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Eyesight to the Blind

Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Eyesight to the Blind

The quest is named after the song by Sonny Boy Williamson II.

QUEST REWARD: Power Armor Training, T-45d Power Armor, T-45d Power Helmet


1. Head to Black Mountain and install the remote signal transmitter in one of the consoles there.

2. Report to McNamara that the device has been installed.

This quest is obtained from Elder McNamara after the quest Still in the Dark pending you kept him in charge and the lockdown has been lifted. Speak with Elder McNamara and tell him you want to become a part of the Brotherhood. He gives you the tasking and a [REMOTE SIGNAL TRANSMITTER]. Head to Black Mountain where you should essentially complete the sidequest Crazy, Crazy, Crazy as well if you haven't already. Head through the Broadcast Building and grab [TABITHA'S KEY] from under the steps outside and proceed up to her room. Place the Remote Signal Transmitter on the Radar Console and be on your merry way back to McNamara. He gives you full access to the Brotherhood of Steel ways to include their shops and the mighty Power Armor Training. In addition Elder McNamara bestows [T-45D POWER ARMOR] and [T-45D POWER HELMET] to you.

Gaining the use of Power Armor

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Comments for Eyesight to the Blind

2 comments, latest first.
Jan 23rd 2011 proudvirus101
Hi, I went up black mountain with plenty of stinpacks maybe 20 or so,a missile launcher with 26 missiles,a mini gun, a riot shotgun and the antimaterial rifle. The key is to go up in daylight because the nightkin seem to come from Knowhere in the dark. You take on small camps 1 at a time with around 3 mutants on each. Send a couple of missiles over from a distance to soften them up a bit then pop them off with antimaterial rifle, use the riot shot gun for any scaglers up close and personal.If your hidden they dont even know were the missiles a coming from, Dum,Dum!! If its going dark hide and wait till morning again SAVE AFTER EACH CAMP.And youll soon be up the mountain, No trouble. Watch out for the odd nightkin on your way and as they chase you run backwards unloading your minigun on them. !! Job done. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE,...from. PROUDVIRUS101
ID #26515
Nov 15th 2010 jayman4206
I cant seem to get past the super mutants that bum-rush me after I get there. I'm level 20.
ID #18295
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