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G.I. Blues

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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G.I. Blues

The King has work for you to do, and that's just what you happened to need.  Pay him a visit at the King's School of Impersonation.


QUEST OUTLINE: To follow...


Backtrack and go inside the King's School of Impersonation.  Pay Pacer 50 caps to speak with the King.  Tell him you paid to see him and you can get your money back.  Get back to business and he'll tell you to hire a guard named Orris at the northern gate of Freeside.  He'll hand you 200 caps to close the deal with Orris.  Hire him (as mentioned before, at the northern gate of Freeside) and follow him around.  After a while he'll "kill" four thugs.  If you have 6 or more Intelligence (and you should), use this option.  You can also inspect the thug bodies if you have a 30 Medicine Skill.

Alternatively, a more universal approach would be to just pop a bullet into one of the "corpses" and see what happens.  Orris and the four thugs will turn against you, so be prepared for this to happen.  His Hunting Revolver is extraordinary powerful, so you may want to move to the far northwest and shoot one of the corpses from afar (and at least save before attempting).  Look for back up near the King's School of Impersonation - Orris usually gets into trouble with the Security Gatekeepers.  When the thugs have been taken care of by you and the Kings, loot Orris' body or lure him to the Kings as well.  As mentioned, his Hunting Revolver is not only very powerful, but very valuable as well.  His Metal Armor isn't too bad either.  Return to the King and report. Don't let the question marker fool you; the King's (sometimes) located in his suite on the third floor.

Working for The King


The next task for you is to head to Old Mormon Fort and ask the locals about their assailants.  Find Old Mormon Fort northeast/east of Freeside and enter through the large wooden gate.  Speak to Roy (and Wayne too, who probably has an IQ of 83), then return to the King with the information.  This time, inquire about his dog, Rex, and you can even start a new quest: Nothin' But a Hound Dog. Return to Old Mormon Fort and speak with Julie Farkas about the NCR troops. She tells you to speak with Major Elizabeth Kieran, telling her to mention her name.  You can also start yet another new quest at Julie regarding trouble in Freeside: High Hopes.  Let's first continue with G.I. Blues.

Tip: Head into Fort Mormon through the door in the west corner and look around the bedroom upstairs to find the [SNOWGLOBE - MORMON FORT] in the cabinet, and a {TODAY'S PHYSICIAL} on the desk.

Travel around Old Mormon Fort, heading southeast/east, and locate the missionary to the northeast.  He's part of the NCR and wants you to take a quiz before telling you the password.  The correct answers are: Tandi, Shandy Sands, Bear. With the password, travel down the street northwest, then follow the destroyed highway southwest until you reach the NCR Ruined Store to your left (southeast). Speak with Elizabeth Kieran here to get the information you came for.  Return to the King's School of Impersonation and Pacer approaches you, asking (telling) you not to tell the King what you just found out.  You can bargain with him and he'll give you 200 caps (what is the amount with 50 Barter, anyone know?).


Speak with the King anyhow, and inquire about Rex first (if you spoke with Julie about this earlier).  Tell him that Rex can be cured, and the King will actually lend you Rex!  This gives you a companion similar to Dogmeat in Fallout 3, and arguably cooler!  This also grants you the Search and Find perk as long as Rex is a companion:  It's more nifty than extremely useful, but when zooming the camera will highlight chems, firearms and ammunition in the surroundings, making them slightly more easy to find.  You need to know about Rex that he chases off after rats (and probably after people with hats, too).  You can also view Rex as an important expansion of your inventory, as he can carry 240 weight.  Do be careful on hardcore mode: If Rex dies, he'll be gone forever.


Also tell the King what Elizabeth told you, then head back to the NCR Store and you'll find Pacer under fire by NCR troops.  Speak with Elizabeth nearby the outpost tower to the northwest to defuse the situation and report back to the King.  This concludes the G.I. Blues quest.

You can now ask the King for a favor:

1. Join the Kings.  This makes you one of them, and you're less likely to be attacked around Freeside.

2. Get into the Strip.  The King sends you to Mick and Ralphs where you can claim the [COUNTERFEIT PASSPORT], allowing you to access the strip.

3. Money.  This gives you 1000 caps.

Since you'll want to get into the strip, option two is currently recommended. Of course, you can also pick one of the others but you'll have to figure out a different way to get into the strip.  Mick & Ralph's is located in the same area as Mormon Fort, and is located southeast from there (check your local map). Head inside and talk to Ralph, telling him the King sent you regarding a favor he owes you.  Ralph will then give you the counterfeit passport.  With this in your posession it's finally time to enter the strip.


After entering, a security bot tells you to visit Mr. House, which initiate the 'The House Always Wins, I' quest.  Let's first continue with the Ring-a-Ding-Ding quest and continue to the Strip.  You'll also be able to buy some weapons you can sneak into casino's (such as a silenced pistol(!!) or switchblades). It's a good idea to buy at least a Silenced .22 Pistol if you don't already have one.


Proceed to the next part of the Strip, and enter the The Tops Casino (with the circling flashy lights).  Hand over your weapons (not everything, of course), then meet Benny who's in the north area of the casino.  There are a few approaches you can now take:

1. Attack Benny (highly unrecommended, you barely stand a chance).

2. Meet him in the VIP suite (you go first).

3. Use the Black Widow Perk to get a hilarious conversation and Benny will leadyou to the suite.

4. Use Barter (35 ) or Speech (60 ) to get Benny to follow you to the suite.

The 'Wild Card: Ace In The Hole' quest now also starts.

[video=6634 tite=GI Blues - Hacker]

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