find a room with a hole with a cave in a floor. Walk threw it and get the floating gun that will it.

Then another one I have found is a rocket launcher call Annabella.It can be found during the mission where you attack the super mutants at Black Mountain. One of them near the broadcast tower will usally have it on them. When I picked it up, the mutant was uses a machine gun so I may be alittle buggy. This is actually a modded rocket launcher.

And the last weapons is a caesar machette. I got this toward the end of the game, on the bod..

The Wasteland Survival Guide

If you played Fallout 3, you will recall that tidbit about The Wasteland Survival Guide. Well, it returns in Fallout: New Vegas! To find it, look on your Pip-Boy for a location called 'Lone Wolf Radio'. If you have not yet discovered it, it lies just south-west of Goodsprings. You will find a trailor. Enter it and search the floor. I am not sure if you need Wild Wasteland to find it. If you have it, then it will definatly work. After you pick it up, read it and you will gain to points in 'Survival'! Lucky you!

If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected] and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Instant Reload

If you have a .357 or something that reloads one bullet at a time this will help. When you have one of those guns and more than one type of ammo and need to reload, you switch your ammo type back and forth when it shows the first bullet go in. If you got it right it will instantly reload the whole gun. It can be harder to do with some guns.

Incenerate enemies via, V.A.T.S.

All you need is a antimaterial rifle, incenerate ammo for the rifle. All you need to do is target something in V.A.T.S. Mode and exit out and they will catch on fire. I don't know if it works with all platforms

Exsclusive Weapons!

Oh,Baby!-Charelston Cave. AER14 Prototype-Vault 22-Pest Control. Mercy-Dead Wind Cavern WARNING! Deathclaws. All-American-Vault 34 Armory. Pushy-Ruby Hill Mine. Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle-Sniper`s Nest. Pulse Gun-Vault 34 Armory. Annabelle-Black Mountain. C247 Avenger-The Devils Throat. NOTE-MUST HAVE LOCKPICK SKILL 100. YOUR WELCOME!

Infinate Caps (Crimson Caravan Comp.)

1st off you need tobe above lvl 17. Go to the Crimson caravan comp. There will be a merchant named Blake.

1.) Buy Reinforced Metal combat armor and Helmet

2.) Go to your inventory and the metal armor will be at full Condition

3.) sell it back to Blake.

You may do this til he runs outta caps he usually has over 13,000 caps and wen he runs out jus go to any town, save, the wait for 24 hours Smile

Way off map DEATH WATER!!! Glich

Go way to right on map look for cross that looks like crossfire. Travle close as possable to it should have steep hills that are unclimbable coming out of water. Make sure not to go to far north has a large amount of death claws 2 mother death claws as well as 2 alpha male death claws and tons of babies and regular ones too, has way more that quary junction.

Go south while in river and come to one of those nets with the ones that have baralls lining it. Go to left climb up hill. Head for mountains on right and go as far off the map as possable. Will see like a stright up and down canuon entrence. Keep going until you hit a wall that goes north to south. Go north until looks like you can fall off the world execpt with radeated water at bottom.

You fall off and hit the wa..

Hidden Guns

Ok so here are the locations of two guns that I have found.

One is called That Gun and can be found in the dino gift shop, just get into the room with the rocket ships and dino toy and it will be in there on the side on the ships.

The other gun that I found is Vick's 9mm submachinegun. You can get this by going to the Wins hideout, which is just outside of vegas. All you need is 55 speach and talk to the woman,and follow what she says and you will get it.

These guns use 5.56mm and 9mm ammo so if you go after them you know what to have.

How to find thatgun

The big dino in novac go into it and go in the gift shop theirs a door in there unlocket and on one of the shelfes

Never die free falling

Okay you have to have been as "speically" stupid as me to find this out but in fallout 3 and I noticed now fallout new vegas there is a glitch to where if you fall from someplace 50 or so feet up about 5 feet before you hit the ground and die save and unpause and after you die and reload the game will act as if you had only fell that five or so feet. Happy glitching SmilePVPE out!

The thump-thump location

Go to nellis afb talk to raqel get the key to the generator room search downstairs when you find a skeleton the thump-thump will be in it's hand

How to get golden gloves

In lucky 38 a shelf behind a counter to your right the golden gloves are waiting for you

Xp cheat [old mormon fort

Go to the old mormon fort and talk to beatrix russell about working for the garrets you need barter or speech of 35. Do till level up. Repeat.

Outside the Normal Map

Go to Morning Star Cave enter and then leave.Once outside go to the right and hug the cliffside. Keep going to the right you will be able to walk up the side of the cliff and below you will be alot of Geckos as you stand on the cliff. Once there you will be able to walk around outside the normal map.You can then go to the Vertibird Crash site and destroy the robots guarding it ( they can still shoot you but can't get to you). You can do the same thing at the Legate Camp ( you can kill everybody but, the Legate himself that can only be done at the end of the game.)So there you go this is the only other cheat I have found and only by accident.

Ulnlimited leather armour and lvl1-lvl15 in 10mins (goodsprings)

Requirements:- BARTER-25 OR SPEECH-25

Recommended:-use the 3 tag perks on GUNS,SPEECH and BARTER


Complete the tutorial with sunny smiles, go back to the saloon and talk to joe cob about taking over the town (do not talk to truly) follow him out side to a house to the south. Then re-talk to him about taking over the town, he will send you to kill ringo who is in the gas station near doc mitchels house. Kill him then return to joe cob, he will tell you to 'shake down the old doctor and gather supplies from the general store' after hes finneshed, kill him (I suggest crouching behind the house to be hidden and kill him in one shot, then deal with his goons) Now enter the general store and talk to chet. Tell him about th..

The best types of guns

Pistol: alien blaster : it is located in the north left corner of the map on the alien captan [must have wild wasteland}

Rifle: anti material rifle : easest to find at the botherhood of steel bunker but it is in bad condition also found in gunrunners vendor

Semi heavy weapon: heavy incetorator: found on super mutants or in random vendors

Heavy weapons: tesla cannon prototype: ncrashed verti bird

Melee: shikabob: quarter master at the hovver dam invetory

Heavy melee: super sledge: super mutants, Bos, and random legion centerions

Unlimited Xp

To be able to gain unlimited xp you must have a barter skill of 35 or greater and must have found the town Nipton where you meet the legion. After that head down to cotton grove where you will meet the head officer on top of the roof. Talk to him about the NCR and talk about ammo after racking up skills aka the 35 barter needed one. Just keep clicking it and you should get xp everytime you do so.

Did I just dupe?

There is a glitch that looks like you dupe in fallout new vagas but all you did was dupe in the inentories name list while shoping and using the item full condition cheat and traded for caps over and over again if you select the lower priced item ( the name that was dupe) in the vendor's invetory you will receive one of three results you will get a item with full condition, crappy condition, or the higher priced items condition once you take it both items will dissapear from. The shop this can also stop the full condition cheat so don't believe the youtube videos on how to dupe THEY ARE NOT REAL BUT THIS GLITCH!

Infinite Level Ups Doctors Bags Stimpaks (Sell doctor bags)

Go to helios one. Find a man named ignacio he gives you a quest to complete. Do it and when you get to the solar panel choose overload region. then go back to ignacio and there will be an option (I overloaded the plant etc.) use it each time you use it you will get two doctors bag three stimpaks and experience so keep doing it and you will be able to get to level 30 quickly.

By Subject18

Infinite Caps

I will try to make this as blunt as possible.

You have to remove the patch. If you don't know how to do that, got to your XBox memory, go to your hardrive, and press 'Y'. Let it preform maintence. OK, this glitch will take place in Primm, the second town just South of Goodsprings. You have to have completed the quest 'My Kind of Town'. Now once you have completed this quest, leave Primm for 3 days. Go to Goodsprings and wait 24 hours 3 times. Go back to Primm and enter their casino. Some people will enter. They have weapons and dogs. You can get rid of them one of 3 ways.

1) Use speech.

2) Kill them. (I don't recommened this if you are just starting up.)

3) Use speech and pay them a few caps.

Once they are dealt with, leave Primm again, for 3 days. Come back aft..

How to get the lucky

In prime in the lucky casino in front of the roller coaster in side of lucky casino if you keep on going a safe in a gift shop behind the counter on the ground the lucky is in that safe

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