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Guess Who I Saw Today

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Guess Who I Saw Today

I found Waldo and Carmen San Diego... 



1. Talk to Lily about participating in Doctor Henry's experiment.

(Optional) Ask Lily to help you investigate the Nightstalker mutations.

2. Look for the source of the Nightstalker stealth mutation.

3. Tell Doctor Henry you've discovered a potential cause for the Nightstalker mutations.

4. Tell Doctor Henry to proceed with the experiment once Lily is present.

5. Wait for Doctor Henry to complete the experiment.

6a. Speak with Keen and try to defuse the situation.

6b. Kill the hostile Nightkin.

7. Speak with Doctor Henry.

(Optional) Stabilize the Stealth Boy Mark II's stealth field.

8. Decide whether or not Lilu should continue to wear the Mark II prototype and inform Doctor Henry.

9. Keep Lily alive.

Start this quest by heading to the Super Mutant town of Jacobstown. Inside the Lodge speak with Doctor Henry on the bottom floor. Talk to him about the recent Nightstalker mutations and offer to help him to begin the quest. Head outside and talk to Lily, bring her along if you see fit (she's extremely helpful for this quest). Leave Jacobstown and then head around the outside of it northwest to reach the Charleston Cave high up in the mountainous region. Advance through the cave and slaughter the Nightstalkers (or stealthily navigate) on your way to a dead Nightkin. Loot the [OH, BABY!] unique Super Sledge and the [CHEWED STEALTH BOY] and leave the cave.

Return to Dr. Henry with Lily in the party and tell him what you suspect. He thinks the only way to truly get good results is to test on Lily. Talk to Lily about it then confirm with Doctor Henry that she'll do it. Watch the event then listen to Keene as he barges in. You can either convince him to leave (Speech 80 or above), give him the prototype, or kill him. The quest ends regardless but if you kept the prototype you can talk to Doctor Henry and perform a Science 90 challenge. When the quest is concluded you receive [500 EXPERIENCE POINTS].

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Comments for Guess Who I Saw Today

3 comments, latest first.
May 15th 2011 Guest
Mine glitches. The doctor won't begin the experiment...
ID #43248
Feb 10th 2011 Guest
Anyone can tell me just how long this experiment would be? It seems like forever and never move forward.
ID #28701
Jan 5th 2011 Guest
can i keep lily if i choose to let her do the test? part 8
ID #24241
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