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Debt Collector

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Debt Collector

If you don't pay up someone will find out.

QUEST REWARD: 500 EXP, 150 Caps, Atomic Wrangler Room Key


1. Collect 138 caps from Grecks in Freeside.

2. Collect 212 caps from Santiago in Freeside.

3. Find and collect 250 caps from Lady Jane.

4. Find Lady Jane's caravan and collect caps from the remains. 

5. Return to Francine Garret with 388 (or 600) caps.

(Optional) Kill Caleb McCaffery.

6. Return to Francine with McCaffery's hat.

Start this quest by talking to Francine Garret in the Atomic Wrangler in Freeside. Ask her if she needs any help and agree to the caps split of 25/75 or complete the Barter 35 or Speech 35 challenge to get 50/50. First head out and find Grecks. He shakes down rather easily for 138 caps but you can use a Speech 40 challenge to get 179 caps out of him. You can always kill him or humiliate him but it's frowned upon. Next is Santiago who is quite the smooth talker. See through his ploy with a Speech 50 or Barter 40 to get 256 caps out of him. Don't bother bargaining for the "super secret code word" because it's a hoax. You could also have him pay off his debt by working for the Garret's to progress the side quest Wang Dang Atomic Tango, this results in no pay.

Last is Lady Jane, be sure to talk to her about her wrecked caravan to earn a marker on your Pip-Boy. You can use Lady Killer or a Perception 7 challenge to gain 250 caps from her or use Barter/Speech 40 to gain 156 caps. Head over to Lady Jane's Caravan (near the Bootjack Cavern) and search Jane's Brahmin for [276 CAPS]. Return to Francine with the caps and you receive your cut. Now she wants you to deal with Caleb McCaffery. Find him in The Strip and use a Speech 40 challenge to get [CALEB MCCAFFERY'S HAT] and [57 CAPS]. You can also kill him for a larger reward of [156 CAPS], [ATOMIC WRANGLER ROOM KEY], and [CALEB MCCAFFERY'S HAT].

Return to Janice with the hat and she is delighted. Regardless of how you take care of Caleb you end up with [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS], [150 CAPS], and an [ATOMIC WRANGLER ROOM KEY] for your troubles.

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