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Creating Walkways

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Creation Guide

Creating Walkways

1. Select a material you want the walkway to consist out of, and place it over all three layers, unless this is not your intention. If you want to create additional platforms to walk on
2. Create a really, really large block so you have something to work with.

3. If you want to create some stairs, either cut out parts of the block and shape it to the form of some stairs, or place additional steps on the block.

4. Simply cut these out of the material you've placed.

5. To create a ramp, a good shape to use would be the Right-Angle Triangle. This has the right angle for Sackboy to walk up against it.

6. If you want to create a tunnel, a useful trick is to select Glass from your basic materials and make it one plane depth. Resize your block so it's large enough for a Sackboy to walk through - and start digging out tunnels. If you do it this way, the tunnel will not collapse due to the glass material. Of course, this trick doesn't only work with glass, it works with any other material. To give your tunnel a more ‘natural' look, use the same material as you used for the block, and also set it to the back plane with 1 depth.

7. If you wish to add platforms, the initial block you created can not cover all three depths of the area. Try creating one with only one depth and place it in the background. You can now attach platforms of whatever material you desire.
8. If you want the platforms to wobble, use a bolt to attach the platform to the wall, and tweak it until it has the desired effect.

Climbing Walls:
9. If you want someone to climb a wall you can either create a block of Sponge that allows your players to hop over the wall that was too high for them initially, or you can create a movable ramp. The material of choice for such a ramp is generally the Basic Polystyrene. Make sure it is player friendly, as in, make sure the player can easily grab it and move it around without flipflopping it.

Swinging Fabric Balls:
10. These are often seen in levels, and they're incredibly useful. Moreover, they aren't all that hard to create! Start off with creating a few support bars. Place them on a stretched base, and place them in the background.  Attach another bar to this vertical beam, and make it three planes deep.  Now you can create a fabric ball and a string which you can attach to the supporting structure.

11. If you want to add an element of danger, put some gas below the fabric balls. Or perhaps some fire coals?

Hoola Hoop!:
12. Creating a hoop is really, really easy. Create a large circle (choose the depth yourself), then resize your circle cursor so that it gets a little smaller than the circle you've put down, then cut out the remaining material with one click by pressing Triangle. Voila!

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Comments for Creating Walkways

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Jan 28th 2011 Guest
When i try to make a little tunnel or somthing, I am always running into the message:
Shape is getting too complicated.
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