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- The Mines

- The Mines

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

The Mines

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 42                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Pigtails Hair Wig Brown Camo            |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: Anteater Concept                         |
|                         | Object:  Anteater Concept with Frame               |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Jeans with a Belt Cowboy Bandana        |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|OBJECTS :                  |MATERIALS:              |STICKERS:                |
|[] Aztec Spiky (3)         |[] Basket (23)          |[] Apple Heart (24)      |
|[] Big Platform Booster(14)|[] Framed Carved Wood(15|[] Big Mouth Teeth (11)  |
|[] Cardboard Mine Cart (26)|[] Leather Struts (1)   |[] Bottle Logo (42)      |
|[] Double Sponge Rotator(32|[] Red Pattern Fabric(7)|[] Cactus Quench (13)    |
|[] Empty Mine Cart (2)     |[] Red Stripy Fabric(17)|[] Green Gecko (4)       |
|[] Jumping Wrestler (5)    |[] Wooden Basket (12)   |[] Half a Tache (16)     |
|[] Matchstick (37)         |------------------------|[] Mexican Spice (30)    |
|[] Mine Cart with          |COSTUME:                |[] Mexican Symbol (41)   |
|   Handles (35)            |------------------------|[] Pink Wrestler Face(18)|
|[] Powered Chain           |[] Dungarees Bottom*(28)|[] Red Explosives (34)   |
|   Platform* (10)          |[] Rotten Teeth* (25)   |[] Red Motif* (31)       |
|[] Sardine Can (22)        |[] Plain Natural (20)   |[] Red Wrester Face (29) |
|[] Single Sponge           |------------------------|[] Sardine Label (9)     |
|   Rotator* (36)           |DECORATIONS:            |[] Shouting Mustache     |
|[] Timed Explosive (33)    |------------------------|   Man (6)               |
|[] White Cotton Bud (8)    |[] Snake Stone (19)     |[] Standing Man (40)     |
|[] Standing Skeleton       |                        |[] Standing Man          |
|[] Spikehammer Block (27)  |                        |   Outline (21)          |
|---------------------------|                        |[] Thin Sardine Label(38)|
|AUDIO:                     |------------------------'-------------------------'
|[] 'Saregama Sun' (39)     |

Go in the mines. Pop the two creatures, jump over the gap, and use the next creature (pop it) to get the prize bubbles that hold [RED STRIPY FABRIC] and [AZTEC SPIKY]. Hop onto the rolling wheels and grab the [RED PATTERN FABRIC] and [STANDING MAN] while you jump over to the right immediately. On the right you'll find a sticker puzzle. Grab your Angry Skull sticker (previous level - Boom Town) and place it on the cardboard to receive [SARDINE CAN], [RED EXPLOSIVES] and [MEXICAN SYMBOL].

Place the Angry Skull Sticker here.

Jump down below and grab the [RED WRESTLER FACE] and [MATCHSTICK], then hit the red button.

Hop onto one of the carts and enjoy the shaky ride. At the end, proceed and pop two creatures' heads. Hit the red button in the next room and pull the switch.

There's a 2 Player Area around here.

2x Players:
If one player stands on the tip of the bridge, the other one can lift him into the air with the switch, allowing the other to grab the [POWERED CHAIN PLATFORM] up above.
Before you cross the bridge, check out the hole on the left (where carts come from) to find the [CARDBOARD MINE CART]. Head right. Two carts are moving back and forth, one above your head and one on the same level as you. Pull the lever when the one above you is exactly above your head in order to get the [STANDING MAN OUTLINE]. Pull the lever again to close the carts and ride it across. Grab the [CACTUS QUENCH] here, then head up. Jump to the upper cart and ride it across. Pop the creature here and collect the [JUMPING WRESTLER]. If you have the Red Explosives Sticker (from this level - but from the sticker puzzle for which you needed the Angry Skull Sticker) then place it here to get [PLAIN NATURAL] costume, [BIG MOUTH TEETH], and [BIG PLATFORM BOOSTER].

Fearsome creatures await you in these deep mines.  A movie such as “The Descent” fades away after seeing these creeps. No, really.

Head back and continue your way. The creatures here can be disabled by walking under them and stay exactly in the middle when they land on their feet. The launcher on the left will eject you across the room, allowing you to collect the [THIN SARDINE LABEL] along the way. You should land on the upper platform on the right, where you can pull the fabric to release a bomb - which should clear the path immediately. Continue and jump to the ledge on the right to grab the [BASKET] material. Drop down and press the red button to release mine carts.

Hop onto one and prepare to grab a prize bubble in the air: [MINE CART WITH HANDLES]. Hold on tight from here until the end. When you continue, head down with the no-so-comfortable conveyor belt. You'll have to jump over to the other side, which can be a little tricky. Grab the [WOODEN BASKET] and make sure you jump in time when you have to get off.

Pop the nearby creature and get ready for a race. Hit the red button to release a timed-explosive, which will blow up if the arrows face each other. Pull one of them back to the right, near a destructible wall to find [TIMED EXPLOSIVE], [SHOUTING MUSTACHE MAN] and [SNAKE STONE]. Then push them to the rocks on the left to clear the path, and collect the [MEXICAN SPICE] sticker. Make your way to the next red button, head up the plank, jump on another red button to make the next path and collect the [APPLE HEART]. Jump to the left to finish the race, but do some backtracking to the room you were in and notice a cart with explosives. Push the cart to the very right and push it's button to reveal [BOTTLE LOGO] and [HALF A TACHE] stickers.

Continue to the left and hop in another cart. The only things of interest are the Challenge Key (and loads of points - if you're into that kind of thing) and the [WHITE COTTON BUD]. When you hop off, pop the creature and proceed to the rotating wheels which can grab. And you should grab the first one and let it spin you one round so you can get the [SPIKEHAMMER BLOCK]. Make your way through the wheels and also collect the [DOUBLE SPONGE ROTATOR[ along the way. Hop into the next cart after pressing yet another red button.

Be warned, you'll have to take a leap at a fabric ball soon and swing it to get the [EMPTY MINE CART] object. A next cart will bring you to safety. When you pass the gong, head into the background and walk up. Here is another sticker puzzle, and this one requires the Mexican Scary Mask (next lvl - Serpent Shrine) to unlock some prize bubbles. There is also another 2 player stage up ahead.


2x Players:
Have one player hold the pin up that is keeping the ball from rotating, and the other player to hold the fabric attached to the ball, which will clear the way.

In the next room, have one player hold on to the wheel(s) and have the other player press the button(s) so that the other player can move from wheel to wheel until the reach the ledge on the very left. Here, the prize bubbles with [RED MOTIF], [ROTTEN TEETH], [SINGLE SPONGE ROTATOR] and [DUNGAREES BOTTOM] are ripe for the taking.

Continue from the gong and hold onto the wheels - but beware! Not all wheels can be grabbed. There are two metal wheels, on which you can run/walk, but you can't grab them. Keep this in mind while navigating down. You can find the [FRAMED CARVED WOOD] material and the [SAREGAMA SUN] audio, as well as another Challenge Key. Jump into the hall on the right after having landed on the second metal wheel. Immediately beware of the three creatures roaming this place, and pop their nasty looking heads right away. Head right, and you'll fall down. Better start running, because a huge boulder will be chasing you a-la Crash Bandicoot style! Do TINY hops over any firy rocks until you reach safety. Here you'll meet up with Jalapeño again, but before you jump on the scoreboard, be sure to find the well hidden [GREEN GECKO] sticker on the left. Switch between layer to move to the left. And.. that's it for the mines.

After you have the Mexican Scary Mask, use it near the end of the level, near the last 2 Player stage to release the following prize bubbles: [SARDINE LABEL], [LEATHER STRUTS] and [PINK WRESTLER].

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Comments for - The Mines

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ID #287874 | Jun 4th 2013 Guest
Can't find jeans
ID #103269 | Jan 6th 2012 Guest
Still looking for the standing skeleton. Any one know where it is? Thanks
ID #69464 | Aug 23rd 2011 Guest
I can't find standing skeleton, where is it?
ID #65365 | Aug 8th 2011 Guest
Hi i cant figure out how to beat the very last step that you have labeled as 2x players right before the replay. i didnt play any of the game in 2 player so is there anyway you can help me beat it? i try jumping down the fabric spinners but everytime i fall off and burn cuz there is nowhere to go. i just dont understand, please help.
ID #56126 | Jul 9th 2011 Guest
ID #47006 | Jun 4th 2011 Guest
thanks i couldnt find 6 19 33[img][/img]
ID #37230 | Apr 13th 2011 Guest
For 6,19 and 33 when you get to the race and have to drag the explosives to blow up a wall, instead of going left go right and drag it in front of a yellowy thing and wait for it to blow and they are behind that wall
and btw the 1st x2 place can be done with mad ninja skills on you're own ;)
ID #32746 | Mar 15th 2011 Guest
same, cant find 6,19, 33 ?????
ID #27479 | Jan 31st 2011 Guest
I can't find stickers numbered 6, 19, and 33 I have done the level like twenty times trying to find them
ID #27393 | Jan 30th 2011 Guest
ooooh the standing skeleton! where art thou!? anyone know?
ID #23816 | Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
get it BEFORE it blows up.
ID #23715 | Jan 2nd 2011 Guest
How do you get the Apple Heart? It is there but when the plank falls down it gets blocked!
ID #22998 | Dec 29th 2010 Guest
Ok, so at the second cart area where you have to make a "leap of faith" on the cotton ball thing, on that metal post that shoots other carts up there is an arrow pointing down. I have tried so many things to try to even see what it is pointing at (letting the carts pile up) and I still don't see anything. Is there anything there?
ID #14674 | Oct 8th 2010 RedRose1000
Hi, when you have to pull the switch to let the fire rocks go, I think it is kinda hard to get the item above to fall on top of you. But from what I did, I could jump across the hole to the other side, ride up the elevator thing, and collect the item from the cart without pulling the switch. But, this site is very helpful, thanks!
ID #13289 | Sep 21st 2010 Guest
thx for what?