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Beyond the Beef

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Beyond the Beef

Ignorance is bliss?



1. Ask around the Ultra-Luxe for information regarding Ted Gunderson's disappearance.

2. Get Ted back to his father if he is still alive.

3. Inquire with Mortimer at the Ultra-Luxe about the investigator.

4. Get into the investigator's room at the Ultra-Luxe

5. Search the Investigator for clues.

6. Meet with the investigator's contact in the Ultra-Luxe steam room at 4pm.

7. Find a way to gain access to the Member Only section of the Gourmand.

(Optional) Find a sponsor to help you join the White Glove Society.

8. Talk to Heck Gunderson.

To begin this quest you must gain access to the Strip (see section [WLK-8]). Head to the southeast corner and enter the Ultra-Luxe Casino. Around the bar located Heck Gunderson and speak with him. After some conversation ask him if you can help locate his son to begin the quest. You can follow either path you want, or both, until the Kitchen scene. At the Kitchen you must choose to ally or expose the White Glove Society for what they are trying to become.

Ally with the White Glove Society

Head to the back of the floor and turn the corner to enter the Gourmand area of the hotel. Talk to Marjorie to get what you can out of her then leave. Head to the receptionist desk and speak with Mortimer. Mention the Society's old ways of cannibalism to spark a Speech 62 challenge to get him to spill some information. If you can't pass the check return to Marjorie and question the Society's penchant for human flesh. Return to Mortimer after that and ask about the craving once more. With the information gained you receive [CATTLE PROD], [ULTRA-LUXE KITCHEN KEY], [ULTRA-LUXE PENTHOUSE KEY], and the [ULTRA-LUXE FREEZER KEY].

Expose the White Glove Society

Head to the back of the floor and enter the Gourmand area. Speak to Marjorie to get some information on an investigation then leave and talk to Mortimer at the reception desk. Tell him you are just trying to help and you can obtain the [INVESTIGATOR'S ROOM KEY]. Make your way to the Hotel Rooms and use the key to enter the room. The Investigator is dead, loot him for the [MATCHBOOK] and get ready to defend yourself from two White Gloves. Check the back of the matchbook to get the message to meet at the steam room at 4 PM. Head to the Steam Room and wait until approximately 4 PM to meet Chauncey. Explain the situation and press the issue about Mortimer to discover that he is trying to regress the White Glove Society into cannibalism. After you are done talking to him he catches a bullet from an Assassin, arm yourself and wait for the Assassin to enter so you can ambush him with VATS.

  There are several ways to enter the kitchen; if your The Strip Fame is high enough you can have Marjorie or Mortimer sponsor you, if your Fame on The Strip isn't Liked or higher than you can switch sides or raise your Fame high enough. If you want to stay on the exposure path then you can always pickpocket Mortimer for the [ULTRA-LUXE KITCHEN KEY] or use lockpicking (50 to open the door) to force your way in.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen you have a lot of options regardless of which side you have followed thus far. Head down stairs to be confronted by a White Glove. You can tell him Mortimer sent you (requires 50 Speech if you are exposing) or you can lie about a burst water pipe (Repair 35 ). Don't tell him you're just passing through or you get busted. Head down the hall to the fourth door on the right to meet Phillipe the chef.

Ally with the White Glove Society Part 2

Make your way into the freezer with the key Mortimer gives you to find Ted. At this time you can either play along with setting up Heck or return him to his son. If you want to set up Heck then kill Ted and grab [TED'S BLOOD SAMPLES] to be used as a ploy. Enter the Penthouse Suite and spread the blood around then head out to The Strip and tell a Securitron what happened. With this route you must head north from Freeside's North Gate and track down Carlyle St. Clair. With the Black Widow perk you can convince him to get in the dumpster or with various other checks (Speech 45 , Guns 45 , Strength 7 , Medicine 45 , or Unarmed 45 ) make him incapacitated. The Cattle Prod can also be used as a means of wrestling him down. Return to Mortimer with the good news. Wait until after 7 PM to speak with him again to hear of the success. You gain [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS] and White Glove Society Fame.

Expose the White Glove Society Part 2

If you are trying to expose Mortimer then you need to get Phillipe to leave. With Barter, Speech, or Medicine (all 55 ) you can get him to move to the other end of the hall as well as obtain [PHILLIPE'S RECIPES]. Now you can improvise the meal with a Survival skill 75 or with an Intelligence of 6 cook the meal with the recipe. With the meal cooked wait till approximately 7 PM and call the waiter via the intercom near the door. At this time open the freezer and get Ted to follow you to the banquet in the Members Only Area. Here you can expose Mortimer for a cannibalist. Take Ted back to Heck at this point.

Gunderson Reunion

If at any time you return to Heck with Ted in hand you are prompted on what happened. Lying that you have no idea who did nets [500 CAPS], [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS], and White Glove Society Fame. If you tell him who it was then you can pass a Speech check (35 ) to convince him not to blockade The Strip, this results in a gain of The Strip Fame. Likewise, you can side with Heck to get the [500 CAPS] but in turn The Strip and White Glove Society Infamy.

Rescuing Ted Gunderson

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Comments for Beyond the Beef

7 comments, latest first.
Jun 8th 2013 Guest
Okay , I can't complete the quest because Marjorie disappeared . She isn't in the Gourmand like she's supposed be . My cursor points to the White Glove Members Only Section where you need a key to get in . I can't complete the quest without her . I can't even cheat to complete the quest without her or cheat to complete the quest without doing the quest . It says I need a reference , yet I don't have a reference to be able to cheat . I'd really just like to do the quest and complete it . I don't know what to do .. Any suggestions ?
ID #288647
Aug 3rd 2011 Guest
I cannot for the life of me find the blood, there is something not mentioned on any guide online about what to do in my situation. I was attacking with a knife to make him bleed, other than that I'm at a loss.
ID #63651
Jul 6th 2011 Guest
Used the intercom for the wine service. Now I can't call for the food...Any suggestions?
ID #55397
Mar 6th 2011 CalvinJ82
Figured it out...Had to go into sneek mode before opening the door to the dinner table room. Then, I had to stay crouched in the corner behind the counter until Mortimer finished his speech. Just make sure noone sees you until the speech is done or everyone will attack and the gig is up.
ID #31632
Mar 6th 2011 Guest
I was wondering if you might be able to go into more detail on exposing Mortimer after getting Ted out of the freezer. It seems no matter how long I wait, I interrupt him before he makes the flesh eating announcement and then everyone in the room attacks me while I am unarmed making it almost impossible to survive. If I do survive, noone is exposed and I only have the option to return Ted to Heck.

Any suggestions?
ID #31578
Dec 31st 2010 Guest
Go to the stove in back of the cook
ID #23381
Nov 30th 2010 Guest
Cant figure out how to cook the fake meal, been trying for a while.
ID #19854
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