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VR Training

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Metal Gear Solid DLC

Act 2: VR Training

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 18                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Sticker: Otacon Body                              |
|                         |          Otacon Face                              |
|                         |          Kojima Foxhound                           |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Objects: Practice Target                          |
|                         |          VR Grid Red                              |
|                         |          VR Grid Green                             |
|Ace Level Prize:         | MGS4 'The Hunted'                                  |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|1. [] Yellow Bird        2. [] Paintinator Switch   3. [] Paintinator Powerup |
|4. [] METAL GEAR SOLID   5. [] Isometric Crate      6. [] Gekko Crouching 2   |
|      Codec                                                                   |
|7. [] Green Crocodile    8. [] Gekko Looking        9. [] Camouflage Mixed    |
|10.[] Gekko Back         11.[] Gekko Standing       12.[] VR Grid Blue        |
|13.[] Brown Centipede    14.[] Black Chicken        15.[] Gekko Back 2        |
|16.[] Energy Drink       17.[] Plasma Ball          18.[] Danger Chevron      |

Move to the right and memorize the FOX carbon.

Continue your way past Otacon and head into the VR area.  Grab the paintinator and destroy all targets with it.  The second VR room requires you to shoot more targets once again, but this time cross/upwards as well.  The third area holds a practice VR Metal Gear Ray with three targets, and as Otacon tells you, these targets can take as much as 10 hits each.  The fourth room has targets between different layers.  You will need to switch layers in order to hit all these targets.  This makes for a good lesson, since the paint bullets will always stay at the same plane, and never change depth.

The next room holds a target with a health bar - these show you ho much health a target has left before it vaporizes into thin air.  The room up ahead looks like it has a powerful foe; Don't get too close or you'll be sure to get electrocuted!  Instead, use your newly acquired paintinator to blast the four unprotected creature brains on its spinning head from afar.  With the battle victorious for you, continue your way to the next VR hinderness.

It looks like a turret is blocking your way!  Quickly hop over the block and dive for cover.  Whenever the turret has fired a burst of shots, try to back out and fire your own burst of shots.  The turret has a health bar as well, and you will need to shoot it multiple times in order to finally pass.  Be sure to not get hit by its vicious green plasma beams, or you'll be toast!

Approach Otacon one more time and you'll be rewarded three prize bubbles:

Place the Kojima Foxhound Sticker on the cardboard at the beginning of the level and a finish line will drop down in the next room.  Grab the two prize bubbles on it that hold stickers: [#6: GEKKO CROUCHING 2] and [#11 GEKKO STANDING 2].
Head into the next room and grab two more prize bubbles with stickers: [#4: METAL GEAR SOLID CODEC] and [#15: GEKKO BACK 2].

Head into the VR room and shoot the targets, this time with the difference that the floor has that little extra wiggle.  The next room holds two more prize bubbles with stickers: [#1: YELLOW BIRD] and [#18: DANGER CHEVRON].

Continue onward and make your way to the second VR room that now has a stamping pillar in the middle of the room. Blast the targets without getting squashed and make your way to the next VR room.  A moving turret needs to be destroyed.  Avoid its Plasma Bolts and shoot it several times in order to continue.  It truly looks like the whole VR level has changed!

The adjacent room holds two new stickers inside prize bubbles as well:
[#7: GREEN CROCODILE] and [#13: BROWN CENTIPEDE].  Head into the next VR room and shoot the targets while avoiding the three electrified soldiers on the different planes.  Your reward is presented once more in the next room, in the form of three new stickers in prize bubbles: [#5: ISOMETRIC CRATE], [#9: CAMOUFLAGE MIXED] and [#14: BLACK CHICKEN].

The next VR room has three electrified obstacles in between four platforms that are actually trap floors.  Stand too long on them and they'll flip you right to the bottom, an action that inevitably leads to sacks demise.  Before you hop on any of the platforms, shoot the three obstacles from a distance - the third may be barely visible on-screen, but it can still be perfectly hit.  With the way cleared quickly hop from trap to trap and make your way to the next room.  You'll find two more prize bubbles with stickers here: [#8: GEKKO LOOKING] and [#10: GEKKO BACK].

Move into the next room and you'll face a devious foe.  After blasting several creature brains that can take several shots, your enemy will start firing green plasma right back at you.  Act quick and destroy its remaining brains before it can do any more harm.  Grab the last two prize bubbles in the upcoming room, which hold a sticker and material respectively: [#16: ENERGY DRINK] and [#12: VR GRID BLUE].

Long live the Paintinator!

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Comments for VR Training

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Jul 21st 2011 Guest
how do you get the other vr grid colours

ID #59863
Jan 4th 2011 Guest
Even the Replay? I have 95%, I think...
ID #24106
Jan 1st 2011 Guest
i did everything you said but still only have 83%
ID #23560