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- Elephant Temple

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

Elephant Temple

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 36                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Angel Halo Rainbow Squares              |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: The Islands Concept                      |
|                         | Objects: The Islands Concept with Frame           |
|                         |          Big Sumo                                  |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Chicken Tail                              |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|STICKERS:                |OBJECTS:                  |MATERIALS:               |
|[] Crown (17)            |[] Double Oscillating     |[] Blue Wood (9)         |
|[] Jewel Crown Motif (24)|   Platform (23)          |[] Bollywood Collage (28)|
|[] Monkey (2)            |[] Elephant Head Statue   |[] Gold Metal (6)        |
|[] Pink Elephant (13)    |[] Extendable Stairs (10) |[] Gold Sequin Fabric (7)|
|[] Straight Cobra Body(8)|[] Five Section Wave      |[] Green Fabric          |
|[] Tiger Patterns (27)   |   Platform (20)          |[] Latticed Stone (3)    |
|                         |[] Large Wave Platform (5)|[] Silk Pattern (11)     |
|                         |[] Mechanical Stone       |[] Stone (34)            |
|                         |   Elephant               |[] Temple Stone          |
|-------------------------|[] Oscillating Platform(15|-------------------------|
|COSTUMES:                |[] Puzzle Platform (26)   |DECORATIONS:             |
|-------------------------|[] Six Section Wave (1)   |-------------------------|
|[] Mini Sackboy tm* (19) |[] Sliding Block          |                         |
|[] Short Sleeved Shirt*21|   Platforms (29)         |[] Emerald Jewel*(12)    |
|[] Brown Burlap (14)     |[] Stone Elephant (16)    |[] Green Fabric Star* (4)|
|[] Brown Carpet (30)     |--------------------------'[] Green Star (18)       |
'-------------------------|[] Crystal Earring (25)    [] Ruby Jewel* (36)      |
                          |[] Elephant Mosaic (22)                             |

Go right and hop over the pillars. Grab the [STONE ELEPHANT] sticker from the platform, and make a mental note of the sticker puzzle to your upper left. Once you get the Blue Elephant Sticker (Next Level: Great Magician's Palace) you can smack it on the wall to add the [CROWN], [TIGER PATTERNS] and [JEWEL CROWN MOTIF] to your collection.

Continue to the right and crawl so to speak through the tunnel until you reach a vertical ejecting pillar, and a whole lot of horizontal pillars ready to break all of your Sackbones. Launch yourself up, and jump when the pillars retract.  You should have enough time to make it to the top. Extract the stairs on your right, move past the checkpoint and climb the rising platforms. You can get the [MONKEY] sticker while doing so. When you move right, the pillars will form a bridge for you to walk on (nostalgic prince of persia {90's classic} moment) and extract another pair of stairs. Don't miss the [SWITCH ACTIVATED BRIDGE] object in the alcove.

Whoa! That one hot burning pillar extends just a little more than the rest. It's always those to be wary of.

Proceed right, and pull the block away from the wall to reveal a hole. Move to the background and make your way to the [EXTENDABLE STAIRS]. Extend the stairs back to your right in order to climb the large block. From here it's not that hard to catch the [BOLLYWOOD COLLAGE]. Before you move on, take a closer look at the big block. Is that a sticker puzzle? Why it is! Slap the Monkey Sticker on it, which you should already have from mere minutes ago, and reveal three prize bubbles: [BROWN BURLAP], [PINK ELEPHANT] and [BROWN CARPET].


Run over the pillar-bridge to the right and pass the gong. Jump to the middle platform and cross to the right when the stone brick allows you. Flip the lever to open up the previous platform, and while you're here, grab the [GOLD METAL] from the brick. Step on the button of the opened platform and get a hold of the fabric ball. Swing it to the left for the [ELEPHANT HEAD STATUE], swing it to the right to continue with the level.

Hop over the coal ejecting pillars and proceed to the room with the two rotating cubes. Don't go through yet, first head up into the small opening to the left and grab the [PUZZLE PLATFORM] and the [TEMPLE STONE]. Head past the rotating blocks and make your way over the moving platforms until you get to the vertical ejecting pillar. If you jump at the right time you'll be launched high enough into the air in order to get the [DOUBLE ASCILLATING PLATFORM]. If you manage to get onto the upper left platform, you'll notice a sticker puzzle here.  It requires the Tiger Sticker (previous level), and the rewards are: [GREEN STAR], [OSCILLATING PLATFORM] and [STRAIGHT COBRA BODY]. The last two are in the hole of the tunnel, which is also home of a huge block of hot coal that ejects through. Watch yourself.

Continue over the moving platforms until you get solid ground under your feet.  The room on your right has two pillars and a few firy gaps. Hop across and flip the lever. Aha! Perform the same trick on the upper left side and by making the pillars rise you will easily make it to the next room. Next up is another room with two rotating blocks. Make your way to the [STONE] material, followed by the checkpoint. Drop down on loads of moving pillars. Grab the [SIX SECTION WAVE PLATFORM] from the hole in a pillar on the very left, then make your way across.

Watch the middle section, it might get sqeezy.

A hole in a pillar, placed right after the squashing pillars, holds the [FIVE SECTION WAVE PLATFORM] object. All the way to the right, a combi of a Challenge Key and the [LARGE WAVE PLATFORM] can be found in the alcove on the very right.

2x Players:
Have both players pull the fabric balls and a platform will lower. In the back, a lever can be pulled that controls the three pillars. The middle pillar will retract when the others are lifted. Grab the two bubbles here that hold the [SHORT SLEEVED SHIRT] and the [GREEN FABRIC STAR]. Have one player jump on the pillars, and when the other player raises the middle pillar, time your jump.  At the other side you can find the [MINI SACKBOY], [RUBY JEWEL] and [EMERALD JEWEL].

Another room with two rotating blocks is up next, except this time there's also a hot coal bottom as given extra, plus the blocks are hollow. Grab the [GREEN FABRIC] Material inside one of the blocks by moving to the safe ground below.  After doing so, hop on the back of the elephant on the right and prepare for some quick flashy moves.

First of all, quickly jump on the platforms ahead to grab the [GOLD SEQUIN FABRIC], [SILK PATTERN] and the Challenge Key. Hop back on the elephant and try to stay near his head. The [LATTICED STONE] can be gotten next, after which you have to flip the lever in order for our trusty elephant to bring us further.

What would an elephant temple be without an elephant? Did you know that Nantes, a city in France, has a mechanical elephant as well? Perhaps the creators inspired it from there.

Drop down from the right and receive the [MECHANICAL STONE ELEPHANT]. Continue, and hop on the platform you soon cross. Left from here, you can grab the [CRYSTAL EARRING], while more on the right, the [BLUE WOOD] is ripe for the taking. Also make sure to get the [ELEPHANT MOSAIC] from the alcove - and all of that without being burned. All that's left to do is to ride the elephant to the end of the level.

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Nov 20th 2012 Guest
I cant wait to get the mini sackboy doll!!! :D
ID #210583
Nov 18th 2012 Guest
can you put different skins on mini sackboy?

ID #209895
Jul 6th 2011 Guest
You put the stickers on the mini sackboy
ID #55308
May 26th 2011 Guest
How do you dress up the mini sackboy?
Alot of pictures on lbp show them dressed
ID #45095
Apr 3rd 2011 Guest
this helped my bro a lot on getting the mini sackboy
ID #35592