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LittleBigPlanet PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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Plenty of cheats for you to look through including instant complete game, see through walls and unlocking the bonus costumes and characters.

More LittleBigPlanet PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 37 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for LittleBigPlanet please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PSP : Vita

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Invisible Platforms

In the level creator select 'Dark Matter' and set it to the smallest size. When you create a line it will be almost invisible and look like you are standing in the air. If you drop from Fly mode and land on it you will 'float'.


When you complete the indicated levels without losing a life the corresponding costume will become available.

Bunny Tail:

The Collectors Lair

Chicken Beak:

The Dancers Court

Chicken Gloves:

Great Magician's Palace

Chicken Tail:

Elephant Temple

Cowboy Bandanna:

The Mines

Cowboy Boots:

Boom Town

Cowboy Hat:

Serpent Shrine

Dinosaur Mask:

The Construction Site

Dinosaur Tail:


Googly Eye Glasses:

Sensei's Lost Castle

Green Sock Puppet:


Japanese Festival Headband:

The Terrible Oni's Vo..

Skip Tutorials

If you don't want to go through the tutorials press Down, Up, L1, L2, R2, R1, Triangle, X at the 'Credits' screen to skip them. Doing this will still unlock any tools that normally require completion of that tutorial.

Level Completion Bonuses

The followng completion bonuses become availalbe when you earn ALL the prize bubbles on the indicated level.

Unlock Anteater Concept and Anteater Concept with Frame:

Earn ALL the prize bubbles on The Mines

Unlock Bad Witch Concept, Bad Witch Concept with Frame:

Earn ALL the prize bubbles on The Bunker

Unlock Big Cat and Big Cat Concept with Frame:

Earn ALL the prize bubbles on Burning Forest

Unlock Big Sumo, The Islands Concept, and The Islands Concept with Frame:

Earn ALL the prize bubbles on Sensei's Lost Castle

Unlock Boom Town Concept and Boom Town Concept with Frame:

Earn ALL the prize bubbles on Boom Town

Unlock Boss Concept, Boss Concept with Frame, and a Monster Truck:

Earn ALL th..

See Through Walls

In order to do this cheat, you need to have the Grey African Mask. First, take out your mask, it's in the Decorations Category, then make it bigger and put it up to a wall but don't place it. Now, you will see whatever lies inside the wall.!!!!


Easily Sticker Yourself/See All Your Sides

When you want to put a sticker on yourself, you can turn around and see all four sides of your sackperson's body. First, you need to take a sticker out. Then, you have to press R1 which will move you to the right or L1 which will turn to your left.

Sweet Skeleton Costume

First, you need to have the Zombie Boy costume. Put it on and go to a level with electricity. Jump on to the electricity and press Start RIGHT when you touch it. Now select Reurn To Pod. When you return to your pod, your Zombie Boy Costume will be a shiny blue color. I think you will be able to see yourself if you have this on in one of those levels where the Darkness setting is sot on High.



To slap someone you press R2 first then move the right analog stick in a reveloution (2 players only)

Bolt glitch

to put a bolt on youreself you have to be in create mode then take something and bolt it to your body at first when i tried this i thought it was a lie but soon learned it must be bolted to your body

Easter Egg

This easter Egg is to load the game faster. If you press X makes the icon jump for the HDD warning load screens and also the server sign on screen.

I hope this helps.

Make Grabbable Glass

With this cheat, you can make glass grabbable. First, take out a peice of sponge in one of your " My Moon " levels. Then, change it into a gas using the lethalizer tool in your tools bag. Then save the object. After you save the object, use the change material tool in the tools bag and then change it into a glass. It should turn into the sponge that you had when you started

Tiny Checkpoint!!!

With this cheat, I'm going to teach you how to make a real small Checkpoint. First, go to your Popit and take out a Checkpoint. It can be any kind of Checkpoint. Now, Capture the Checkpoint. Next, take out an emmiter and choose the Checkpoint as the object to be emmitted. While the object is still see-through, you will be able to make it smaller! When the Emmiter emmits, Pause the game and Capture the new Checkpoint. Now, put the new checkpoint so it gets emmits. Also, remember that the Emmiter must be set on Infinite Life Time. Repeat this action and you will have yourself an Invisable Checkpoint!

Hope This Helps!


Secret wall

This is how to get people away from places they are not suposed to go into, first you take the dark matter matierial select circle as the shape and make as small as possible, then put it where you want to put it but be careful you have to place it slowly so some dark matter doesn't show this is to help your levles that would be published in the community, I hope this helped ps: you can use to trick people as floors. Smile miker

Secret yellow head character

When you ace the last level you should get a wierd guy named yellow head


r2 l2 x square cicle triangle l1 r1 l2 [video][/video] l1

Bonus Costumes & Unlockables

Bonus costumes

Successfully complete the indicated level without dying to unlock the corresponding costume:

Bunny Tail: The Collectors Lair

Chicken Beak: The Dancers Court

Chicken Gloves: Great Magician's Palace

Chicken Tail: Elephant Temple

Cowboy Boots and Leather Gloves: Boom Town

Cowboy Hat: Serpent Shrine

Dinosaur Mask: The Construction Site

Dinosaur Tail: Lowrider

Googly Eye Glasses: Sensei's Lost Castle

Green Sock Puppet: Subway

Japanese Festival Headband: The Terrible Oni's Volcano

Japanese Festival Robe: Endurance Dojo

Jeans with a Belt and Cowboy Bandana: The Mines

Moustache: Burning Forest

Neon Helmet: The Bunker

Pirate Hat: Skate To victory

Pirate Hook and Pirate E..

One Time Sensor

Are you annoyed when you make a creature and you have sensors attached to it's emmiters and people just walk without Sensor range to kill your beast without it attacking? I have the solution to your problems. First, take some Dissolve and Glue it to something. Next, take the Sensor and put it on the Dissolve. Now Connect the sensor to whatever you want and to the Dissolve. Once your in range, the dissolve will dissappear and your creature will keep firing!!!

Cool jet pack glitch not permanent

ok so go to create mode and put a jetpack out and use it then put decorations on the back and then push the down button notice something different it lasts til death or u leave create mode

Hidden Images

First,you have to have a block shape of a rectangle. Next,place a sticker. Then,burn the block with the fire effect. Finally,get a vertical rectangular piece of glass,attach wheels to it then place a sponge in front of it and move it in front of the burning block and BAM! You have hidden images. Hope you like.

Custom Colors (Characters or Costumes)

Very simple all you gotta do is take all costumes off your Character get a color sticker Ex:Blue Circle make it about 10x the size of your Character and paste it on them.Your character is now a custom color.Do the same with costumes except 5x it's size but if it's a hand costume your hand will become that color.

Make glass stuff

Take out any material when your creating a level, make it whatever shape, turn it to gas(gas color changes the outcome color), save it as an object, then take it out and de-gas it, and you will have glass. You can do this with any material, so wood, disintegration material(disintegrating glass), sponge or polyesterine. If you make it out of zebra spongy material the outcome is awesome.

Make Objects Smaller

With this Cheat, I will teach the simplistic technique of making things like Story Mode Objects samller than they should be. For example, go to "My Moon" and select any template. Now, go into your "Goodies Bag" and take out a Baby Leg. Now, make it as small as you can. After, tilt the object so it's at a diagnol angle then you will be able to make the object even smaller!!!

Hope This Helps!


How to Make Your Own Sticker

With this Cheat, I'm going to tell you how to make your own Sticker!

First, go to "My Moon" and go to a blank level with a blank Background. Now, ANY design you want with any material you want. I would suggest using dissolve as the material because Dissolve looks good when you color it with a Sticker. Now that you have made your design,mgo to the Pause Menu and select "Front Veiw". This will make all the objects flat. Now, go into your Popit and take a picture. There you have it!


Brain Switch!

You can hook a switch up to a brain and it will if set to 'on/off' will turn the brain on or off, if sat to 'direction' the creature will move in that direction. Hope this helps you make so crazy monsters!

No smacking

Never smack people when your playing online, you may get kicked from the game.

How To Listen To YOUR Music While Playing LBP

With this cheat (I Guess) you will be able to listen to whatever music you want while you are playing Little Big Planet. First, you must press the Start Button and go down to "Settings" . Then Select "Music Player". You will have the options of Play, Pause, Next, and Previous. You can ONLY listen to your music while in Creat Mode or in your Pod. If you are Online while your music is playing, then whoever you play with CAN here it, if they are in your Pod.

P.S.-To listen to the music, you will have to download it from a CD onto your PS3 into a Playlist (Maybe)

Through sand

First, buy the METAL GEAR SOLID Pack, then buy the Pirates of the Carribean Pack. Make a sand lump, then make something shoot a lot of plasma balls at you. Keep on getting killed. Eventually, you'll fall through the sand.

How to get a trophy by placing a sticker

This is a basic hint all you have to do is place a sticker in a level or in your pod and you should get a trophy saying creative! Simples there you have it how to get a trophy by just placing a sticker.

Secret Video

When in your pod, simply to don't press anything. That is including the analog sticks for about a minute or two and you will unlock a secret video of Sackboy running through out Multiple area's.

I hope this works and helps you all.

How to get the dragon costume

First you have to go to the collecters lair, then during the level there would be some type of sponge, that says 4X grab it and it takes you up: one person goes on the first button, second goes on the next button and so on when you get high enough jump on to the platform. And you got it hope this helps Smile

Invisible Dark Matter

Alls you have to do is shrink a peice of dark matter to the smallest size. When you use it, it will be invisible. This Invisible Dark matter can be used for many things such as like a hanger, or... You can have your level in mid-air. Also, you can make stuff float. It is really sweet.


fire/glass trick

If you get a bit of material, put a sticker on, it then set it on fire, you will not be able to see the sticker. But if you put a bit of glass in front of it, then you will see through the fire and see the sticker underneath. Hop[e this helps you to make good levels

Want to create a fantastic level?

Get a printer for your PS3 so that you can print out pictures for LBP online then publish your level. You should recieve a good rating.

How to create a vehicle

All you need to do is make the rough design of the vehicle, then get the Black Rubber material and make 2 circles. Put them in front of where the wheels will go then freeze time. Dive into your tools bag and get a motor bolt. Attach one to each of the rubber circles and then un-freeze time and bolt them down to the rough design of your vehicle. There you go! You can make it go faster, make it so when you grab it, it will go, and change the material of everything except the wheels!

How To Make Invisable Dissolve

With this cheat, I will theach you how to make your Dissolve Material....INVISIBLE!!! (This Cheat goes well with the vheat I submitted below called "One Time Sensor") First, take your dissolve Material, in the shape of a square, and shrink it to the smallest size possible. Then, Copy your material and Paste it, making the Dissolve bigger. Then, Click on the dissolve and shrink it. You will see that the green tint will go away and you will be able to see through the Material.

Want it smaller? Tilt it to an angle and shrink it even MORE!!!!!


Secret Race

While playing the level first steps you might see a shoe sticker it and a race flag comes down and that is also how you ace the level and get a new trophie

Easy ace level

go online duh find someone who aced go to their pod with them and ask to go to wat ever level explain this to them first or you might get kicked turn off ur controller wen u get there then if they die they can restart ul get the aced level stuff cause u were ther and its easy also let it be known that the dud bomb glitch is solarius26s invent glue a bunch of bomb 2gether and make bib blow 1 up for with a switch and sum should be left if the bombs are big enough fall through them it cool have to be blown up individualy or deleted

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