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- Skate to Victory

Little Big Planet Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Little Big Planet Guide - Walkthrough

Skate to Victory

|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 63                                           |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Bunny Tail                          |
|                         | Background: The Gardens                    |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Sticker: Very Early LittleBigPlanet Concept  |
|                         | Object: Early LBP Concept with Frame       |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Costume: Pirate Hat                          |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                          |
|STICKERS:                                                               |
|[] Big Green Bird (24)   |[] Green Castle Flag (20)|[] ROFL (49)              |
|[] Bingo (34)            |[] Green Doodle (7)      |[] Scary Ghost (30)       |
|[] Blue Knight (1)       |[] Green Finish (14)     |[] Sketch Bricks* (48)    |
|[] Blue Postcards (55)   |[] Green Start (45)      |[] Start Text (3)         |
|[] Brick Wall Sketch (58)|[] Green Submarine (18)  |[] Thick Sketch Bricks(17)|
|[] Chips Logo (40)       |[] King of Hearts (63)   |[] Tudor Tower (32)       |
|[] Cotton Wheel (15)     |[] King Stamp (52)       |[] Vince Meat Pie* (4)    |
|[] Crazy Sign (19)       |[] King's Head (23)      |[] Wheel of Fun (53)      |
|[] Fancy Swirls (41)     |[] Neon Kababs (9)       |[] Yellow Crest (42)      |
|[] Golf Logo (51)        |[] Pixel Fish Blue (13)  |[] Yellow Danke* (56)     |
|                         |                         |[] Yellow Star (50)       |
|OBJECTS:                                      |DECORATIONS:                   |
|[] Birdy on String (39) |[] Red Star Light(47)|[] Cloth Leaf (28)             |
|[] Blue Star Light (12) |[] Rocking Glass (5) |[] Leaf (59)                   |
|[] Cardboard Castle (21)|[] Silver Fork (10)  |[] Pink Springy Star (33)      |
|[] Dumpty (27)          |[] Silver Knife (61) |-------------------------------|
|[] Ghost on String (8)  |[] Skateboard (2)    |TOOLS COSTUMES AUDIO:      |
|[] Green Star Light (16)|[] Water Wheel (29)  |-------------------------------|
|[] Large Flag (62)      |[] Windmill (25)     |[] Take A Photo (44)           |
|[] Mushroom Tree (37)   |[] Wobbly Tree (35)  |[] Funny Face Glasses* (46)    |
|[] Pinwheel (54)        |                     |[] 'Get it Together' (43)      |
|----------------------------------------------|[] 'Skipping Syratki' (38)     |
|MATERIALS:                                    |-------------------------------|
|----------------------------------------------'                               |
|[] Beige Cotton (60)    [] Hessian Fabric (22)      [] Blank Background (31)  |
|[] Dark Brown Wood (6)  [] Pink Floral Fabric (11)  [] Light Brown Wood (36)  |
|[] Oak Tree (26)        [] Wooden Struts (57)                                 |

* = Multi-Player Stage

At the start of this level, head to the left and memorize the star. Yeah, yeah, we'll get to that later.


Head to the right and grab the bird. Grab the mills to swing over the swamps, while trying to swing right through all point bubbles. If you miss a few, it's better to use the mill again to swing back, rather than jumping back. When performing your last swing, the platform you land on will crumble. Push the analog stick to the right in order to grab an extra prize bubble containing the [GREEN DOODLE] sticker, then have Sackboy jump off the platform towards the player. The prize bubbles that fell down can be found on the left and hold [TUDOR TOWER], [WHEEL OF FUN], and [ROFL] stickers. The other prize bubble nearby holds the [KING STAMP] sticker. Also take note of the rotating Star in this area, which you'll again, yeah, yeah, get to later.

When you head right, jump on the cog wheel and get all prize bubbles: [START TEXT], [GREEN FINISH], [GREEN START LIGHT], [NEON KABABS], [BLUE POSTCARDS], [FANCY SWIRLS], [BLUE KNIGHT] and [GREEN SUBMARINE] stickers. You'll notice some stuff hanging on the left, but we'll get to those soon enough, so continue right. Grab the bird and the [CHIPS LOGO] attached to the wall. Once higher up, head to the left and swing the bird to the prize bubbles that you saw just now, which will give you [BIG GREEN BIRD] and [PIXEL FISH BLUE] stickers. Go back to where you came from and continue to the right for a tutorial on photo's (grab the [CAMERA TOOL]). Head over the bridges and grab the jetpack, which allows you to float in a certain range. Get the three prize bubbles that hold [KING'S HEAD], [KING OF HEARTS] and [LEAF] in the treetops among the points, and memorize the 3rd Star in this level. Yeah, yeah. I know. Let's focus our attention on the small puzzle closeby. Grab two of the barrels from the stack and place them in the box with the other barrel to open up the gate. Also grab Dumpty's upper half and snatch his points.


You'll now be in a very creepy place .. Use the smashing shoe to grab the prize bubble in the air with a [GREEN CASTLE FLAG] sticker, then make your way past it to meet some ghosts - which you should not touch at any time! Grab the small crate from the right and use it to hop on the platforms. Press the button at the third platform to free the way. Jump over the ghost to grab the prize bubble with the [SCARY GHOST] sticker, then go through the opened gate. The ghost here doesn't come down straight, so watch that bastard. Don't forget the prize bubble with a [COTTON WHEEL] sticker, then jump on the button to make a shoe come down, and ride it up. Here, press another button for a shoe once more, and ride it up.  If you jump straight up when the shoe reaches it's summit, you'll be launched into the air which allows you to grab a prize bubble with the [BRICK WALL SKETCH]. You can also use the shoe to grab the Challenge Key, but be careful you don't hit the ghost. Also take note of the Red Lion Emblem here. You'll have to come back with it's sticker some other time.

2x Players:
When you continue, you'll come across the first 2 player mode. You can grab the [SKETCH BRICKS] sticker, but in order to grab the [VINCE MEAT PIE], [YELLOW DANKE], and [FUNNY FACE GLASSES], play this level online with 2 players and step on both buttons.
Head up and get the two bubbles with [BINGO] and [YELLOW CREST] stickers behind the kicking shoe. Grab the construction. It is possible to get two more prize bubbles that are hidden on the left of the ghost, but it's a little tricky to swing towards them. You'll need to release the button fairly quickly, plus the ghost must not hinder you. It may take several attempts to do this.  Alternatively you can jump at the right time when the “lift” reaches it's summit. Again beware of the ghost. The prizes are [THICK SKETCH BRICKS] and [GOLD LOGO] stickers. Once here, you can also actually move to the left and find a hidden room with, yeah, yeah. Another star that we'll have to pass on.

Continue upwards, pull the rock and proceed. It's time for a little race. You can pull the “Dumpty” off and score points from his belly. Pull the skateboard and quickly jump on. Grab the Key and prize bubbles with [CLOTH LEAF] and [PINK SPRINGY STAR] decorations along the way. When you get to the finish, walk ALL THE WAY back, head UNDER the construction, and walk to the very end to find another hidden prize bubble with the [CRAZY SIGN] sticker. Head all the way back, read the instruction about My Moon, and get all the prize bubbles: [BLANK BACKGROUND], [GREEN STAR LIGHT], [PINK FLORAL], [SKATEBOARD], [WATER WHEEL], [MUSHROOM TREE], [WOODEN STRUTS]. Most importantly, don't forget to grab the [YELLOW STAR] sticker that the bird is holding onto. Yeah, yeah. I told you.  Proceed to meet the first creator and walk to the scoreboard to finish the level.

After finishing this level, you'll gain access to My Moon! You can now start to create your own worlds! The tutorials that explain this to you will give you many unlockable items, so it's worth doing. Oh, and .. that Red Lion Emblem you're dying to try? Well, go do some tutorials. :)

Now that you have the Yellow Star sticker you can replay the level and do the majority of the justice. You'll have to wait for the Red Lion Emblem, however.






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Comments for - Skate to Victory

10 comments, latest first.
Sep 2nd 2014 Guest
What do you do with the key
ID #443917
Mar 9th 2012 Guest
i went to the fourth star & still didn't get the cardboard castle. its the last thing i need. & i got everything from tht star the cardboard castle isnt there im confused
ID #121593
Feb 22nd 2012 Guest
it's probably not in this level but where do you get the pink scribble?

ID #117337
Jul 31st 2011 Guest
The red lion sticker is in the creation tutorials.
ID #62964
Jul 18th 2011 Guest
i didnt see where you got one of the items its my last one i know where its at but i cant get to it. at the jet pack with humpty fly straight up and over to the wall its over there please help
ID #58946
Apr 11th 2011 Guest
where are the tutorials? and which one fo you do you have to watch to get the sticker?
ID #37003
Mar 20th 2011 Guest
you find the red lion in the tutorials and the 4th star is where the 2X part is in the ghost place you step on the jump thing and when you're in the air go to the left
ID #33379
Dec 29th 2010 Guest
yeah where do you find the fourth star

ID #22999
Aug 1st 2010 Guest
Where do I find the fourth star
ID #6979
Jul 12th 2010 Guest
Where do you find the Red Lion emblem?
ID #4173